Kandongos Falls, Marabut, Samar

We were already “exploring” the Marabut area in Samar even when the coastal road from Basey leading to Guiuan, Eastern Samar was still under construction about 5-6 years ago. There were still no resorts along the coast facing Leyte Gulf and on several occasions we would just park near secluded beach areas where we – family and Rotary firends – would have a picnic and spend the day swimming.

Among the things we discovered during these excursions was Kandongos Falls, about 6 kms from the picnic area of present-day Jasmine Resort, almost near the provincial border of Eastern Samar. It’s a 1.5-hour leisurely drive from Tacloban City to Kandongos Falls, crossing the San Juanico Strait via the San Juanico Bridge, and turning right heading to Basey and onwards to Marabut.

There is no big signage and one is sure to miss it unless you slow down and take a close watch on the left side of the road, about 6kms after passing by the Jasmine Resort picnic areas. The small sign is shown below:

There’s an open area where you can park and upon getting off, you’d immediately hear the sound of the cascading falls hidden from view by heavy vegetation and the forest area covering the scene.

It’s a short walk – about 50 meters from the road – to the falls.

The falls is not really big, but the water winds its way down the rugged mountain slopes from a height equivalent of a 4 storey building.

Sunset at Marabut…

~ by gerryruiz on 5 August 2008.

14 Responses to “Kandongos Falls, Marabut, Samar”

  1. ah, i miss Marabut. what i love about this spot is that it’s hidden. 😀

  2. gerry, they’re beautiful! very nice shots! a million thanks to you!

  3. nice set, keep clickin’ dude!

  4. …Nice photos Gerry..When I saw this photos, it reminds me of my travel to Brgy. New Calinog, somewhere in Compostela Valley. Going up to that mountainous place, we passed by a tall waterfalls cascading its crystal cold water just along the narrow rough road. On the following day, when I passed by again during my way down from that place (mostly Ilonggo’s speaking people), I was surprised coz the falls was gone..The folks there explained to me that it happens only when it rains in the mountains..Too Sad..But it was very beautiful tall waterfalls…Peke pala..hehehe…

  5. By the way I used some of your photos for wallpapers of my notebook…thanks

  6. hellow, they are very nice shots gerry. uhhmm.. i wanna know if there is a cave near the Jasmine Beach Resort or near the Falls. because i heard that there is one and i want to explore it but i don’t really know where it is… pls reply to my e-mail. thanks a lot.

  7. been surveying your photos for quite some time now, and i think you’re a great landscape photographer. The way you do your retouches adds a lot more magic to your pictures as well. 🙂

  8. Thank you all for your kind words! 🙂

  9. nice shots…
    there’s a cave nearby jasmin beach resort. i’ve been there; it’s at the island of madung-badong near the standing island rock formation. the cave is not so big but it’s cool and has got a little natural pool inside that squirts. hehe

  10. Whew, nice pictures… It’s photos like these which make it definitely worthwhile to spend a few minutes of my day to just check out your sites, thank you!!!

  11. wow, nice pictures of all those falls. i painted it on canvas and exhibited it at the heart center, east ave. qc.

  12. Hi Mr. Ruiz… I have been a subscriber of your photo posts… it’s really cool that you chose to shoot our local spots, specially this falls. Actually it’s my husband’s place. You make us proud. Thank you and I hope to see more photos… Keep it up! (: I want you to know every photo amazes me!

  13. Hi Mano Gerry,
    Puntahan mo naman yong Canyawa Falls sa Brgy. Sta Rita or Pinamitinan sa Marabut Western Samar. It took us one hour by foot from the barrio last May 30th it was so beautiful. Please take pictures and add it to your blog as I’ve heard that the municipality is developing it soon. I am happy that they’re going to develop it to change the poor place. I was amazed as what I have seen so beautiful 80 feet high. You can see my pictures taken at my FB Canyawa Falls. Please lang po.
    Sonia Grefiel Crispino-McLaughlin

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