Up in the hills of Minglanilla, Cebu

We went up last week to the hills of Brgy. Cadulawan, Minglanilla – some 15 kilometers, 30-minute ride south of Cebu City via the new SRP Road – to the soon-to-open mountain resort of Rep. Eddie Gullas with a panoramic view of Talisay City, Minglanilla and Naga, Cebu.








The municipality of Minglanilla, 15 kilometers south of Cebu City.











Talisay City at the far horizon above.




The municipality of Naga, Cebu showing a prominent cement factory and pier.



~ by gerryruiz on 1 April 2008.

22 Responses to “Up in the hills of Minglanilla, Cebu”

  1. Looks like a nice resort…..
    Check – http://www.cebu-philippines.net

  2. Wow na wow and it’s in the neighborhood (just a matter of speech since this place is something like a half hour drive away). When I showed Colin your pictures, he said you ask how much the rates are ’cause he’ll take a second honeymoon there kuno – (wala ngani first… or is it puro la first?)
    but my first thought was – ako kaya ang isasama niya? Ha, ha, joke lang – it’s April Fools Day!

    Who’s behind Leyte Gulf who’s having a b-day today? Ludette? Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Hi Ding-ding! The place is still not open to the public as construction is still ongoing. In fact when they do open, what would be initially available I guess is the cafe resto-bar and the venue for wedding receptions and the like. Hotel rooms are to come later.

    The month of April is Leyte Gulf’s anniversary. 🙂

  4. Oh! Happy Anniversary. You’ve really come a long way!

  5. Thank you from Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours!

  6. wow — what a nice place! Is it really Minglanilla? looks to me like in Italy:-)! When is it going to be open for business?

  7. hi, is the venue now available for functions? if ever, how much is the rental rate for a wedding reception? can u assist me regarding this? thank u

  8. hi is the place open now for wedding events? Do u have a contact number?

  9. Nice photos and resort… i’m currently compiling a list of resorts/pension houses and hotels. Can you let me know when it opens so i can add it into the database pls..

  10. is this place open now? 🙂

  11. I just passed by at this place and I never thought is was nicer inside.

  12. where is it located?is is open for wedding reception?

  13. Bravo. My God, the Minglanilla Church. Oh, how I miss the Cebuano Mass and the candle lighting…

  14. hi, do you have any idea when they will open the place? thanks

  15. Hi,
    i found your page and i am interested in this place.
    do they hold wedding receptions? Do you have their contact#?

  16. open na ni as of now?

  17. I’m interested to know the location please email to me the details of this mountain resort.
    Address and contact info is the most important thing I need to know.


    • Hi, Helen. Sorry, I was just an invited guest by a relative of the owners to the place up in the mountain barangays of Minglanilla, Cebu. At the time I was there, construction was still ongoing and it was not open to the public yet. Last I heard, the place was up for sale. I know nothing of later developments; It’s possible there’s a new owner by now.

  18. i really find this place amazing… i’m going to have a church wedding this year and it’s a nice place for the reception… but i guess i have to look for another place since it seems to be not available…

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