Scenic Hinunangan, So. Leyte

We went to Hinunangan, Southern Leyte last weekend. It was our first time to visit the place and our first time to take the newly-opened Abuyog-Silago national road connecting Leyte to Southern Leyte.

Travel time by car from Tacloban City to Hinunangan used to take more than 6 hours. With the opening of the Abuyog-Silago road, this has been cut down to 2 hours! Hinunangnons are, no doubt, pretty excited about this – with the good prospects of accelerated progress and development for the municipality.


Rustic scenes like this await the traveler along the Abuyog-Silago road.


The Abuyog-Silago road

Hinunangan, one of the key towns of Southern Leyte in Eastern Visayas, is known as the “Rice Granary of the Province” for its vast plains planted with rice.

It is also known as the place in Southern Leyte with the most number of immigrants from Europe and USA. Among its tourist spots are Tahusan, Talisay and the twin islands San Pedro and San Pablo, formerly known as Cabugan Grande and Cabugan Chico (as chronicled by Pigafetta in his account during their travel with Magellan.)

I find the Hinunangnons quite friendly and good-natured people. Looking forward to spending Holy Week in the islands next year! 🙂 C u!


Tahusan Beach, Hinunangan


Above, two photos of several quaint cottages found at San Pedro and San Pablo Islands, Hinunangan.


Small piers like the one above are found all over the two islands. This one was taken at San Pablo Island.

~ by gerryruiz on 5 October 2007.

52 Responses to “Scenic Hinunangan, So. Leyte”

  1. Yes, Hinunangan is beautiful. I just hope they will keep the place the way it is.

  2. Hi Erwin,

    I couldn’t agree more. But, alas, some people equate progress with putting malls by the sea!!! I hope people learn from Boracay’s experience.

  3. Can’t get enough of rustic scenes and beach scenes. Perhaps you can put together a feature just highlighting our islands beautiful beaches.

  4. We, the Tahusan people, do our utmost to keep Tahusan Beach as beautiful and pristine as it is at the moment.

  5. Greetings Gerry from one-mile high and cool to cold Denver, Colorado!

    Last month, Sept. 15 and 24, this writer was fortunate enough to tour twice the Province of Southern Leyte with some relatives and friends. During the first tour, we rode a van at 6:30 A.M. from Maasin City to Sogod. After breakfast at Sogod, we rode towards Mahaplag and stopped at Agas-agas to see the on-going construction of the multi-million dollar (U.S.) concrete bridge, then we proceeded to Abuyog, and from Abuyog to Silago, and we stopped at a beach resort in Hinunangan to have lunch. Then we went to the Liloan Ferry Station in Panaon Island, stopped at Biasong Spring in Libagon, had snack in Malitbog, and stopped by the Coral Cay Conservation in Padre Burgos to talk with the British young volunteers, and finally returned to Maasin City in late afternoon.

    During the second tour, we (composed of balikbayans from California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Texas, etc.) boarded the tourist bus owned by the Province of Southern Leyte in front of the Villa Romana and Kinamot sa Abgao in Maasin City at past 8:00 A.M. Then we traveled to Sogod, Sogod to Liloan, Liloan to the last town San Ricardo in Panaon Island. We turned back and headed towards the landslide site at Guinsaugon, St. Bernard. We proceeded to Hinunangan and had a late lunch at Las Vegas Resort, one of the fine small hotels and resorts in Hinunangan.

    After lunch, we proceeded to Silago, then Silago to Abuyog, Abuyog to Mahaplag, to Sogod, then to Bontoc and Bato, and finally we arrived back in Maasin City around 8:00 P.M.

    The two tours were the fastest and the most number of beautiful and ecological sights and sounds we had ever seen and heard:

    We highly recommend and encourage the residents, balikbayans, and the tourists and other visitors around the world to tour, visit, or take a vacation in Southern Leyte as well as northern Leyte and Samar provinces! Our Region 8 is just as attractive as Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, other tourists’ destinations in Central Philippines, and the much advertised natural attractions in the United States of America!

  6. I am slightly surprised you didn’t take a pic of my house on San Pedro see here
    Mike in Hong Kong

  7. Hi Mike/Vilma!

    But I did take a pic of your house! Now that you mentioned it, I added it above 🙂 Sorry I wasn’t able to include it in my initial post when I ran out of time to photo-edit – there were just so many photos and some even got mixed-up. Besides, I thought yours was a private residence and I gave priority then to cottages available for public use. Anyway, I love your cottage – it’s one hideaway I wouldn’t mind spending a few days of vacation when I get back to this great place!

  8. This is awesome! I will be moving there in 18 months after I retire from the US Navy.

  9. This is a very nice blog that I recommend to our guests who visit my guesthouse in Tacloban. Keep up the good work!

  10. You’re really right – Hinonangnons are friendly, lovable and hospitable people. The next time you visit our place you should visit the Cortina Falls, Dona Martha Cave which is exciting when you go inside the cave.

  11. Hi Jun! We missed seeing the cave as repairs were being undertaken at its approach when we were there. Next time, for sure 🙂

  12. hello gerry it’s larry hamilton in las vegas, nevada. very nice article about tourism in so. leyte. i plan to visit your place in tacloban, next trip, june of 2008. i see you found my hideaway in talisay, hinunangan (las vegas hotel). who is the photo of teenage girl on your photo blog?

  13. The young girl in the Hinunangan photos is one among the kids at San Pablo who helped us look for buko or young coconuts in the island.

  14. i saw the pictures of hinunangan, southern leyte. they show a big difference compared to the way it looked way back in the 80’s and 90’s. there are lots of improvements which hopefully would be a boom to our economy and benefit the next generations. mabuhay ang mga hinunangnons!

  15. Hi, all I know Hinunangan is beautiful. I plan on being there permanently after I retire from the US Navy. This picture is my house which is on the way to Las Vegas Resort.

    Todd Malaki

  16. hi, guy’z i miz hinunangan…..hope makabalik nsad ko ug ligo dha sa tahusan!!! i miz da bondings w/ my friends dha sa tahusan… rgards ko sa ako bf na c elmar gravino na taga salog….and also to his family…….den to my auntie belen romualdez,,,,

  17. hi to the acero family especially to my adviser wen i was in 4th yr high na c ma’am kareen acero tuquib…tuquib na jud ka maam…i miz u ma’am… God bless u always!

  18. mr gerry, glad you made this website. kc kahit panu, i’m updated sa mga happenings sa lugar ko. sana next time u’ll feature my home town, silago. morepower to you!

  19. sana walang BIG MALLS NA IPATAYO IN THAT SIDE OF S. LEYTE. keep it like it is now, forever…

  20. how long to drive from maasin to silago? are there rent a car/ suv in maasin?

  21. Hi vtamara! Trip could take around 3 hours from Maasin to Silago via Bato-Bontoc-Sogod-Mahaplag-Abuyog-Silagao route. There are only aircon vans for hire in most towns and cities, Maasin included 🙂 No rent-a-car/suv, though.

  22. When is the best time to visit – like, not too hot, not raining much and not mosquito season?

  23. How much to rent van for 3 days?

  24. Hi vtamara! I have referred your queries to our travel agency, Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours and they’ll get in touch with you. If you have other needs or questions, please email leytegulf-at-callezaragosa-dot-com. Thanks.

  25. thanks mr. ruiz… we better visit the place before the sm malls comes.

  26. beautiful pictures… it’s amazing how much it has progressed from the stories my mom used to tell us about her childhood. my parents (dad american and mom filipina) just moved there.

    vtamara – my dad said it has been raining since they arrived about 2 or 3 wks ago. he says it’s the rainy season right now.

  27. hi clara, i hope no big time developer like ayala corp. will go to that part of southern leyte. i’m planning to visit sometime in sept or oct. is that a better time? ask your mom and dad…

  28. vtamara-i’ll try to ask. i just sent a letter off, and didn’t see your comment beforehand. sorry. they’ve been having phone problems due to winds (connection was bad) so i’ve been getting disconnected during our calls. when i call back, it rings, but no answer 😦 i wanted to go this year myself, but no $$$. told my husband let’s save pennies to go over next yr. so hopefully 🙂 btw…when they called me cpl days ago, they said it was STILL raining lol

  29. please post some more pictures of san pedro island and hinunangan beach. when is the best time to go to hinunangan for surfing?

  30. Aya, pls click on the “gerryruiz photoblog” masthead at the top of the page. My latest posts are on San Pedro Island. Re surfing, I’m not sure Hinunangan is suitable for full board surfing. Skim boarding probably, year-round.

  31. I’m from San Pedro Island but I’m working in Makati right now… I was surfing the net and I saw the cool pictures… I miss home.

  32. You get some beautiful shots. I hope to vacation there soon, are there any good escorted tours set up or no?

  33. Hi Travel Guy, Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours can make guided tour arrangements for individuals and groups. Click on their link at the Blogroll (links) section of the sidebar (upper right side) of this page.

  34. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. My parents are both from Hinunangan (Ando/Malinao) but now live in Guam. They go home quite often and the new road makes traveling a breeze.

  35. I am so happy to have found your site, was googling Hinunangan… My good friends are returning to visit their newly built home. I have come to know Marcianita as such a beautiful person, having known her husband since childhood in the USA. I can’t wait to meet her family and the wonderful town itself that she has so often spoken of. I myself have just moved to Manila in May ’08 for a three-year stay for my spouse’s job. I look forward to meeting many other Filipinos as well as visit the other islands of this wonderful country.

  36. It is a coincidence to find your blog that really amazes me. Finally, I’ve found another good link to my beloved town of Hinunangan. I’m a native of the town and I am inviting anyone who’d love to join me go scuba diving and exploring the beauty of our sanctuary in the heart of the bay. I’m bringing diving stuff on my next vacation last week of May ’09. Those who wish to join let me know or just post a comment to this blog’s thread.

    Gerry, thanks for keeping this wonderful blog that connects Hinunangnons around the globe.

    Many thanks and more blessings.


  37. hi gerry,

    It’s amazing to find a site that features my hometown. I’m from
    Pondol. I just went home last May 7 & I went to Cortuna Falls,
    to the cave, to the 2 beautiful islands. BEAUTIFUL! We’re planning
    to go back there soon. By the way, can you please tell me how
    to get in touch with the MALINAO CLAN. I will really appreciate it
    if you could do so. Thank you so much and more power ….

    • Loids, si ate Nitz, ni nimo. How weird that I have to find you in this website to get in touch with you! Please write me back. I would like to keep in touch with you! Regards to Jingjing, I heard that she is working where you are now. Good for her! Bebing went to our place for the fiesta! Nanay went to Bebing’s just recently. Just a week ago to be exact. Keep in touch, please!

    • hi loida, si auntie rosie mo. miz na miz na kita sana magkita tayo sa pondol minsan. sabihin mo lang basta sa next year, okay?

  38. hinunangan is a great place…with beautiful, breathtaking beaches… long live hinunangnons…

  39. wow i miss this place…

  40. Mr. Ruiz, pls post more pics of Hinunangan and the Province of So. Leyte. Thanks!

  41. Todd Malaki,

    Hi! We might be related. If we are, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte is our ancestral province.

  42. Brings back lots of happy memories of going out to San Pedro island. We upgraded the house in Bugho. Hi Melvin from Uncle Kurt

  43. This is for Loida Gamol Sultia. There’s a Malinao Clan Yahoo Group, thanks to Servel Malinao. The Malinao Clan Reunion will be this June19/20 and I’m planning to attend. If you’re a Malinao, I hope to meet you.

  44. hi gerry,
    am from san pedro and thanks a lot for posting these cottages and ambakanan but sad to say, i have to stir my head where i can find these….

  45. Hi Gerry,
    Thanks for posting some beautiful spots in Hinunangan. I am from Hinunangan and I have a place in Tahusan Beach but not yet fully developed… good luck.
    Jojo Estabaya

  46. do you have any ideas guys to where can i ask a website of las vegas resort at hinunangan so. leyte?i need to see there place for a wedding venue reception..tanx

  47. hi gerry, it’s so nice reading all the reviews of hinunangan. i have a place in tahusan, just finished. Becky’s Lodge by the sea. we are here now in anaheim for the holidays but we’ll be back first week of jan 2010. perhaps we’ll meet there and we can have some 6-year old jungle wine that i kept there. mabuhay!

    • Hi Gerry,

      Thanks for posting beautiful images of our beloved Southern Leyte. We truly miss the islands. My parents were from Maasin and San Juan. I was searching the web to look for places to stay on my next vacation which brought me to your postings. It is funny that I also found Uncle Frank’s entry. Now, I just found the place to stay – Becky’s Lodge By the Sea.

      Uncle Frank,

      Hope to see you at your resort next year.

      XOXOXO Elle

      • hi elle, nice to see you soon on your next vacation to the phil. our place is 2 1/2 hrs drive from maasin. bring your swimwear and water skateboard. you can connect w/ me on facebook…
        take care,
        uncle frank

  48. Great pics! Hope to visit the San Pedro Is. soon.

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