A peek on the proposed new Tacloban Airport!

UPDATE June 21, 2012: For everybody’s information, the photos shown here were done during the time when the city government of Tacloban was proposing to handle the construction of a new airport terminal. This never got off the ground – in other words, it’s CANCELLED – as management of airports and terminals in the Philippines lies under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation & Communications (DoTC). The latest news update can be gleaned here >>> http://www.bworldonline.com/content.php?section=Economy&title=Work-on-Tacloban-airport-rehab-expected-to-start-in-fourth-quarter&id=52341

The photos and blog remain here only for reference and posterity purposes.


Finally, it’s here!!!

After being on the drawing board for about 10 years now, the rehabilitation of the DZR Airport now seems to be preparing for final take off!

So, without further ado, (drum roll, please…) here’s a peek on the preliminary studies of the proposed new DZR Airport Terminal Building designed by Danilo M. Fuentebella, FUAP, of D. M. Fuentebella Architects & Associates.

I have to emphasize here, however, that these plans are still considered “preliminary studies.” Hence, everything is still subject to change. Nevertheless, while viewing the sketches shown below, I couldn’t help but wear a big smile on my face. 🙂 Man, about time, indeed!!!

The Tacloban City government has proposed to undertake the airport’s rehabilitaion project once it gets the MOA with the Dept. of Transportation & Communications (DOTC). Hopefully the City government could start the final drawings sometime this month as soon as the MOA is approved with the DOTC. Under the proposed scheme, the City will operate the terminal and the parking area while the DOTC will handle the runway and tower rehabilitation projects.

Construction of the the proposed new DZR Airport Terminal Building alone has been estimated to cost anywhere between PhP400M to 500M.





No less than President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo herself has reiterated the government’s commitment to upgrade the Tacloban Airport into Eastern Visayas’ first alternate international airport to boost the region’s bid to become a viable tourism destination.

The upgrade aims to improve the airport’s facilities to current aviation standards and cope with the increasing air traffic demand of Tacloban City and the whole of Eastern Visayas region.

The modernization of the airport has been repeatedly delayed after a botched financing plan which originally involved P1.3B funding from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation with the national government giving a counterpart fund of around P600M.

The original project envisioned the construction of a new two-storey passenger terminal building equipped with two passenger loading bridges, departure and arrival baggage conveyors, one escalator, three elevators, a flight information display system and security equipment.

Besides the passenger terminal building, a separate new and larger cargo terminal building is also being planned to cope with the demand. All necessary new air navigational facilities and equipment will also be installed to certify the facility as one of the country’s secondary international airports.

The country’s other alternate international airports, according to the Air Transportation Office, are at Laoag City in Ilocos Sur, General Santos City, Zamboanga City and Davao City.

In the Eastern Visayas region, the Tacloban Airport is considered a ‘‘trunkline’’ airport with secondary airports at Catarman, Calbayog and Ormoc and ‘‘feeder’’ airports at Biliran, Borongan, Catbalogan, Guian, Hilongos and Maaasin.

My special thanks to Architect Danny M. Fuentebella, FUAP, for allowing me to post these sketches for the benefit of this blog’s readers.

Update (March 10, 2008):

Many are asking what’s the current status of the proposed project. Arch. Danny Fuentebella says City Hall is just waiting for the MOA to be signed between them (Tacloban City Government) and DOTC. PGMA already expressed her nod on the project when she came to Tacloban last December.

~ by gerryruiz on 5 March 2008.

64 Responses to “A peek on the proposed new Tacloban Airport!”

  1. Wow!!! Beautiful!!! Thanks, Sir!

  2. Sorry, sir, I’m posting another comment. I ran out of words when I saw these pics… I am very very happy about all these developments in my beloved city. Na homesick tuloy ako lalo… Tacloban will be like Dubai with constructions left and right. hehehe Salamat kan Senor Sto. Nino!!!

  3. WOW!!! Matuman unta ini nga project….

  4. I am excited about Tacloban’s airport rehabilitation. I’m glad matutuloy na.

  5. this is good for the whole region 8…

  6. When I was in Tacloban last Feb. 2006, I took pictures of the proposed airport miniature that was in the pre-departure area of DZR airport. I hope this project becomes reality soonest! Tacloban deserves such an airport. Thanks for the update, Gerry.

  7. Let’s be vigilant so that the actual construction of the airport would be faithful to original design. Unscrupulous contractors scrimp on cost and compromise on the quality and integrity. Again, kudos to Gerry for these photos!

  8. It’s just great!

  9. That’s very exciting news to all Leyteños. This will help boost our economy. Hopefully, matuloy din ang plan to build the new mall and hotels. Thanks for the updates!!!

  10. That’s a fantastic looking world class terminal building. Are they also going to rehabilitate (extend them if need be) the runways to accomodate bigger planes? Salamat hin madamo Gerry for sharing this. Let’s pray the project is fulfilled.

  11. ha? a new proposal? too bad, i liked the old pitch. just hope this doesn’t die.

  12. WOW!!! such great news for us Taclobanons! hopefully it comes true soonest! this for sure will boost our economy. it will attract more tourists to Leyte and the region… thank you, gerry for this informative and nice website keep it up!!! ‘just great!

  13. Wow… i got surprised when i saw the sketches of the proposed new Tacloban Airport. thought it was the time of MacArthur, this proposed plan…( joke only!) hopefully, gerry, you’d be able to post more photos here of the proposed malls and new airport as work progresses… taga leyte gihapon ako; sana diri na mabursa it budget..hahaha 🙂

  14. Maupay it architectural design pero I’d still consider a typhoon-proof airport building. Dapat siguro may mag come up hin design from Capitolyo tapos along Magsaysay and all the sea line buildings around Cancabato Bay down to the Airport. Maupay it aton lugar, dapat upayon ta ini. I have seen Palm Island in Dubai tapos didi ha Perl Qatar nga mga man-made islands pero mas maupay pa gud ha akon it Tacloban nga lugar kun ma-develop ta ini … hehehe kuarta la kulang. Like most of the warays nga gusto maging maupay it Tacloban, upod ako gihap hini nga mga dreams naton.

  15. even if this design is covered with glass curtain wall system, nevertheless, in today’s technology we can use impact glass which can withstand typhoon force winds. so i don’t see any problem with the design.

  16. Michael Arteche posed this question earlier above: Are they also going to rehabilitate (extend them if need be) the runway to accommodate bigger planes?

    Architect Danny F says plans only include putting an asphalt overlay to thicken it, no runway extension yet. The current runway can accommodate Airbus 320’s.

  17. P500M with that design? That ain’t enough. Good project though, hope it pushes through

  18. ^^

  19. galing galing naman.. hehe

  20. What’s the progress of this plan? Heard that this might take a backseat (again?) amongst priority projects because of the worsening political situation. Tsk, tsk, let’s hope and pray that this will push through against all odds… Sto. Nino help us!

  21. Any development on this proposal?

  22. Ano it status hini nga project? Damo nga salamat hit iyo response.

  23. Ha ak pagkabaro (Radyo baktas) action plan to relocate residents nearby has already started which is obviously kinda not an easy task …that’s phase 1. let’s not get too excited about this AIRPORT coz for me as of this time it’s not yet feasible to have another International Airport within the Visayas area with Cebu International Airport just about 30 mins flight away from us. What i’m trying to say is that, going to cagayan will almost have the same travel time whether it’s coming from tacloban or Cebu. CIA could still accommodate these international and connecting flights for visayas and mindanao. Our local balikbayans alone cannot sustain the need for daily flights for such a big airport with a very high financial need for its daily maintenance. Probably 5-7 years from now when we have enough local overseas workers and international tourists coming back and forth our region or Cebu International Airport going fully loaded and lastly, with the same support as what we have now from the GMA administration. Of course i want this proposed airport standing as badly as you want it guys. 🙂

  24. Speaking of “balikbayans”, if i may, does Tacloban have an incentive(s) or some kind of promotional program(s) being offered to them all seasons, at this time? Damo nga salamat hit iyo baton. (ipina-nganak ha Tacloban)

  25. Baga waray man ako nababati-an nga incentive for Taclobanon balikbayans. What I know is that among the various fiesta activities, there has always been a party for balikbayans, “Balikbayan Night”, usually held either on the 27th or 28th of June. There’s no official Tacloban Fiesta schedule issued yet. I will post this once available at calle Zaragosa sites. Other than this, I don’t think there’s any incentive being offered.

  26. too good to be true, until and unless local politicians won’t wear hats too high above their brainless heads, this project will remain in the drawing board. local and national politicians aren’t in the same mindless frequency in pursuing this project to materialize. let’s just cross our fingers and wait another 10 years again. as what i’ve been made to understand funds were available 10 years ago, but diverted to other projects since region 8 is not a priority area of the national nincompoops leaders.

  27. This is my previous post I made at LSDE:

    I am saddened by the fact that the national government has not given priority to the development of Tacloban’s Airport, even allowing the JBIC to withdraw its multibillion loan for this project. Now, we hear that the administration will be spending billions to build an “international airport” in Bohol – a very small locality with insufficient air traffic to support this investment. I guess the local officials and representatives of Region 8 are not aggressive, influential and determined enough to press for this project in Tacloban. The City Government is planning to spend 350 million for the terminal but this is hardly sufficient. It’s really a shame that the government is spending more for a huge airport in the small isalnd of Bohol (built for tourism and the island cannot support the number of tourists that airport was designed to handle) than for the Tacloban airport that caters to the entire region.

    In 2007, Tacloban had a volume of 510,762 passengers, making it the 7th busiest outside Manila.

  28. di man kita nira guin praprioritize. Utak baliko udog! sayang la..so kasirigngun maghihinulat na liwat kita hini for how many years? hin kawaray upay..

  29. « Stage-managing a crisis
    Coming home »
    11 ODA projects put on hold

    Posted by: Isa Lorenzo | February 19, 2008 at 10:36 pm
    Filed under: The Economy, Governance, PCIJ Investigative Reports

    (UPDATED) AMID the public uproar generated by the Senate investigation on the scrapped national broadband network (NBN) project, the government has put on hold 11 official development assistance (ODA) projects worth around P104.34 billion that it intends to fund.

    President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has directed the suspension of the said projects that have yet to be bound by formal agreements. “Unless the project has been consummated, meaning it’s been signed, the general rule is we will fund these projects with locally generated funds,” said press secretary Ignacio Bunye.

    The projects include the controversial Cyber Education Project, extensions of the Light Rail Transit, and the South Rail Project, which was allegedly overpriced by $70 million, according to Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr., key witness in the Senate’s probe on the NBN deal.

    New Communications, Navigation, Surveillance,
    and Air Traffic Management Systems Development Project

    P2.64 B
    Regionalization of Mental Health Services

    P1.32 B
    Redevelopment of Tacloban Airport (Trunkline)
    Development Project

    P1.12 B
    Construction of Elementary and Secondary Classrooms
    in Acute Shortage

    P45.67 M
    Cyber Education Project

    P26.48 B
    Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 1 Extension

    $683 M
    Mainline South Railway Project

    P15.30 B
    Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 2 Extension

    P10.33 B
    LRT Line 1 North Extension

    P5.98 B
    Bataan Manila Pipeline Project

    $180 M
    Angat Water Utilization and Aqueduct Improvement Project

    P5.75 B

  30. ummm…Hi! Arch. Fuentebella, thanks for making renovation designs sa DZR airport hehe. Just 1 question, how many planes can occupy the airport all at a time? The design is good but I prefer a futuristic type. Can I be your apprentice, sir? hehe joke

  31. yehEy!!!i heard sa TV PATROL TACLOBAN na mag open na daw ng commercial flight sa secondary airports (ormoc, catarman, borongan and calbayog) and i think this is the start of the rehab of the airport… tNx sr. santo niño=) everyone pls pray na matapos ung project…

  32. The National Government is actually confused which airport should be prioritized: Guiuan Airport or Tacloban Airport.

    As usual, politics is played here. Nonetheless, we are getting attention fron NG planners.

    Guiuan Airport in Guiuan, which is the jump-off point to Calicoan Island, a resort island envisioned to become the “next Boracay” is being groomed to become an international airport due to its longer runway compared to Tacloban Airport runway.

    Actually, funding for the Tacloban Airport is said to be diverted to the feasibility study of the Guiuan Airport.

    But Tacloban officials wanted the airport modernized so it offered to fund the construction of a modern terminal building. We should not wonder if the MOA waited by the City Government of Tacloban will take long to be signed, if at all it is approved.

    Anyhow, whichever airport is improved and modernized, Eastern Visayas will reap dividends from the NG.


    Marlet Badeo

  33. Eastern Visayas, i.e. Samar, Leyte and Biliran, has no International Airport. It will cost several hundred million pesos to make DZR Airport get the international airport category. EV is logging behind WV which has two international airports. In Central Luzon there are also two – Subic and a few kilometers north is Clark International airport which has two runways. Further north is the Laoag International Airport. In Mindanao – the Davao International Airport, one in General Santos and another in Zamboanga City. We, the Waraynons, are left behind…

  34. Update please, anybody thank you.

  35. what’s the latest for the proposed new tacloban airport!?

  36. I do not have the details but last I heard, the City Gov’t is currently negotiating with the Civil Aviation Authority…

  37. Now that we’ll have a new airport soon, a Robinson’s Mall, next would be SM… good for this developments we need not go to Manila or Cebu anymore to buy some good things. Again TY for this info, Gerry.

  38. Wonder how soon is the new airport will be operational. Hope it well be capable to handle international flights, ‘coz we are tired of stopping over at the terminal in Manila or Cebu, and spending there in shopping malls at exorbitant prices. Input anybody, pls. Thanks.

  39. i hope that the plan would push through even after the next administration. no politicking please. considering that our airport is perfectly located on a beautiful strip of land surrounded by 2 bodies of water(cancabato bay & leyte-samar strait). it would boost the image of the city and convenience of the locals and tourists alike

  40. Hi, Gerry

    City Gov’t and CAA sti-i-i-i-i-ill negotiating???!!!!??? Are we looking at another 10 years?


  41. Hope not, since President Gloria Macapagal Aroyo has declared Tacloban City as Highly Urbanized City, which means funds will be available for this project soon.

  42. any latest new about the proposed new tacloban airport?!

  43. Pls visit leytesamardaily.com. I remember it was published lately,that there is negotiation on going for the Tacloban new airport.

  44. oh how sad that there is no negotiation for the proposed renovation of the tacloban city airport. i hope that this project will push especially now that we are aiming to be a HIGHLY URBANIZED CITY. i hope that the government is doing its best to provide good service to all taclobanons and to all tourists who visits tacloban.

  45. Hi Gerry,
    I used to be a member of the PNP-Aviation Security Group based at DZR Airport from 99-02 and as far as i know there has been a plan to upgrade the airport during that time. Unfortunately, 6 long years have passed since i left the service pero “na puro naman la ito drawing”( no offense meant to the one who made the plan/drawing ) In fact mayda pa ngani adto ” miniature model” ha pre departure area ngan true to say mapapa WOW ka gud! I doubt nga marerealize ini in the near future especially with the financial crisis yana.

    Anyway, mayda ka ngani chance alayon daw pag post some pictures outside & inside iton DZR Airport… still know a lot of people who works there.

    Thank you and more power!


    Guin mimingaw na gud ako iton iyo bulalo ha calle Z….. simply the BEST!!!

  46. Gerry,

    It looks like the budget is already well underway. Please update us more this looks very promising! Love that design of our airport! Kudos to my fellow architect Danny Fuentebella! Support our filipino architects!

  47. The design is impressive but I suggest that the Architect DMF should consider an aerodynamic design on its roof to counter the strong gutsy winds when there is a typhoon in Tacloban. Please do some series of simulation tests because as far as I’m concerned typhoon-prone it Tacloban ngan nag titika kusog la it hangin everytime na mayda bagyo. I hope they will build an airport that can withstand high wind velocity and good airflow maybe spoilers or diffuser in the design will help reduce the wind drag. I’m just worried na banguin diri pa human maruruba na tungod la han bagyo. Remember Balyuan Tower last year June 20? I hope they will learn from that specially when we are talking PHP500m here.

    Kudos to Gerry; keep us posted!

  48. Low Cost Carrier Terminal or LCCT with modern looks and with international standard should be considered and featured in for the New Airport Terminal. Throw away that aerobridge – waray man ito gamit kay 3 man la ngani and it will cost more on terminal fees and other airport taxes and of course mamahal na it airfare going to Tacloban. I’ve seen many LCCT airports abroad and the design looks is much better. Let’s be more practical and economically wise para han ngatanan. Viva Tacloban!!!

  49. LCCT? FYI, Tac has 9 daily flights (all airbus A320) to MLA and 2 (turbo-props) to CEB and is the 7th busiest airport, outside Metro Manila.

    PAL and 5J (Cebu Pacific) aren’t low-cost carriers, Mr. Arkitek

  50. Gerry,

    There has been a lot of confusion in the blogosphere lately regarding the design of the DZR Airport. DOTC is saying one thing, another news article says another. And I saw 3 different designs/models of the same airport. Honestly, my head is spinning.

    One thing for sure — “experts” or engineers from DOTC SHOULD NOT be designing airports. And I hope the mayor is aware of this. ONLY Architects are the ones allowed by law to be designing buildings, particularly airports.

    Gerry, I hope you could help us shed light on this matter, especially now that this is going to push thru. Honestly, the design coming from DOTC, the original design, is not that good compared to the latest one that you posted. DOTC shoud not be copying designs from other airports in the country. Are they nuts?

    I hope Mayor Alfred will not compromise the design of this important “gateway” to our city and the whole of Eastern Visayas! This should become one of the important and distinct “landmarks” of our region. Love that design from my fellow architect Danny Fuentebella! Very remarkable! Mayor – let’s go for it!

  51. Yah I totally agree with HG. We need originality on our airport designs like the one of Arch. Fuentebella. I hope the mayor will listen and consider the best for the Airport.

  52. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh another development that’s not complete!!! >_<

    That looks really modern and it's going to push Tacloban forward. It was quite embarrassing to see how Tacloban Airport looked when I visited in 2007…. it still looked the same from the last time I saw it in 1996. -_-

    I wanna be able to inv my barkada here to come visit my hometown too, they're all from Luzon so they usually just drive to their hometowns so when they fly to Tacloban, I have little doubt in my mind that they'd be expecting to see a welcoming airport, not a dilapidated one. We're planning a group trip next year, island hopping so it'll be good if this is done by next year.

  53. I was in Tacloban last month and nothing new with the airport. Drawing pa rin ang makikita na proposed terminal. The airconditioning unit inside the predeparture area does not work well. Very hot inside. Kailan pa kaya ma-implement and planned developoment ng DZH airport?

  54. Hala, tikangan na it construction para diri la drawing. Dako iton nga bulig hit ekonomiya hit Tacloban kon matuhay na. Sige, para exciting pirme it pag-u-uli ngada.

  55. It was quite sad to see how Tacloban Airport looked like when I visited in 2008. It still looked the same from the time I flew out in 1984. I would really love to come home again and bring my family this time. Hopefully by then our airport shall have been done… There’s no place like home…

  56. Well, they used the DOTC plan instead of the City Government’s. So the terminal will look like the one in Bacolod, not as pictured here. I saw it on the proposed terminal tarpaulin on the construction site. I was at the airport yesterday.

  57. this is a good port for improving Tacloban City at its best!

  58. Maupay kon matapos dayon iton nga pag-improve hit airport of tacloban, matuman ngani iton dire ak magruruhaduha pag-invite han K-POP para mag-concert nganhi tacloban. pramis! cross my heart!

  59. Sana this year 2012 na magkaroon ng bagong terminal building ng DZR Airport…

    PNOY, huwag mo nang pigilan ang budget para dito sa DZR Airport Tacloban…

  60. AGI excited pa naman ako han umuli last year an huna ko adto nga ok na an airport naton ha tacloban kay four different airlines routes to tacloban, manila and cebu…agi waray pa man ngay an iton…SAN O BA ITON nag huhuot na kita ha pre-departure area….please update me..addi ako na liwat ha gawas hit pinas….jejejee

  61. Pls. If tacloban airport begin constructing make it international,so it will make easier for taclobanon to travel abroad instead going to manila.

  62. malaking KASINUNGALINGAN eto! anong taon na ngayon wala paring pagbabago sa pangit na airport ng Tacloban. Mga ilusyonado/da kau.

  63. with all due respect to the brilliant architect DM Fuentebella who have greatly contributed to the tacloban cityscape, I still feel we should come up with an architectural design competition participated by leyteno architects…i do believe there are many fresh ideas and innovations especially coming from the younger generation architects..thanks!

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