Fiesta Fever: Search for Ms Tacloban 2008

For some strange reason, I found myself last Tuesday, June 03, 2008 sitting as Chairman (ehem) of the Board of Judges for the pre-judging portion for Ms. Photogenic of the Search for Ms. Tacloban 2008 at Rafael’s Farm in Babatngon, Leyte. At the same time, it was also the pre-judging for the Best in Swimwear. And so, it was no wonder I was the first to arrive at Rafael’s Farm – a good 30-minute drive from Tacloban City – albeit a bit late of the 1 o’clock appointed time that day.

There were 12 finalists – pretty, young ladies 16-24 years of age, 5’3″ tall and above, and bonafide residents (at least 6 months prior residency) of Tacloban City. They gamely posed and sashayed before the panel of judges. 🙂

  • (For the complete list of candidates’ names and the final results of the competition, scroll down to the bottom of this post.)


I now opt to let the photos speak further at this point. Here are the Taclobanon bevy of beauties, vying for the title of “Ms Tacloban 2008” 🙂

Tacloban City Councilor Christina Gonzales Romualdez invites all to watch the final selection and coronation pageant on June 26, 2008 at the Tacloban City Convention Center (Astrodome).

View more photos of the 12 finalists and the full gallery here.

Updated: June 10, 2009

Here’s the official list of candidates in the Search for Ms Tacloban 2008:

Candidate # 1:  Sarah J. Posugac

Candiadte # 2: April Ann A. Reyes

Candidate # 3: Valerie Jade H. Saranza

Candidate # 4: Loura Kim D. Corregidor

Candidate # 5: Floralene B. Zara

Candidate # 6: Gail T. de Veyra

Candidate # 7: Janelot C. Young

Candidate # 8: Ma. Sushiela M. Kumar

Candidate # 9: Fatima M. Basul

Candidate # 10: Kristine Joy A. Gacutno

Candidate # 11: Reinalyn B. Ruiz*

Candidate # 12: Karla Maxine B. Lastrilla

*no relations to gerryruiz

Updated: July 15, 2008

Here are the final results of the Search for Ms Tacloban 2008:

Ms Tacloban’08: Ma. Sushiela M. Kumar
1st Runner up: Fatima M. Basul
2nd Runner up: April Ann A. Reyes
3rd Runner up: Janet C. Young
4th Runner up: Floralene B. Zara

Special Awards
Ms Talent: April Ann A. Reyes
Ms Photogenic: Gail T. de Veyra
Best in Swimwear: April Ann Reyes
Globe Texter’s Choice: Ma. Sushiela M. Kumar
Darling of the Press: Fatima M. Basul

~ by gerryruiz on 5 June 2008.

18 Responses to “Fiesta Fever: Search for Ms Tacloban 2008”

  1. Gerry, Thank you so much for the beautiful photos…keep em’ coming, this is making me think of visiting sooner than scheduled. I hope to meet you soon.

  2. Pleasure’s mine, Harvey! Give me a ring when you hit town 😉

  3. sir gerry, nice & perfect pics. the beauties of tacloban hehehe… is this search the replacement for ms. pintados? do keep us updated. thanks. viva senor sto. nino!!!

  4. Beauties, indeed, too bad did not come with names, but muchas gracias. Now I wish I would be home this fiesta.

  5. Hard to judge but I think it’s in the last pic (hehehehe)

  6. Thanks for sharing, Gerry. They’re all very pretty…an improvement of the race! Balitaw…I guess you’ll be our eyes at the Astrodome come judgment day. Abangan…

  7. This indeed makes one proud to have hailed from Tacloban. Love your use of the picturesque background that makes these ladies shine even more. Much appreciation for your generosity in sharing these photos. More power to you, Gerry!

  8. Thanks, Marichu! You’re kind! 🙂

  9. thank you to madame cristina gonzalez romualdez for giving the warm welcome and opportunity to those leytenas who are interested and dreaming to become an actress someday… you’re a good councilor, madame cristina. thank you gerry, please post more photos…

  10. I miss Tacloban… Wish I can attend the celebration… *cry*..

  11. can you update us bout ms. pintados 2008

  12. wow! it’s good to know that there was actually a pictorial at rafael’s farm. i’m from babatngon, BTW.

  13. congratz to shiela kumar miss tacloban 2008!!!she is a niece of my kumpare roland “page” monta.pare painum ka naman!!he.he..well,congratulations to your family especially to brenda!!!till then..tnx gerry..

  14. i couldn’t find any updates on the winners of ms. tacloban pageant… including the special awards and/or major awards…

    kindly anyone, please? thanks!

  15. Hi nic,

    I’ve updated the post above with the final results. Also sent you results by PM. 🙂

  16. nice pictures..^^,
    congratz Sushiela! she’s deserving to win.. beautiful inside out..^^,

  17. woow!..that’s soo nice… i wasn’t there this 2008 i don’t know when i can come back to tacloban… miz koh nah 8 pintados…

  18. gerry…
    just asking if you ara a kapatid of my long time friend art ruiz..


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