Basketball Star game

We were at the star basketball game last Saturday, November 14 at the Astrodome – a fund raising activity of the Sacred Heart College.

The main attraction was the All Star Selection team composed of – you guessed it – national TV’s current showbiz teen stars pitted against the SHC Varsity Team.

You could hear the scream of the fans a mile away.

View the full gallery: SHC vs All Star Selection Basketball

View: CCLS at the SHC-All Star Basketball Game

Members of the Camera Club of Leyte & Samar take 5 after the game.

~ by gerryruiz on 18 November 2009.

10 Responses to “Basketball Star game”

  1. I am sorry, Sacred Heart College was not there when I was in college in Tacloban. Is that the old school run by the sisters but changed its name? If I remember it was an all girls school near the Santo Nino church.

    • Its former name was Sacred Heart School initially offering elementary and secondary education then. The girl school you’re referring to is a different one – Holy Infant School (now College), which has moved to Utap after it got burned down in the 70’s.

  2. Thanks Gerry. Where is Sacred Heart College located at now in Tacloban?

  3. If I remember right, this Sacred Heart College started as a Catholic school run by refugee Chinese Catholic priests from mainland China. These Chinese Catholic priests fled China after Mao’s Red (Communist) Army took control of the country in 1948 or 1949. Sacred Heart High School students were mostly from Catholic/Christian Chinese-Filipinos families. Sacred Heart HS, offered an alternative to the old Leyte Chinese School (later named Leyte Progressive HS) for Chinese-Filipino families to send their children to. It is amazing to know that the Catholic school started and run by refugee (they came wearing tattered sotanas, and no money) Chinese priests is now a Collegiate institution…

    BTW, I am not a graduate of Sacred Heart HS but the story of how the school started is a testimony to the power of the rich and powerful Chinese families in Tacloban City.

    BTW Ka Gerry, do you know how and who started the fire that burned Holy Infant College in Real St.??? :-)) Hey, don’t look at me; I was a DWU college student and never set foot in the old HIC…

    • Ka Edong, hehe I really have no idea at all on how that fire started nor its official investigation results.

      Thanks for the historical backgrounder on SHC’s beginnings. I don’t go that far, hehe 😉

  4. Brod Edgar, ikaw ada adto and ginhudman hin posporo. Joke. I think Holy Infant Academy (HIA) anay adto before HIC. As to Sacred Heart College, never went to school there but can’t possibly forget Sacred Heart Church at the corner of T. Claudio and Lopez Jaena Extension (ba?) kay dida kami ginkasal han akon favorite wife – Tisay. Kumust, Kaedong!

  5. Kumusta na Brod Nongski.. kilala mo kilala ko.. tigda manla adto nga HIA student nga nawara.. pero waray adto humoram ha akon posporo 🙂 Amo na Sacred Heart Church ha T. Claudio St. an mga padi mga intsik. I remember Msgr. Fong, the leader of the refugee priests, he was so anti-communist since he suffered a lot when Mao took over China.. I am not sure what happened to the old Leyte Chinese School later known as Leyte Progressive HS??

    • It naman! Nagkita an duha nga maaram! hehe 😉

      Anyway, the Leyte Progressive HS is still there, alive & kicking. Although I haven’t personally been there, their gym has often been used as an alternative venue option for concerts and the like (prior to the opening of the Astrodome, that is) owing to its large capacity.

  6. That guy isn’t dunking in the one low-angle shot, is he? If he is… I’m jealous.

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