San Antonio, Dalupiri Island in Northern Samar

We had a quick opportunity to visit San Antonio in Dalupiri Island, Northern Samar last May 26 & 27, 2010.

San Antonio (mistakenly called, San Antonio Island) is the name of the sole municipality in the island of Dalupiri in Northern Samar.

It can be reached either via the town of San Isidro or the much nearer Victoria; both towns are along the Maharlika Highway. From the jump off point at the Victoria pier, it is a mere 30-minute motorboat ride across to the island.

San Antonio seems to be the preferred excursion site specially for people living in the northwestern part of the island of Samar and we could understand why. The beaches are still unspoiled and the waters are unpolluted.

And one has a choice among several beach resorts offering overnight accommodations (airconditioned & non-aircon rooms & cottages) at reasonable rates. We stayed at the Haven of Fun. ;)

Enjoyed a couple of beers at the beach bathed by the light of an exoctic, full moon.

It was awesome.


~ by gerryruiz on 16 June 2010.

11 Responses to “San Antonio, Dalupiri Island in Northern Samar”

  1. First photo looks unreal…

  2. Kaupay gud kumada dida!!!

  3. related po ba kayo kanila ludy ruiz, wife ni mayor rene collamar? anyway, thanks for the beautiful fotos of san antonio.

    • I’m sorry but I didn’t get the chance to meet Ludy Ruiz although it’s unlikely she’s a relative as my father hailed from Nueva Ecija. But who can say for sure?

  4. Your photos are breathtaking, so wonderful, awesome! God is speaking thru them… to show how beautiful it is… Planning to go there next week.

  5. wondering how will i be able to go there… i’m trying to look for info regarding the trip – which bus to take, where to and how many hours will it take for me to reach the place from tacloban. there’s none. if it isn’t too much to ask kind sir to pls furnish me with info regarding this, i would appreciate it a lot. thanks.

    • Hi, Gemma. Thanks for writing!

      You take any bus headed for Allen, Northern Samar. You get off at the town of Victoria – the jump off point to San Antonio, Dalupiri Island. From Tacloban, It’s about 4-5 hours drive to Victoria. The pumpboats are docked at the back of the Public Market.


  6. it’s quite far pa la… thanks

  7. ganda ng photos!

  8. ang ganda talaga sa san antonio. we’ve been there twice; it captured our soul… hehe

  9. Hello,

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