Dagami’s Binagol!

Binagol, moron, sagmani…

Fiesta dessert treats one cannot afford to miss!

Binagol (sweetened taro pudding with nuts) is a popular delicacy produced by the municipality of Dagami, Leyte. It is made from talyan – a root crop species like gabi that grows and is imported from Palapag, Northern Samar. Mixed with eggs, coconut milk, sugar, butter, nuts and chocolate, it is packaged and steamed using banana leaves and polished coconut shells called “bagol,” hence the name “binagol.” It’s sweet and delicious.

Other delicacies which Dagami is known for are chocolate moron or suman made of ground rice cooked in coconut milk flavored with cocoa. Sagmani is another suman made of cassava, gabi or sweet potatoes cooked with coconut cream, sugar and sometimes coconut meat.

I happened to accompany ABS-CBN’s Marc Logan to Dagami, Leyte to do an interview and TV footage on how the popular binagol of Dagami is made. Naturally, the best source was no less than Mayor Esmeralda Ortega. 🙂


View more photos on how the binagol is made at the full gallery.

~ by gerryruiz on 9 June 2008.

41 Responses to “Dagami’s Binagol!”

  1. Great pics!

    Binagol is my favorite! I am having an intense craving for freshly steamed binagol :((

  2. hehehe thanks, Charles! Still awake, huh? Had problems earlier uploading the full gallery but it seems ok now. 🙂

  3. Wow! My two fave desserts, binagol and moron. Tulo laway siring pa.
    Before I went home to Tacloban last summer I already requested my
    Mom to have it in her house for me to eat. Siempre, an special from
    Dagami only. I also brought back to the States some for my friends
    to taste. Siempre, am so proud of it and they loved the taste.
    Thank you for the pictures and sharing them with us.
    Great job! Next time I’m in Tacloban, I will visit your place.

  4. Yummy!!! I miss binagol. I hope there will be some at the fiesta =)

  5. Thanks Erna and Raissa for the visit. I’m sure there would be some for the fiesta 🙂

  6. Wow great pics! I also love binagol and sagmani being a regular visitor to Tacloban.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. Now I have a virtual instruction manual with awesome pictures to boot for friends who haven’t seen much less tasted binagol in their life. The pictures look so real I could swear they’re aching to leap out of my monitor. And I’m ready with my spoon and fork, silver or plastic!

  8. yummylicious!!!mauli-uli nala lugod hini nga guin-pakita nim na photos, gerry. hehehe… my favorite pag-habhabun hahaha… tnx for sharing these pix…

  9. Wow! Awesome pix. It’s fiesta time! I’m sure all visitors for the Tacloban Fiesta will be looking for these yummy dessert from Dagami. Anybody knows if we can buy that here in San Diego? I’m craving, Gerry! Thanks.

  10. My late mother’s family are from the Burauen-Dagami area – the Gernale clan and relations in the area. I remember the time when we were still living La Paz, my Nanay (Seve) used to prepare binagol and sagmani for the town fiesta and other special family occasions.

    The making of binagol was like one big operation. My Nanay was lucky enough to have a lot of willing helping hands… like my aunts from Tolosa (father’s side) who used to live with us as our yayas. Also my aunts from Sta. Ana, La Paz. They eventually brought the art of binagol making to Tolosa. The kids like us were assigned to “kagod” the lubi… lots of lubi by the way. I was very good in riding the kaguran. I never fell from it LOL. Para-kagod han lubi! If I was a real good boy, I was even allowed to help “kudkod” the “talyans” and even tie the binagol with string.

    Tying the binagols was also an art. It’s going to be a mess if you tie it the wrong way.

    Nongski, if you are planning to make some binagol …LOL… make sure you prepare the “talyan” the right way. You might suffer itching in the mouth if you don’t prepare it right… “Makatol-nga-binagol” is what you’d get!

    KaGerry… thanks once again for the nice fotos… they brought back a lot of memories when we were living in La Paz. Binagol and other sweet stuff are things for me to just look at now… never to taste. My blood sugar will shoot up like a rocket again if I even dare take a little binagol. Maybe the binagol makers of Dagami can make sugar-free binagols… for people suffering from diabetes. LOL Again, salamat hin madamo, KaGerry. Thanks for the memories.

  11. here’s a link to the leyte provincial govt. website and its diff. waray recipes.. the link below is for the BINAGOL RECIPE..

  12. I can’t wait to eat another binagol, it’s so yummy. But I think there’s also another good source of binagol where you can find it in the town of Abuyog. So tasty too.

  13. Amo pa gud la ako makakita han process had paghimo han binagol. Makaarawod mag-admit kay taga Dagami an akon tatay…pero maupay na la nga guinpa-photograph ha imo an main parts han process. It secreto han marasa nga binagol aada hit mga proportion hit ingredients ngan pagluto hin maupay han talyan…kay siring pa man dinhi ni Kaedong makatol ha but-ol kun diri maupay an kaluto. Hinaut unta nga magdarodamo an orders han binagol para makabulig han ekonomiya han Dagami.

  14. I love the pics! i used to bring binagol & moron as a pasalubong to my housemates & officemates in makati & they love it. Another thing i like so much about these delicacies is that they tell so much about where they come from, a special way of telling about history & culture.. thanks for sharing!

  15. Binagol is among my favorite delicacies that include roscas, pastillas, moron, sagmani and the wiri-wiri and bubod dawa of Southern Leyte. I haven’t come across these native Leyteño delicacies in any Filipino or Asian store. Really miss them. Thanks, Gerry, for posting those pictures on how they process the binagol. Very interesting.

  16. Wow!!!!!!!!! Yummy! nabusog na ako via e-eat! We don’t have to worry han health aspect, I am eyefully full! Damo nga salamat for the special features of the delicacies. I used to look forward to the fiesta’s in Dagami when I was growing up, it’s a blast! I really miss it!

    I learned a lot today! I spent almost 5 hours going thru your pictures and seeing our classmates was really a blessing! I had to cross-check the numbers which pictures belong to whom! For the fact that there had been some changes, may kaunting mga guhit na ang iba, siring ko ha akon anak! Diri mo na kilala ang iba, I have to keep on looking at the names and pictures! A lot of thanks and for those pictures of Tacloban, too! Lots of changes! It has been 22 years since I’d been to Leyte and I look forward to be able to come home in the near future! Salamat! And those pictures really helped me re-connect again! What you are doing is good. Keep it up!

    evelina elicot class of ’71! Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan!

  17. […] milk, vanilla,sticky rice and eggs.  Yes, they are cooked in banana leaves.  While searching for more information on Binagol, I noticed that it included chocolate but from what I remembered when I tasted it,  […]

  18. Nice pictures

  19. thank you for featuring our very own binagol ang moron..From the people of dagami…thank you so much…God bless.

  20. i love it steaming hot, freshly served…specially moron….it’s nice knowing that Dagami’s delicacies are now being recognized and hopefully being known., missed it so much…specially the so called “tokag” or the leftover part or the burned part (not so burned too look and taste like charcoal) of moron…it’s really good and tasty..which now makes my mouth water…craving… wait! there is also another delicacy which is now making it’s name..i think it’s Sagmani..hopefully right…nweiz…thnx for featuring it…i wish i’ll be able to watch Mark Logan’s feature. searching for the video ‘ayt now…hehehhe thnx again! ciao!

  21. my son needs delicacies from region 8 especially from samar… where can i buy these binagol and moron in manila? thank you so much.

  22. thank you mavs for writing. i’m afraid i can’t help you on this. let’s hope somebody from among our blog viewers knows where one can buy them in metro-mla.

  23. yummy yummy! mahidlaw gad kon nakikita ko nga mga makaraon sugad hini nga binagol! what is sure i’m bringing my family w/ me next year to discover philippines specially tacloban! hope to see you gerry!!

  24. Bro Gerry, kami an first firemen nga na-assign dida ha Dagami in 1998. An amon temporary station an stage pa han basketball plaza. Tapos pag-vacation ko dida in 2003 nakadto na ha harani han Public Market.
    Parte han binagol ha Dagami, waray mapirdi hit karasa niya ngan an pinangat nga gulay ug langka, marasa gud mag-utan an mga taga-Dagami.
    Mabuhay an mga taga-Dagami ug more power, bro… Hope to see you in Tacloban City this year para mag-inom kita. LOL

  25. nice blog!!! I never thought I’d find our very own binagol, moron and sagmani on the net…hehe…
    I’m a WARAY and these things make me very proud to be one…
    Gawd I miss home!
    More power!

  26. Binagol is no longer only Dagami’s pride but all of the Warays’!

    Mabuhay it mga Waray!

  27. hi tito gerry.. i am now here in US and still we have binagol, moron and sagmani stuck inside our freezer for 1 year supply. everytime we have guest we serve them and they so like it.. i miss dagami, i have lots of good memories back there. i hope you also feature our ” PANGAT and LANGKA” it’s so yummy padisan hin bulad..i miss my town..more power to you and by the way i borrowed some of your pics to show them how binagol is made..extend my regards to marti and micky..

  28. kudos to the one who made this possible. such a big help to my daughter’s project in MAPE. i couldn’t think of any other delicacies to be featured in their booth during their foundation week except the famous “binagol” from dagami. thank you so much gerry. keep up the good work!

  29. “TERRY’s LEYTE DELICACIES” the maker of the original Dagami BINAGOL is now open at P. Zamora St. Tacloban City just in front of Goldilocks. for orders and reservations call us through the following nos. 09193862075/3412424. look for Mr. Terry Ortega. Hope all of u can drop by our store soon. THANK YOU Sir Gerry

  30. Wohoooo!!! Can’t wait to have some of mom’s hometown’s delicacies. They’re back from vacation on Monday! *drools*

    My mouth’s salivating over the moron, binagol & sagmani she’s gonna be bringing in. Hopefully customs doesn’t confiscate it. LOL


  31. where can i buy binagol here in metro manila phils.?

  32. Wow. Binagol is now on the net. I wonder if Wikipedia has picked it up. Thanks Gerry for featuring our very own binagol. I can remember years ago when I went to visit my folks in Dagami and I brought back to the states two dozen binagols. I had to bribe the stewardess to keep it in the cooler so it won’t spoil. It lasted a year. For those worried about customs just tell them it is steamed cooked confection and they won’t bother you. Hey Gerry, my nephew Jun, who migrated to New Zealand recently, says he is a good friend of yours and wants to say hi. Again, thanks for all the pictures. You have no idea how it makes me proud of your work.

  33. yummy binagol, i miss dagami so much, how i wish i could spend a longer vacation soon…

  34. OMG, I haven’t had binagol since 2001. I feel hungry just thinking about it.
    Boy, I wish summer 2010 would come quickly…lol
    For me, the closest store I’m aware of for Philippine foodstuffs is about 45 minutes away by train, but of course, they don’t have binagol. I would go there right now if I knew they had it…lol
    Ahhhh, Leyte…I feel so nostalgic right now…

  35. pwede po ba kami makabili nyan? papano, nandito kami sa japan? favorite ko talaga ang binagol!

  36. Binagol and Moron always bring me back to my Waray heritage. In my early childhood years, my relatives from the Waray region would bring some to us when we were living at the Evangelista residence compound in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Now in the USA, they’re the first ones to disappear with the Otap from the Kana region of Leyte where my mother came from. It’s amazing because our regional or national delicacies are like a bridge to our Eroy Na Tuna. Sige la, Gerry, keep the Kodak moments coming.

  37. It’s just last year (2010) when I tasted it and it tastes great. I mean, so delicious considering it’s sweet latik (i think). I come from the North (Region 1) and wala talagang ganyan samin. Sana my friends from Dagami or some parts of Leyte would be able to give me binagol 😉

  38. wow… karasa hin duro… mauli-uli na ngada ha Dagami.
    hehehe thanks for these pics it helps me explain to my friends what binagol is. They like its taste and they want me to bring more when I go on a vacation again…
    hayyyyyyy… ka-kamiss it Dagami…

  39. i like this photo about binagol and other delicacies. makes me realize how it has made our country popular because of its sweet taste. guests and vacationers of the town bring binagol as their pasalubong or present to folks back home. it is exported to cities abroad where filipino communities live. this delicacy is so delicious and sweet – it can make or break a lovely meal… i love this delicacy and also the other food products of dagami.

  40. thanx a lot… it helped me a lot in my report about binagol 🙂

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