Fiesta Fever

The fiesta fever is here and for the months of May and June, it’s fiesta time for a lot of municipalities in Eastern Visayas.

Not to be outdone and a good full month before Tacloban City’s own fiesta on June 29 & 30, the Leyte Provincial Government yesterday fired the opening salvo for the city’s fiesta celebration with the inaugural opening of the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival Park at the RTR Plaza.

This signals the start of the nightly concerts, cultural shows and an array of fiesta activities to culminate on the Feast of Señor Sto. Niño of Tacloban on June 30. The activities set at the Festival Park are being undertaken thru the sponsorship of the Leyte Provincial Government led by Gov. Icot Petilla, the Pintados Foundation and the Leyte Provincial Tourism, Culture & Arts Council.

Here’s the scene at the grand opening of the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival Park last night…

(L-R) Tanauan Mayor Roqs Tiu of the Pintados Foundation, Leyte Board Member Lesmes Lumen, Chairperson Matin Petilla of the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals 2008, and Ludette Ruiz of the Leyte Provincial Tourism, Culture & Arts Council.

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~ by gerryruiz on 2 June 2008.

21 Responses to “Fiesta Fever”

  1. Salamat han imo posting, Gerry! Baga na gihap hin aadto kami ha Tacloban kay up-to-date hit mga karigudigu. Ini nga fountain, amo ini an ginpahimo ni Matin? Marisyo it atmosphere hini nga festival…siguro may-ada program, mga mangaranta, sayaw-sayaw…

  2. I can feel the fever with your photo foreplay, let’s just say. Peter, Tani and the rest of the Medical Mission gang are itching just as much to descend upon the slambang that is called the fiesta. No, I don’t need a shirt again, Gerry. This time, let me know what we can bring you under $5.00. Hasus! diri ngani makakapalit hin lens cap. Anything that we can afford, let me know. Private email is down below. Mabuhi an imo mga kuha!

  3. Marisyo nga fiesta ha nga tanan nga Taclobanon!!! Agi, Gerry, kamingaw gad pero naiibsan kay tungud han imo mga pictures baga na gihap hin nakadto…salamat…

    Precie Ramo Confiado

  4. Wow! Wow balit an mga pics, Gerry. Congrats, you’re truly a ‘photorati’, your lenses speak a thousand words! See you ha Tacloban from June 27 – July 1. I will visit you in calle Z cafe one of those days. Mag eyeball kitz. I will bring a special gift for you from KSA. Warm regards, Mengz

  5. Agi kamingaw man kay for the first time waray ako dida hit fiesta. I know marisyo gud it selebrasyon dida labi na yana so please keep us posted para naman we will know what’s happening there.

  6. Hi Mengz! Thanks for the compliments! Looking forward to meeting you at calle Z. Just request the waiters to call my attention when you drop by.

    Thanks in advance for the gift! 🙂

  7. Hello Gerry!
    Much appreciated, for including me in your e-mail… Wow! Na ka-miss gud ang Fiesta sa Tacloban. Hindi pa ako nakauwi ng Fiesta ng Tacloban, but looking at all these pictures, really, brings back the good old days… Thank you so much, for sharing all the wonderful pictures of Tacloban! Excellent job, Gerry! Mabuhay ka! God’s blessings to all!

  8. Mabuhay ang Tacloban !!!

  9. You’re welcome, Gloria!

  10. i said it in my blog, let me say it again here. gerry, you are a modern-day pigafetta, a contemporary visual chronicler of images that we warays hold dear. keep them coming! happy fiesta! does calle z serve free food during fiesta? just kidding.

  11. Hehe thanks, Raul! How we wish we could do that – serve free food during the fiesta – if only to share the blessings of Sto. Nino! But that would remain in the realm of virtual reality, for resources are scarce and very limited 😦

  12. Marisyo gudman! Maupay gud umuli kita para madug-ngan an aton blessings ni Sr. Sto.Nino. Hala magkitakita kita yana nga Patron.

    Thanks to you, Gerry for the nice pics.

    Maupay nga Patron ha aton nga tanan!!!

  13. Mapatronay na liwat. Makalilipay gud ini na imo pasanyag Gerry. Bisan hirayo kami dida, baga “makurukotkot” ini na imo trabaho…bringing to us the true spirit of Tacloban Fiesta. May God Bless you.

  14. Mapaki-ana la ako kun ini hi Opening Salvo bugto ba ini ni Gil Salvo?…hahaha… karisyo la ini na imo mga pictures, Gerry. You really made a very very big difference to Tacloban. You put Tacloban on the Global Map. Cheers to you, Gerry.

  15. hahaha! ayos! makakarating kan Tito Salvo! hehe cheers! 🙂

  16. The fountain and the other plaza ornamentation look tacky and tasteless. The provincial and city government should at the very least consult with good architects and designers para di magmukhang cheap ang public infrastructure natin. It’s too much!

  17. good job gerry, sayang napa-aga kasi vacation ko. anyway, thanks sa mga pictures, thank you for sharing them with us. keep up the good work. God Bless You!!

  18. Gerry, thanks for the update. I’ve been calling my family in Tacloban asking for the Events Schedule, they don’t know. Maupay nala kay aada ka very resourceful and helpful. I want my visitors from Saudi Arabia to really enjoy the occasion as I invited them to attend the city fiesta. Madamo hin salamat, pais!

  19. Gerry! How are you?

    I’m in vacation and i am now here in Tacloban!
    Happy Fiesta ha aton ngatanan ngan Viva Senor Sto. Nino!

  20. hi mr gerry, thanks for posting some beautiful pics of tacloban, covering the fiesta 2008. whew! bisan la ha litrato nakakatanggal gihapon hit kamingaw ngadi ha abroad. keep up the good work! and thanks for sharing.

  21. Howdy, Gerry !

    Thank you so much for sharing… Appreciate to be included! Good job, Gerry. Always enjoyed your e-mail… Regards to you, & your family… God Bless…

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