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Damo nga salamat!

16 Responses to “New to gerryruiz photoblog?”

  1. Hi Gerry,

    Thanks so much for the updates that you provide on development in and around Tacloban (and beyond)! The photos that you provide makes us feel so much more connected to Tacloban even if we are not there to witness them.

    Salamat hin madamo.

  2. Graes, salamat gihapon han imo pag-bisita!

  3. hello, any archives of miss leyte liberation? will be glad to find any. thanks

  4. hi sha, sorry I can’t help you on this; I don’t go that far 😦 Maybe Man’ Alex Montejo of Hotel Alejandro can. He has a collection of war time & liberation photos as well as those on MacArthur Landing commemoration activities. Let’s hope a reader here can offer a lead…

  5. Hello Mr. Gerry. Meron po ba kayong kilala na tourist guide going to Gobingob Cave, Calbiga, Samar? I wold really appreciate your help.

  6. hello, i just came across this photo blog and it’s really nice…i am searching for weekend getaways here in Leyte and Samar and this really helps. thanks.

  7. Hello sir, I really admire your photoblog. I would like to ask permission if I can add your site to my blog as well.

    Thank you.

  8. Hello, I really love your recent pics of SJ. Mahusay.

    • Hi, Edna. Glad you like them. You know, every local photographer worth his salt aspires to get THE photo of the bridge. I am still hoping for that to happen… 😉 It’s just that too many limitations & distractions happen oftentimes when you get there… hehe, unless a planned shoot is really set up 😉

  9. hi mr. ruiz. thanks sa mga photos mo. talaga kahit malayo ako sa aking province, lalo na sa mga pictures sa agas agas, grabe, kitang-kita ang lupa namin i love it!

    marami na bang bumibisa na tourist dyan sa agas-agas bridge? kasi yong mga pictures mo nakaka-akit. nature trip talaga, ang ganda tingnan, grabe! it’s nice and beautiful.

    maging sa mga lugar ng southern leyte – i love my province pagpalain ka dami ang napagpala sa buhay mo. ang ganda ng mga tanawin! thanks, mr. gerry. go go go!

  10. i love your photos! u are one of my favorite photographers. keep it up!

  11. Hello, Mr. Ruiz. I love all your photos and I am one of your fans. This coming November, me & my husband are going to Palo to see MacArthur’s Landing Memorial. I would like to know how far it is from the airport and what hotel is close by. Our stay is very short but would love to enjoy every minute of it. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi, Teofila. MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park is close to the airport, just about 5 kms away – that’s like 5-10 minutes drive! Hotel Alejandro is in the heart of the city but it’s only about 20 minutes drive to MacArthur Park. Hope you enjoy your visit!

      • hello mr. ruiz. thanks so much for your kind and quick response. now i know we wont get lost. take care and keep up the good work. maraming salamat.

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