Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig, Surigao del Sur

I have to ask for everyone’s indulgence for not being able to post anything new for the past week. I hope with this post, I’d be able to make up for it.

I was away on a 6-day arduous trip that brought me and friends to the remote city of Bislig in Surigao del Sur. It involved taking the van from Tacloban to Ormoc, then a slow boat to Cebu, then taking the plane to Davao and finally a 5-hour bus trip (2 hours of which was a jack hammer ride thru very rough roads) deep into the forest heartland of PICOP or Paper Industries Corporation’s vast logging concession – at one time reputedly known as one of Asia’s biggest timber and paper mills.

Located at the southeastern coast of Mindanao facing the Pacific Ocean, Bislig is 158 kms south of Butuan, 152 kms south of Tandag City – the capital of Surigao del Sur, and 208 kilometers northeast of Davao City.

It was a long trip but worth the taking. If only for the fact that I was able to personally see and shoot one of the best, if not the best, but lesser known waterfalls of the country – the Tinuy-an Falls in Brgy. Burboanan, Bislig City.

It is but normal for one to be struck speechless and amazed when one sees for the first time the Tinuy-an Falls – definitely THE grandest and most majestic waterfalls I’ve ever seen. It’s not an overstatement, certainly not an attempt to throw in hype to its moniker, which is the “Little Niagara Falls of the Philippines.”

Simply stunning and magnificent.

Tinuy-an Falls is a spectacular multi-tiered falls, three levels of which can easily be seen while a fourth one is hidden from view. It rises majestically to a height of a four-story building and a breathtaking width of 95 meters – said to be the widest in the country. It is nestled in a tropical rainforest with towering, century-old trees and exotic flora and fauna surrounding it.

Even now as I look at these photos, I can still imagine and hear the thundering sound it makes and feel the mist hitting my face.

Whew! Truly grand!

~ by gerryruiz on 1 May 2008.

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  1. I am a surigaonon on my mother’s side and I have never been to this place. So near yet so far. Yes, I’ve been to Niagara but this is much BETTER! I praise the view but I praise more the guy behind the camera. STUNNING!!!

  2. Hehehe thank you, Butch! 🙂 I was really struck upon seeing this falls. It’s really spectacular but not that well known to most Filipinos! Some say we went at the right time. Rainless days don’t generate that much water flow; rainy days, on the other hand, produce heavy mist which covers the whole area frustrating guests from admiring the majestic falls.

  3. You’re right, Gerry. It’s very Niagara-ish I can almost hear the thunderous water drop from the tiered falls! Why doesn’t the world know about this place?

  4. Nongski, most likely due to its remoteness and the rough roads. But with the newly-finished Butuan-Davao highway, the only remaining bumpy ride is that from the junction of Trento, Agusan del Sur to Bislig (about 2 hours stretch). Many from Davao and the Caraga Region (Region XIII) I’m sure know about this, but elsewhere in the country, I doubt it.

  5. Yes, you’re right! The first picture that I saw made me think it’s a “Little Niagara Falls.” Kudos for a great job.

  6. NONGSKI!!!! You mean to tell me we are viewing the same works of art by Gerry! Kumusta kan Gines, great song, great lyrics.

  7. Thank you for sharing this pictures.

  8. thanks for sharing your photos… i’m planning to go to siargao this month and after seeing your pictures, i’d love to go there. would you know how to get there coming from butuan city? how long is the trip?

  9. Hi aigh, thanks for the visit. I’m sorry but I cannot give you an authoritative answer to your query. Our travel route was from Davao City. My wild guess is, it would take around 4 to 5 hours. I suggest you inquire from the bus companies (Bachelor’s) – they would be able to give you a more reliable estimate.

  10. I am a Bisliganon and I thank you for appreciating the spot! hope you’ll be back…

  11. My wife is from Bislig, Carumcum and I have been there 8 times and never been to see the falls. After seeing your pictures, it will be on the top of my list next trip.

  12. wow… really great.. i’ve been to this place… i have some pictures, too, but I love your photos… the water’s so great..

  13. napakaganda ng Pilipinas! darating din ang araw pupunta ako diyan. -Tamayo, Rainier ng Porac,Pampanga

  14. Wow! Beautiful! I’m so proud kasi it’s from my homeplace hehe… You’ll adore God for it. Superb din ang man behind these pictures. He gave justice to the beauty of Tinuy-an. Galing nyo po! God bless.

  15. wow o wow o wow!!! is all i can say! it’s nothing like i’ve ever seen! someday when i go visit surigao, i wouldn’t miss this place cuz i really love nature. the pics are very good! thank you very much for sharing these pictures…

  16. simply magnificent!!! sana balang araw ma-visit ko mga ganyang lugar!!

  17. very nice place nakapunta narin ako dyan ang ganda tagala at sa hagonoy din

  18. Thanks Gerry for this SUBLIME photos. You simply excite me to go home and As today is not only the most important place
    in which you can live, but it is also the most
    joyous place to be: the present.

  19. great job sir! 🙂

  20. capital WOW!

  21. hi! i was in tinuy-an last september (bislig is my dad’s hometown…) and i agree, it is the most majestic waterfalls in the philippines! have you seen the 4th level of the falls? the one you have to climb all by yourself, against the current of the falls & w/o any stairs to climb… the 4th level was difficult to reach but it was worth it! the water there is calmer and you can see the 3 levels downwards so clearly! 🙂

  22. oh, and to those who asked, a trip to bislig can take about 6-8 hours depending on the route you choose (one is the straight route, the other’s a detour passing thru agusan.) you always, ALWAYS, have to check the news before goin’ to bislig, cuz there are NPA’s in those said routes and there are times when it is not safe to travel…

  23. tinuy-an falls? i once went there and it was so much beautiful… the best camera that could capture the best shot in all angles is our eyes! so better visit it and see its beauty to capture the hidden wonder of nature… i’m pretty sure you’ll be dumbfounded just like me… the best waterfalls!

  24. shocks! i can’t believe it! it’s so wonderful i am amazed of what i have seen! i’m proud that there is such a wonderful spot that i could appreciate in our place! hope i can go there!!! i really like it!

  25. …ang ganda naman nyan.dyan ako nag-elementary sa san isidro elem.nakakahiyang sabihin pero nd pa k nakakapunta dyan..eheh…
    …gusto ko nang umuwi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ..maayong adlaw sa inyong tanan diha.

  27. “Tinuy-an” is derived from a Bisaya word “tuyo” meaning “intent”. This means going there needs a desirable intent since it is hidden in a remote tropical rainforest, a long trip via rough roads. But it is worth going and seeing the Philippines’ best waterfalls.

    Just wondering why it is not being promoted?

    Thanks for the magnificent shots…… as it is a must see … a very promising tourists’ destination.

  28. WOW!!! i’m awestruck.. i’ve been to a lot of watefalls but this one really looks different. my friends and i are planning to go there this weekend. i would like to ask if it is safe to have an overnight stay at the vicinity of the waterfalls?
    any information on how to get there, information about the place is very much appreciated. thank you so much. KUDOS to the photographer. great job. i love the pictures and i fell in love with it.=)

    • Hi Che! I don’t think it is safe to spend the night there, judging on the presence alone of security personnel in military uniform armed with long firearms. And this was during daytime.

      Re directions getting there, you would find clues in my main post above and also from the comments posted. For further detailed info, I would suggest you contact the local tourism office; they can provide you with the latest “state of affairs” and possibly an experienced guide. Enjoy your trip! Don’t forget to bring your cameras 😉

  29. thanks for the great pictures of the falls and the traveling info gerry. i will be traveling in the area and i was wondering if there is an airstrip in bislig and where is its location. i am a pilot and would like to tour the area by plane or helicopter. thanks much.

    • Hi, Patrick. I have no info on the airport location but I am aware there is one – if not used by regular commercial flights before, certainly PICOP had their private aircraft then.

    • hi patrick! yes we have an airport here but unfortunately there are no commercial flights. u can get here if you want to travel in an easy way – since you are a pilot, feel free to land at our airport. hehe, our company’s visitor used to come here via helicopter…

  30. Thank you for the pictures. Wonderful. Hope to bring my children there.

  31. i would like to know when is the best time to go there, and when is the dry season in the Philippines

  32. @Patrick: the airstrip is near Bislig town, near the sea but it’s not in use for several years now. If you take a commercial flight, you can enter Bislig thru Butuan or Davao routes.

    • How far is the ride from Butuan and Davao? Public transportation? Thank you.

      • butuan to bislig will take you 5hrs to travel by bus but if you have your own car it will only take you 3hrs..
        davao to bislig by bus will take 6hrs to travel but will take you 4hrs only if you travel with your own service..

  33. It is truly an amazing site. Thank you Gerry for a job well done! I am from Bislig but sad to say that I’ve never been to Tinuy-an falls. After seeing the the photos of the falls, I’ll make sure the next time I go home to Bislig, Tinuy-an will be on top of my list. Thanks Gerry for sharing those wonderful photos. Keep up the good work. By the way, my parents are from Borongan, but I was born and raised in Bislig.

  34. was here yesterday… it was really breathtaking… very, very beautiful…

    nice shots here. had my own pics of these falls too…

  35. Maganda pala ang Tinuy-an Falls. Ako’y taga San Jose, Bislig City pero di pa ako nakapunta dyan!

  36. Awesome shots! you created a very artistic impression ………

  37. I’m suppose to go up to Niagara in May, but Gerry, those falls in Surigao are absolutely stunning! I love this site especially since I still have family living in Tacloban. Looking forward to going there next year!

  38. very nice and verdant

  39. Hi. I’ve been to Tinuy-an several times na. I live in Butuan City. I can facilitate anyone who would like to take a look at the stunning falls.

    • hi, im clyne from cebu. i would like to ask if there is any place for overnight stay near the falls or the enchanted river. our company is planning for a 3-day outing. i hope to hear from you. thank you

      • Tinuy-an Falls is just a few kilometers from the heart of Bislig City, Surigao del Sur where there are small hotels and pension houses. Go google 😉

  40. This place is stunning. I’m from Mangagoy, Bislig but I never got there ever since (though I have all the chance). But I”ll take my chance when I visit home this December. Thanks heaps Gerry for promoting tourism in Bislig through your awesome photos.

  41. been there.. and i’m planning to go back.. 🙂 great shots!

  42. wow…it is awesome..i will visit this place soon…thanx 4 d photos

  43. oh my! i could have known this before! i could have gone there…i was in mangagoy last august…sayang…my birthplace has this pretty awesome tourist spot…reminds me of my childhood but it was a different one and is no longer cool to see…i visited.

  44. I just happened to run into your blog and I really enjoyed looking at your photos. You are good! I’ll be visiting more often.

  45. i’ve been there 3 times already, and this coming may 2009 i will visit the place again… proudly from mangagoy!

  46. Good Day!!! Mervin here. I was born in Mangaggoy, Bislig but my family relocated to Tagum since then. I’ve visited Surigao a couple of times but it was not until last August of 2007 that I got the chance to visit TINUY-AN. I’ve visited this blog a couple of times also, only this time have I got the chance to comment. I thus affirm and confirm the beauty all of these people are boasting about. Cheers to the TINUY-AN and to the eyes that who experienced its magnificence. Praise be to the CREATOR who made all these!!!!

  47. Are there any hotels near the that falls where we can stay for 2 to 3 days with my family?? is it safe??

    • Hello, Mitchel, there is no hotel near the falls. You can stay at Paper Country Inn located at Bislig City proper. It’s only 30 mins drive to the falls thru private car or tricycle and the fare around P150. It’s not safe to stay overnight at the falls because this virgin forest is a little bit far from the native community area.

      Why don’t you visit also Hagonoy Island with its a white sand beach. It will take 20 min drive to the island using a boat ride, the fare will be P700 back and forth, good for 6 to 8 people. Hope my information will help you a lot.

  48. Hello Gerry, sana ako rin makapunta dyan. Pero kahit pamasahe papuntang Ormoc wala ako. Hehehe. Ganda ng Pilipinas, at mas lalo pang gumanda dahil sayong camera. Your pictures are addicting, ha tinuod la, mas maupay pa an imo coverage ha Palarong Pambansa 2009 compared to the official website of the Palaro.

  49. tinuy-an is indeed beautiful! nothing more i can say but that…

  50. GOD’s creation given to us is stunningly amazing. People keep on destroying these wonderful creations…..
    so sad…

  51. woww. sobrang ganda and with that pics of yours… punta kami jan this saturday !!!!

  52. Majestic! This is a must visit place when i go to Surigao. Are there places to stay near the falls? How far is it from Surigao del Norte? Thanks and God bless.

  53. nice one!
    love it!
    how many hours does it take from davao?

  54. What marvelous falls !!! Can be compared to other great falls of other countries. You are not a Surigaonon but you’ve been there! Me – I live here in Surigao del Sur but I have not even seen the place personally. I always dream of seeing Tinuy-an Falls someday…

    Thank you, Gerry for sharing these photos because through them, I’m proud to say that I’m a Surigaonon and it is my pleasure to have such a spectacular beauty as Tinuy-an Falls in our area.

  55. What a marvelous place! I grew up in Mangagoy, went to school in Mangagoy, and now I live in England. Last time I was in Mangagoy was 11 yrs ago. When I visit home I stay in Davao. Hopefully this coming Sept, I hope to go to Mangagoy this time. Am excited. Planning to see Kadayawan Festival as well. I hope I could go to Tinuy-an Falls… Nice photos! Take care & God bless…

  56. Well done, Gerry. Nice photos of spectacular beauty. Bisliganons are very proud of it! Mabuhay!

  57. Wow, beautiful pics and the place is impressive. Reminds me of an e-mail I got recently. A man in the states became interested in golden phones and he was told that it was a direct line to God but the call charge was $10,000 per call direct to God. The man traveled the world and everywhere he went the rate to call God was the same. In his worldwide travel he eventually arrived in the Philippines and when he saw the sign that the price of the call was only 35 cents, he went to find the parish priest for an explanation. The priest calmly told him that since God lives in the Philippines it is a local call. Little wonder that our country is really beautiful because God lives here. Keep up the good work and keep showing us the beautiful pictures that God gave us.

  58. Hi, I’m from Manila. Someone mentioned this place to me and based on these pictures, the place looks wonderful! How do I get my flight or travel to reach the place. I don’t know anyone in Mindanao. Are there inns or hotels nearby? Is it safe to go there even with foreigners? Thanks a lot!!!

  59. Hi Mr. Gerry. I’m looking for a waterfalls picture that my 10-yr. old daughter is asking me to search for her project in her school (Liceo del Verbo Divino). I was amazed to see this picture and even more amazed that it was beautifully taken by a man whose address is from Tacloban City. Thanks for sharing your beautiful shots. Looking forward to see more of them- from San Jose, Tacloban City.

  60. Wow I remember my youth in Mgy back when payday was fiesta day at Post One. I used to join the picnic of PICOP employees at the beautiful majestic falls. I hope the area is still preserved today as it was in the 80’s. I am now working as Dean of the College of Agriculture after my interest in forestry faded away after PICOP cut all the century old depterocarp forest of Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Sur, Davao del Norte & Davao Oriental areas. I wish I could come back one day soon to the falls which used to supply water to one of PICOP’s paper mills.

    Mark Lindo 09205285485

  61. it’s really beautiful! someday i’ll go there… from tandag city

  62. It’s an amazing view! I will be in Mangagoy 2 weeks from now. Pupuntahan ko ang Tinuy-an Falls. Right now, I live in Phoenix AZ, mainit na lugar. From May through September, sobrang init. I was there back in March 2003 with my 3 children, they’d love to go back. We went to Hagonoy white sand beach… beautiful beach, kind of exclusive.

  63. tinuy-an falls is the nicest falls i’ve been to. i really love this place. hope i can get back there soon…

  64. my God, i was so mesmerized when i saw the pictures of a friend in facebook when they went here… stunningly spectacular scenery! this is one proof how blessed the Philippines is when it comes to natural resources.

  65. I was there last Nov 1, 2009..and it is a wonderful experience…

  66. I’ve been to different places such as Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii. No one can beat the beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls in the Philippines … I love Tinuy-an Falls. Love it… Love it… The beach in Mati is like the beach at St. Thomas Virgin Island. Takes my breath away… Merlie @ AZ

  67. Looking over these pics again, I may just visit these falls myself next July. Niagara is pretty, but the atmosphere surrounding it is much more touristy, like a mini-Las Vegas. Tinuy-an looks much more natural, peaceful, and unspoiled…definitely worth visiting!

  68. amazing sight… and I have to praise the camera man. I am making my son’s project about magagandang tanawin sa pilipinas and I came upon this picture… So nice… Hope I can visit the place in the near future and I hope by that time the roads are nice already… one of the places in my itinerary when I come home…

  69. awesome!!!!

  70. we will visit this place on Dec.25…

    It’s God’s amazing masterpiece…

  71. it’s very nice to visit tinuy-an these days because of the heavy waterfalls it can give due to constant rain at Bislig this past few days.. 😀

    don’t miss the chance to see God’s wonderful and amazing creation..
    see yah!

  72. can someone help me? how can i go to this place?

    • sure.. you can have an easy access if you want to go to tinuy-an falls.. may I know your location now? you can ride in a utility bus either from Butuan City or Davao City.

  73. hello sir, my bf and i will be flying to davao on a 4 day trip on feb 28. we plan to visit camp sabros in digos for zipline and also this waterfalls. we also plan to see samal island and talikud island and crocodile farm. can you please suggest an it to cover these places? or ambitious maxado ang plan ko?

    • Kristina, I’m afraid four days would be too short a period to cover them all. First of all, you are talking here of 4 sites located in different cities/provinces. Digos City is in Davao del Sur; Davao City – well you know Davao is considered one of the world’s biggest cities in terms of area – is further North; Bislig City is way Northeast in the province of Surigao del Sur; and the Island Garden City of Samal is a component city of Davao del Norte. Talikud Island is the biggest of 7 islets off Samal island. Travel time alone from one destination to another would take up much of your time.

  74. brought a friend there, who thought i was exaggerating how grand it is. but the minute he saw the falls, he jumped off the car and said “picture naman jan!”… with big smiles and spread arms pa. haha.

  75. Wow, what a nice falls! Hope I could visit this place someday when I go home and visit my family in ‘pinas.

  76. one of my next destinations!

  77. Weeeee! I’ll be seeing this falls this coming Monday, March 22, 2010.

  78. I also suggest you visit the Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. I have been to a lot of rivers but I never saw a river like the Enchanted River. Truly, it is enchanted!

  79. Yes, why not also visit the Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur (about 2 hours from Mangagoy). Since you have seen The Falls, let me share The River, as well. we went there last Feb 19-20, 2010. I am from Davao and our group rented a van at 5K per day, sits 18 pax (GTE Express – the driver has been regularly plying these routes). Departed from Davao around 4am, arrived in Mangagoy around 7am, had breakfast and checked in at a local hotel, bought fresh sea foods (very cheap) in the market for our lunch. By 10am were already enjoying the bluish-crystal clear (brackish) waters of Enchanted River which empties its waters out to the sea about a few kilometers away. The view from the shallow area is amazing. Cold water come from its deep pool (abyss around 80 feet deep). By 3pm and since no one is jumping at the pool, resident schools of fish surface (6 are about 2 kilos each). We left around 5pm.

    We went to Tinuy-an the next day. Definitely a 1-2 punch! Note, if you have an extra night, spend it as well at Hagonoy Island (near Mangagoy). I will leave you these contacts from their brochure. Explore but also be responsible! Jun Arancana (Haribon Davao Badminton Club).
    SURIGAO CITY TOURISM OFFICE. Tel No +6386 231-7228, 826-8064 Fax +6386 826-4131 Email tourism_surigaocity@yahoo.com; tourism@surigaocity.gov.ph; BISLIG CITY TOURISM OFFICE Tel No +6386 853-6089 Fax +6386 628-2132 Email bisligtourism@yahoo.com.ph; Website http://www.bislig.gov.ph; surigaodelsurgov@yahoo.com; surigaodelsurgov@yahoo.com.ph. or you may visit as well http://www.dotcaraga.ph

  80. my family and i are going to see the much-talked about tinuy-an falls. where’s the best place to stay?

  81. assus… tumigil kayo… unaan ang itagadan mayo..hala beyahe ra kamo pasingod sa bislig para kit-an mayo ang maganahay na pinaka mahusayay na waterfalls sa pilipinas na.. sa bislig lang mayo kit-an.

  82. hi, we’re a group from davao city… we are planning to visit tinuy-an falls, enchanted river and the hagonoy islands this weekend, april 9-11. if you want to join our group, please contact Nanette thru 0923-871-8380. come join us.

  83. stunning! spectacular! the falls and the photos, as well! haven’t been there but will surely add this to my list of next destinations! thanks for sharing.

  84. we are going there on the 17th of this month! yipeee! i hope i can witness that majestic sight you are talking about.. 🙂 the view in these pictures are great! Credits to the man behind the camera.. 🙂 Godbless you!

  85. Hi Sir:

    You’ve got great photos and stories…

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    I would like to share to everyone my Surigao del Sur Experience… Hope you would enjoy…

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  86. this is really a pride of surigaonun..

  87. ganda ng view

  88. thanks for sharing these pictures. I am planning to go there this weekend and well, the 158 km distance from butuan city is very informative. thanks again

  89. Tinuy-an Falls is a gift of God for us, so we must take good care of it … Nakarating na ako dyan together with my family last April 9, 2010 – a painstaking drive (solo driver) from Bacoor, Cavite to Bislig City, via Cagayan de Oro City… kaya mag lakbay na sa sariling bayan, at wag maging dayuhan …

  90. wow… amazing!!! kakainggit… mga tao na naka-punta na dun…ma swerte. sobra ganda ng view…nature na nature ang dating. wish maka-punta ako diyan. pero diba sabi malayo daw at hmmp, dami rebelde dyan na lugar… hehe katakot naman pag ma-tsempohan tayo… ‘wag naman sana. love it… love it…

  91. Thanks for featuring our very own falls. I am from Bislig City and I’m inviting everyone to please visit Tinuy-an Waterfalls… simply AMAZING!!!

  92. Here we come tinuy.an falls… on our family day..=)

  93. Wow… it’s really a magnificent tourist spot… I was there last August, 2008 after a long travel from Butuan city to Bislig City. I experienced a magnificent blast seeing Tinuy-an Falls… how I wish makabalik na sad ko didto…

  94. I’ve been to many places with waterfalls on it… but this Tinuy-an Falls is really different from all the waterfalls I’ve been to… It feels like all the kapoy and all the gastos I spent just to reach this place simply evaporated as I saw the flashing water from above and heard the roaring sound of the waterfalls. What an amazing experience!!!

  95. i can’t wait to go to this place this august!

  96. this place is really amazing I wanna go. pls, pano pumunta sa place na ‘to? I plan to go home to Bueanavista this July. pls help, wanyt to enjoy my stay in Caraga.

    • Byahilo & Roger: naka-book na ako sa Cebu Pcfc flight this Aug. 16 for Butuan City and Tinuy-an Falls is one of the places on my list to visit aside from the enchanted river. I’m traveling alone so you can leave a reply if u want to join me. I will also go to Cateel, Davao Oriental to Aliwagwag Falls. Just send me a reply if you are interested. The others are also welcome to join me. It is fun traveling in a group and economical too!

  97. There are buses from Butuan City to Mangagoy – you can take that. Then since it’s a long ride (unless you leave Butuan City early) you are going to have to stay overnight in Mangagoy proper. You can still visit the falls, same day but not enough time to exit Mangagoy (unless you are willing to get on the bus that leaves at 11 p.m. same day or 3 a.m. the next day back to Butuan. I’ve forgotten how long is the travel time.

  98. simply wonderful…salamat poh:-)

  99. Beautiful waterfalls indeed. I still have my picture back in 1977. It was unspoilt back then, and very few people know of the place. It amazes me that up to now, many Filipinos still don’t know about it. The picture is awesome. But hear the roar and thunder, and the cool breeze and mist that smack on your face – it’s an exhilarating feeling. Go, guys, see the place now!

  100. I will be alone in visiting the place come November 17-22. I have the intention of spending a night just around the falls in order to catch the perfect early light as what I always do as a travel photographer. I will be hailing from Cebu and my entry point will be Butuan and my exit point will be Davao. Anyone who is planning to visit such a majestic waterfalls would be highly welcome to join me. If I catch the falls with the best light given then I have all the time to visit Hinatuan and explore Bislig.

    I need all the advice and info for such an exploration of Bislig. Hoping for a response from anybody. I am concerned on getting around and cost of rooms and all.

    Salamat Kaayo!

  101. I have a collection of Tinuy-an Falls pictures taken at various times. It would be a nice addition to get a picture with the sunrise. Please post. I’m sure it will be stunning as well. Check out with authorities if you will be allowed to camp overnight, or go in very early coming from the city to catch the sunrise.

  102. We’re planning to visit this place next month. Can’t help myself from getting over-excited now that I see the pics online. How much more when I see it with my own eyes.

    Mindanao is truly blessed with nature’s beauty. Hope the roads are in much better condition now.

  103. this is the place i’ll never forget, the place where i grew up. guys, you better see this amazing tinuy an falls.

  104. The pics are great. They really are worth a thousand words. I equally enjoyed reading the blogs. It made me homesick. You see, I was born in Bislig. My family left when I was 11 years old (1955). Heard of the falls but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been there. I’ve been back to Bislig a few times over the years though. I still have a handful of friends there. Some of the blogger’s last names are quiet familiar (Laurente, Castillo).
    I plan to include the visit in my bucket list.
    Good job. Gerry.

  105. as one of the surigaonons, I love the beauty of our home town…
    I hope someday I can see personally the tinuy-an falls

  106. i’ve never been to this place kahit malapit lang kami sa lugar na ‘to hehehe… we’re planning to visit next year pag bakasyon namin inshaalah…ingon pa sa mga kamayo (dayon kamayo fiesta sa kanami) naalala ko lang that time nag aral me sa john bosco college mangagoy. pero i’m proud to say my hometown is tandag…

  107. i really appreciate its natural beauty…..and i’m proud i came from sds….

  108. i’ve been planning of going there by sept. my galz already did… and i really enjoyed viewing their pics. i think it’s really a mystical place… and i’m in an uphill of emotions waiting for that trip of mine…

  109. sir.. i am amazed by the way you make your photoblogs.. but i would like to tell you that there’s someone who is copying this particular blog.. and it seems that she is saying that she’s the original writer of this. please do visit this site: http://allthingsmindanao.weebly.com/2/post/2010/07/post-title-click-and-type-to-edit1.html?

    it was okay if she’s just some ordinary student who hasn’t something to do with life.. but for someone who is taking journalism as a course, it is devastating.. plagiarism is never and should never be tolerated..

  110. God saw all that he had made and it was beautiful!

  111. Visit Tinuy-an Falls this September 20-24, 2010. Come, join and have fun with us as we celebrate Bislig City Charter Day. There will be a 1-week event for Tinuy-an Falls adventure! ^_^

  112. why not visit surigao del sur – the “hidden paradise.” come and enjoy the scenes, the falls, beaches, virgin forests and friendly people. amazing place!

  113. wow… the best jud ang tinuy-an… solid bisliganon…

  114. pictures are perfectly shot. recently heard tinuy-an falls. it intrigues me to dig it from internet. i am from tago, SDS but this place is new to me. i wish i can go today for a visit… maybe next time. heard from my friends development is in progress. folks, lets have some fun, let’s visit TINUY-AN FALLS of BISLIG!

  115. You can contact the City Tourism Officer, Ms Lorelei Lim thru this number: 09184538358.
    Also, Tandag is not a City. As of now, Bislig City is the only chartered city in Surigao del Sur.

  116. mangagoy, bislig is my birthplace but i never knew about this fantastic place until i was 26 when i finally reached it. awesome!!!

  117. wwwoooowww!!! Awesome! All God creation is beautiful..

  118. WOW… thanks for posting these pictures… i was born and raised in mangagoy but i only heard about this fantastic God’s creation lately. am coming back to PH in the near future, surely tinuy-an falls would be no. 1 in my list … don’t worry, guys – no bad guys in this place…

  119. Supar ganda! Parang mini Victoria Falls ng Zimbabwe.

  120. So I thought only I knew where the hidden treasures of the Philippines are! I was wrong! You know more! Keep posting, Sir Gerry!
    I heard there’s one like this in Burauen, Leyte! If you take the Leyte Mountain Trail, you’ll come across that curtain of waterfall. I have yet to check it out.

  121. absolutely WOW! am a nature lover, too.. 🙂 and i promise to myself that sooner or later, i’ll go there… experience the real beauty of nature… see you tinuy-an falls @ surigao… 🙂

  122. ganda naman nyan… nice

  123. No amount of words to describe the beauty of Tinuy-an Falls. I’ve been there twice… All I can say is it’s the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines!


  125. Maganda daw talaga ang Tinu-an falls; my Father told me about this beautiful falls in Surigao. It’s more or less 2hrs from San Francisco, Agusan Sur. Kaya nga even though my brother and I are in Davao now, we will celebrate his birthday this March in Tinuy-an. Kahit na tuyoon ang falls na yan, pu-puntahan namin just to see it. Thank God He made such a wonderful place like this.

  126. great – puntahan ko yan someday. sure ako. pupuntahan ko yan.

  127. wooooowwww!!! looks like niagara falls… hope to be there on march 2011. and when i get there, it wud feel like i’m in CANADA …
    thank God for this beautiful spot…

  128. Hi. Wow!!! It’s a very nice place! The Philippines is truly a great place with lots of beautiful falls!!!

  129. can we make a safe swim? in tinuy-an?

  130. Absolutely grand!

  131. wow !!! i really like the place but most of all the the water falls…so clear… i’ll be back soon………..

  132. hi, i wish i can go back to that spectacular, really amazing falls. i’ve been there once when i was in college, but that time was not yet fully developed….so now, i really3 hope so, to go back & see that superb falls! all pictures are really superb!

  133. hi, all pictures that were posted here are really superb! i wish i could go back to this spectacular & really amazing tinuy-an falls!!
    i’ve been there once during my college days, so now i’m really hoping to go back there soon…

  134. I really LOVE my hometown. I’m proud to say, BEEN THERE! DONE THAT!!!

  135. wow thanks a lot for this perfect beauty, God made this, for us to feel joy in our heart…

  136. I was here last April 2011. It’s truly majestic. It was my first time to see a falls and I can’t say anything but WOW! The sound of the rushing water is so amazing. But the city gov’t should do something about the means of transpo to get to the place. If we travel by habal-habal that’s pretty exciting but for visitors who would love to visit with comfort and a relaxing tour, I suggest they provide at least an easier, more comfortable means of transpo. I’d love to see the place even more.

  137. it’s very nice here… you will really feel the beauty of nature!!!

  138. congratulations, Bislig! you’re now progressing…

  139. These are breathtaking shots. I’ve seen some of your photos done in Leyte and Samar. Would like to meet you sometime!

  140. hi! great pics!!! did you stay overnight in Bislig? can you recommend a good place to stay?

  141. Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing them… we visited Tinuy-an falls and Enchanted river last May, and it was an unforgettable experience… Worth the long travel… We plan to visit next the islands off Surigao city.

  142. Sooooooo refreshing!!!!! Hope to visit it soon….Congrats for the great pics.

  143. Nice page…full of info about Bislig…

  144. ..talagang maganda diyan sa tinuy-an falls…

  145. what a wonderful place! it’s pretty like Niagara falls but i think its kinda bit beautiful and attractive in Tinuy an falls since it is multi layered! i’m excited to go there…:)

  146. there’s a big improvement in this place
    we went there again and it is really refreshing to be there!!!!

  147. Actually you can also travel to Bislig via the Butuan City Airport. Bislig is only 4 hours away from here…

  148. been there, and it’s really beautiful. I want to be back there. We also visited the enchanted river in Hinatuan.

  149. This is the best spot here in Bislig! Awesome pic.. I love Bislig…

  150. grabe! ka gana dajon mo kanha dha….

  151. kahapon pumunta kami jan… WOW lang nasabi ko. nakaka goosebumps kasi di mo akalain me ganun dito sa Mindanao… very amazing… SUPERB

  152. See you in December Tinuy-an falls:)

  153. Our institution here in General Santos has scheduled our 1st trip to Bislig, Surigao del Sur. See you soon, Tinuy-an Falls and other beautiful tourist spots of Surigao del Sur. I am amazed we have a blog like this. Congratulations to the owner of this blog!!! More power to you.

  154. We were there last December 2, 2011. We had a truly enjoyable time with my officemates from the Municipal Treasurer Staff, Bansalan, Davao Sel Sur. It was an unforgettable trip, even if only for 3 days, bathing in the grandest and most majestic waterfalls I’ve ever visited.

  155. Merry Christmas!

    Thank you for sharing the view!

    We are planning to visit Surigao del Sur this January for a 4-day stay. However, I have no idea where to spend the night/s and what else to visit except the Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls. I googled Surigao del Sur and one of the searches directed me to this blog (very helpful, thank you sir Gerry Ruiz).

    Will 4 days be enough to visit: Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls, Cagwait White Beach, Britania Island & Hagonoy Island? Are cottages available for an overnight stay in Britania Island, Hagonoy Island and Cagwait?

    Thank you and looking forward to responses 😉

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for the comment. Much as I would like to help you, I am actually a stranger when speaking of Surigao del Sur. I have been to other places there but not the ones you mentioned, hence, there’s not much I can do to help you except to urge others following this thread to make suggestions.

      I’d also like to add for you to communicate directly with the local Dept. of Tourism Office there and seek assistance.

      Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  156. wow, that was a very nice blog gerry… i would like to visit this majestic tinuy-an falls this january with my family. it is only a 2-hr ride from Cateel, Davao Oriental. anyway, i’ve been searching in your blogsite if ever you’ve visited aliwagwag falls in Cateel but I didnt find any write-up about this wonderful place also… hopefully you’ll find the time to visit aliwagwag falls in the near future… for your reference, pls try visit this site http://thetravelteller.com/aliwagwag-falls-the-pride-of-cateel-davao-oriental/

    thanks and more power as always…

    marlon luces
    cateel, davao oriental

  157. I’ve been to the falls and I thank my friend Robielyn Tigley, my husband’s former officemate, for bringing us there. She is a native of the place… All I could say is, Wow! The falls is terrific.. so wonderful and majestic.. The scenic site has convinced me to go back again… I miss it already… Thanks to you for reminding me about this place…

  158. WOW! Surigao del Sur is Great! :)) I’m very proud to be Surigaonon:))

  159. hi gerry… this is so great. i am from mangagoy though i reside in manila because of my work. from time to time i visit my hometown which is in tandag but when my father transferred his work to mangagoy and bought some property, Mangagoy became our permanent residence. i went home 3 times in surigao last 2011 but never had a chance to visit tinuy-an falls but i have plans to go there this year 2012…(hopefully) and also the enchanted river in hinatuan… well, you made nice shots in all your photos… do you mind if i share it? please… thanks for posting by the way… good job!!!!

  160. Hi sir! Great pics! I first saw this waterfall in a KTV video and from that moment on, I knew I had to see it with my own eyes! Your pics are the best ones I’ve seen in the net so far, so thanks for posting! 🙂

    I just have a quick question: when do you think is the best time to go and see this waterfalls? Because I saw other pics when the waterfalls looks kinda dry. So which month do you think would be the best time to visit the place?

    Thanks in advance for your help. More power! 🙂

  161. is there a place or hotel near tinuy-an falls? rate please?

  162. wanna be there..im from cagayan de oro city.but never been there…so amazing place…

  163. maka ad2 ra jud ko dha!!

  164. guys… go na mo diri. very beautiful. every nature lover would sure pick this as one of the best vacation getaways…

  165. Very nice falls… it’s very refreshing. I can imagine kinda Niagara falls in Bislig City.

  166. i was there 3 days ago… and the memories will live forever… breathtaking…

  167. at last i found a blog regarding the falls. i saw this on tv and i wanted to go there so bad.Kaya lang sobrang hirap pala pumunta.

  168. So much info about Bislig… I love Bislig too…

  169. yes, it is a majestic falls that every bisliganon is proud of. the water is fabulous.

  170. sir gerry, it’s a great shoot. i wish you could include on your list to visit the islands of britanica in sto nino, san agustin, surigao del sur.

  171. have been there 2x already.. the first time was magnificent. it was beauty beyond words.. but the 2nd was not that much because we went there 1month after a typhoon so the current of the river wouldn’t allow us to even have a dip.. so before going there i suggest to research something about the weather and such.. 🙂

  172. sir gerry,thanks for this info. i hope i can visit tinuy-an falls next summer. i really like it.

  173. Hi, I grew up in Mangagoy but never knew about this place. I live in Cebu now. Can someone tell me how to get to this paradise?

  174. Well first you have to go back to Bislig. Everyone knows about Tinuy-an so dili gyud ka masaag 🙂

  175. wow!

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