Tacloban’s mall aspiration: update 4.03.09

Acceding to the request of many, specially from the Taclobanons now living in faraway places eager to have just a glimpse of the soon-to-open mall in the city, here finally are the latest photos I have of Robinson’s Tacloban. The photos were taken March 25, 2009.

The latest I heard is they’re targetting  May 21 (usa na la ka bulan) – fiesta time at Marsabaras – for their formal opening. Not only a few are excited. Hmmm….






~ by gerryruiz on 3 April 2009.

50 Responses to “Tacloban’s mall aspiration: update 4.03.09”

  1. Baga hin harani man hin duro ha kalsada it iya entrada? Diri ba mag-kaka-trapik ito dida, kun eksakto it akon obserbasyon?

  2. wow… it’s beautiful

  3. it nga entrada porte cochere iton. ma-clear na ngani it fence haluag na iton pagkitaon. parking space pa iton it naluluyo hit fence yana. ha akon paghibaro, u-upat it pick-up/drop off dida ha prente labot la hit parking spaces.

    suliban ko Gerry, it May nga opening soft opening pa la iton?

    • I really cannot say for sure (I am not an authority on that) but that is what the grapevine says – soft opening on May 21. You know how it is – target dates are oftentimes moved. 😉

  4. it’s official…it’s going to have its soft opening on may 21…this is according to one of my bosses here at the city mayor’s office who’s in contact with robinson’s… it was actually published in one of the local newspapers…the formal opening is on June 11 just in time for the city’s fiesta festivities… i’m one with everyone in looking forward to its opening… yehey!!!

  5. wow.. harani na talaga mahuman iton robinson…seguro naman by december hit akon pag bakasyon dida ha tacloban…100% na sya open… mas harani na pasyadahan. hadto, napa cebu pa kami; yana deri na….thanks gerry for posting new pictures…well appreciated!!!

  6. the city should have made a building code that this kind of edifice/building this big should have its own parking space to accomodate clientelle. this rlc will create traffic jam in that vicinity for sure.

  7. Wow ! Thanx for sharing ! appreciate the Infos and photos.. I’m homesick right now… Mabuhay ka gerry… God Bless…

  8. wow na wow na it tacloban!!!hehehe….tnx gerry…

  9. there’s a bigger parking area at the back of the mall. there are 4 entrances, one on each end of the cross-shaped hallway, 8 escalators, 2 of which are inside the 2-level dept store. the foodcourt is at the 2nd floor, located above the main entrance.

    instead of bashing RLC with things you don’t know about, why not thank them for this billion-peso investment and the jobs it created 🙂

  10. Where are the 3 cinemas located? Is the mall a 3-storey building? As I see it from the front, it looked-like it has a 3rd floor.

  11. 3 cinemas are located at the back-right side of the mall, beside the supermarket, the ticket booths and entrance will be at the 2nd level. and no, it’s only a 2-level mall.

  12. Thanks Mikaela for the info. It seems you have really seen the blueprint…good job.

  13. THANK GOD, finally myda sinehan na nga buyod it Tacloban! Diri ako nakakahulat pagbakasyon!

  14. Hi, just called home in Tanauan, my cousin Architect Marteja from the Robinson’s central office in Galleria is in Tacloban right now on his regular inspection of the mall’s 3 cinemas which will also open this May. Happy Easter!!!

  15. Nakita kona yong interior floor plan ng robinsons mall sa ibang website, laki talaga, pero di ako sure san banda ang supermarket nila, is it in the back left or just near the cinemas at the right, Mikaela? Parking area from front and at the back of the mall looks the same size.

    An laki na talaga pinagbago ng Tacloban last 2 years ago..

  16. After they construct the mall they will proceed with the BPO Building and the Luxury Hotel. 😀

  17. facing the main entrance, the supermarket is at the back-right side of the ground level, while the 2-level dept. store is at the back-left.. 🙂

  18. Atud, can’t wait to see the mall when I get there in June. Thanks for sharing the pics. Tacloban is really getting bigger & better compared to the time we were growing up there many moons ago. My family was really impressed during our visit last June 08. See you & Ludette in June. By the way, salamat han plane ticket. I was able to save some dough -I’ll be spending it in Tacloban.

  19. thnx Micaela..so supermarket is huge..almost occupies 1/4 of the ground floor..we need a big supermarket..kasi pag month of fiesta and christmas holidays…napakasikip sa Gaisano at nagkakaubusan pa..great improvement…yahoo…

  20. micaela, everybody should be responsible enough and foresee the future. let us not be content of the desired effect but also try to ask about the undesired effect. usa ako nga taclobanon and i know the place. it is a major artery in and out of the city. this will draw large amount of shoppers because this will be the biggest and carries the robinson’s name. here in u.s., a mall even smaller than this one will have a parking space 4x the size allocated by robinson’s. politicians, etc. will be so happy about this added revenue. either the city government will upgrade the road to a multi-lane one or they will just stare at how traffic will be at standstill. i have been to several countries or cities and i don’t know why tacloban did not mandate a huge parking space for robinson’s.

  21. jia

    Tacloban is not the same as US cities where most people own cars. The National Building Code of the Philippines has certain requirements as to how many parking spaces are required for a particular development. Robinson’s Tacloban has plenty of surface parking spaces provided, both at the front and back of the site. I agree with you though that the road should be widened in that area to at least 4 lanes.

  22. taga tacloban ka ngayan. i’m inviting you to our leasing office here in Fatima, near Coca-Cola, kun parking it imo prinoproblema, papakitaon hit akon punto 🙂

    ngan hirayo it US ha aton kay haros kada pamilya didto may usa o duha ka kotse.

  23. Gerry, thanks for the update. Finally we’ll have a real mall. I have no more problem when shopping because there’s a parking area. Hope also it’s complete of our daily needs.

  24. Mikaela, do you work in the leasing office of Robinson’s here in Tacloban? Care to email the complete list of the mall’s tenants?
    Here’s my email add: airamelaniemonte@yahoo.com

  25. I see this project as a glass half full rather than half empty. And I am in the US too. I can’t wait to come home and visit.

  26. Wow, sakto hit akon pag bakasyon yana nga May 21 it akon pag abot ha Pinas timing hit opening hit Robinson Tacloban.
    Mr. Gerry, thanks 4 dis info.

    • Sorry to disappoint a lot of guys but I heard today unconfirmed reports Robinson’s Tacloban won’t be able to meet their earlier soft opening target date of May 21. The latest I heard is they are looking at a Tacloban’s fiesta time opening. Sorry folks. 😦

  27. By the way Ma’am Mikaela may-ada la ako query kun aada pa ba an agui-an ngadto ha V&G ha luyo hit Robinson?

  28. Mon….saang website nakita mo yong floorplan ng robinson tac. gus2 korin makita:-) pls naman mon..hehe

  29. I think it’s high time for Robinsons to put up a 5-star hotel in that vicinity. It’s close to the airport and downtown. Sering pa, mall yana, tomorrow hotel liwat!;)

  30. siring ni mikaela dako it parking space ha luyo. pero ha akon la nga obserbasyon, di ba dyip ngan traysikol pa gihap it aton “mode of transportation” dida ? so, hain man maukoy it mga dyip para diri mag ka trapik ha atubangan? ha luyo gihap? kadam-an han mga mapasyada ngada, waray gud ada kaligaringon nga sarakyan, kundi mag-dyi-dyip na la, o traysikol … di ba? namamaki-ana la ako.

  31. @ NASH, here is the website.. http://www.skyscrapercity.com pls go to Phils forum, then to Tacloban,Ormoc & Leyte threads under ng (Cities, Places, Travel and Geography.) Hanapin mo na lang saang thread nila…I forgot the specific threads. I have copied it, if you like I can send it to you. Its not only a floor plan of Robinsons, its like a model of the interior of the mall. (sorry I don’t know the term.)

  32. nasa isang post dito ang miniature model : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=478159&page=85

    discussion ng tacloban developments/urbanity:

    makikita niyo sa 2nd link ang update ng newly refurbished grandstand + rubberized oval

  33. hello Mikaela,

    we are a potential tenant and, is interested to visit your leasing office, we would appreciate if you could please send your lease rates, contact details and address to this email add. winki_brogets@yahoo.com thanks a ton!

  34. tanx very much mon:-) cge paki send nalang sa email ko mon:-) natmor_08@yahoo.com ” thank you so much”:-)

  35. tanx Mon 🙂 na receive ko yung floor plan ng robinson:-) miniature.. maupay man ngay an it design ha sulod:-) tanx so much for sharing:-)

  36. tanx urban also for posting han mga pictures han robinson…:-)ma kasikasi kagud kay nakakuha ka hin pic. han miniature han robinson:-) tanx

  37. opening will be on june 11… it’s final according to the robinsons pipz from manila who went to city hall for the job fair…

    partial list of tenants: national bookstore, levis, converse, kamiseta, kfc, jollibee, shakeys, dunkindonuts, bench, guess, hangten, oxygen, italianis, lbc, jrs, mercury drug, cd-r king, mang inasal, toby’s sports, jose karlo, cristina’s salon, fuentes optical… i’ll update u next time

  38. also… albertos shoes, charito’s, children’s place, cellcom, tom’s world… i’ll update you on the others

  39. Big thanks for the updates, George! Many are truly excited. 😉

  40. Hi there, Bro!

    Just peeping in on you.

    Well, whatever drawbacks this might bring about, like snarled traffic and environmental blips, I hope the mall will attract more business, tourism, and generate badly needed employment for good ole Tac.

    You keep shooting, Bro. Tacloban City execs owe you some, Padre.


  41. mikaela, i would like to ask if there is an activity center where artists could hold tours, concerts, etc?

  42. another update…also opening at robinsons are RAI RAI KEN and ROSE PHARMACY…

  43. hello guyz…ask ko lang if there’s a sked available already on the activities for the fiesta 09…

  44. sorry to disappoint you, guys…sched of mall opening has been moved to JUNE 21…its really bad but we have waited so long for this..i know we could wait a little bit longer…its less than a month till opening…i guess we could endure it that long…hehehe

  45. according to my boss here in the mayor’s office, the opening will be on June 11 but not all stalls will be opened on said date. They’ll follow a few days after the opening. let’s keep our fingers crossed. robinson’s already asked for permit to post streamers announcing the opening; pls look out for them as they will be strategically placed in the main streets of the city.

  46. PINO and Gustavian are opening outlets… they’re both under the consultancy of Chef Sau del Rosario (creator of Hazelnut Brownie Ice Cream of Selecta)

  47. Dapat big hotels i-tindog ha Tacloban.

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