Trekking to Mahanlas Falls, Palo, Leyte

When we were invited to join the local tourism assessment group to survey Palo’s eco-tourism potentials, one of the sites listed in the itinerary was Mahanlas Falls.

Mention of the falls made me do a double take – I have been wanting to pursue this falls I saw from the air (see – perchance could this be THE elusive falls? Woa!

We were riding on a van and we made our way to the falls located at Brgy. Barayong of Palo, via the barangay road at Purisima, crossing the Bangon River and traversing into the backwoods.

Brgy. Barayong is about 7 kilometers from the town proper and at a certain point, we got off the van and trekked down a slippery trail (albeit aided by the square, concrete slabs to step on) for about 500 meters or so deep into wilderness. You are aware you are just somewhere between Palo and Tacloban and yet you get the feeling you are in the middle of nowhere; no, somewhere deep in a tropical jungle (there was no cellphone signal).

And no, it was not the falls I’ve been wanting to get hold of, the one I got an aerial picture of from a helicopter.

There are two falls at Mahanlas Falls (the guide said there’s another one high up in the adjacent cliff but was difficult to reach.) Here’s the first site:

The second site:

View more photos of Mahanlas Falls

View gallery slideshow

~ by gerryruiz on 14 February 2010.

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  1. whew… grabe… ang ganda naman…

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