Tacloban’s “New” Balyuan Amphitheater revisited

Four months after it collapsed due to the heavy rainfall brought by Typhoon Frank last June this year, the Tacloban Balyuan Amphitheater’s structure has been reconstructed and its undamaged tent put back in place (properly, I hope) and the lights installed.

Unfinished work to be done include the addition of seats, a movable stage, additional lights, sound system and landscaping.

It’s a new landmark for the Eastern Visayas capital, aiming to attain a new status of a “Highly Urbanized City” in a local plebiscite set for this month.

Now, the structure’s true test, in as far as its design and structure is concerned, has been laid down the line. We shall all wait *gasp* for the next typhoon.

Meanwhile, here’s the scene at the “new’ Balyuan Amphitheater…

Photos taken a little past midnight last night, November 3, 2008.

Beside the tent structure is the Tacloban Livelihood Training Center building which now houses City Hall’s Executive Lounge and the offices of the City Health, the City Assessor, DSWD and EDP.

Cool, fresh air from the bay… The famed Tacloban barbeque has been served… Now where did my Pale Pilsen go?!!!

Life is great.


Addendum: This is how the amphitheater looks like daytime from above. Aerial shot by Ludette Ruiz. 🙂


~ by gerryruiz on 3 November 2008.

20 Responses to “Tacloban’s “New” Balyuan Amphitheater revisited”

  1. wow! it’s nice to see these… the artistry of your photos make it more attractive… job well done, mang gerry… another set of great photos has been made…thumbs up!! =]

  2. wow that other building looks like a sore thumb now. hehehe but it’s good they got to fix it. maybe they should take off the tent when they know another storm is coming.

    nice photos by the way… keep ’em coming! 😀

  3. two thumbs up!!!

  4. pray that i will win the lotto. i’ll buy you as a belated bday gift the nikon D700. promise. your pix are great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  5. Undoy, you WILL win that lotto, mark my word! And I will look forward to getting your promised gift. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. wow! balyuan has really changed. miss ko na ito nga lugar! used to be there when i was in tacloban. can’t wait to set foot in balyuan again. sukot kami kumaon dida hit nga mga barbeque stalls. uhm, used to drink pale pilsen there, too! cheers, sir gerry!

  7. It looks beautiful with all the lights at night and the ambiance…with all the barbecue stalls to boot…I can just imagine what it’s like to hang out there in the evenings. Thanks for your beautiful pictures, Gerry. I guess you’ll be adding the pictures taken during the day later.

  8. Hi Jerome! Just added photo taken by Ludette from above. 🙂

  9. Great fotos as always..Keep clicking your camera Gerry!! Just curious, are you in favor of Tacloban’s bid for HUC? I love to see thru your talents of how our city go into metamorphosis. A better change for a decent place to live.

  10. HUC is ok for a city. It is in the area of controls and management (for the expected influx of additional funds from the IRA) by whoever is behind the city administration which ought to be given paramount attention. Still a question of check & balance under our present system. Politicos may come and go but new “structures” installed must be made fool-proof for future generations.

  11. Wow, Ludette! The first shot of Tacloban I’ve ever seen from this angle and it’s beautiful! If Sydney, Australia, has its trademark Opera House, then Tacloban has its trademark Balyuan amphitheater. Gerry, what have they planned for that whole area between the Balyuan and the Ritz Tower backyard?

  12. I am not very confident with the design of the structural framing. Space frames would have been more stable especially for the long spans. Let’s wait and see if this structure could withstand another typhoon…

  13. i think the design of the roof is flawed, the inclination is not that steep so that rain doesn’t drain immediately. besides, engineers should have taken into consideration that this structure should withstand heavy rains and/or typhoons. else, this is just another waste of government money.

  14. welcome to tacloban city,..the home of great waray artists!!! via veloso, karla estrada, kim chiu, nikki dacullo (survivor philippines), alfonse autida (bench body model), lazy susan (nescafe sounds cool grand champion 2007)!

  15. The Ampitheater is beautiful. I heard about the on-going construction of coastal bay? Wow!! They’re really making our city more attractive to tourists! Aside from that, Tacloban City has beautiful venues for sporting events – we have Tacloban Convention Center (Astrodome), LNHS GYM, renovation of Grandstand which will be “rubberized” for the Palarong Pambansa 2008 hosted by the Province of Leyte. I heard that National Government gave nearly 100 million funds for the renovation of Grandstand & swimming pool & and the rest to be used for the holding of said event which will be in the month of April (I guess…gave more info pls!)

    Another thing, the renovation of the DZR Airport to be an International Airport. The Government spent 1 billion for this renovation but I don’t see any construction work yet… why?

  16. Well, I hope it will not be destroyed again.
    But still, I miss the tower…But it’s better that they demolished it, the tower was a bit dangerous.

    Also I hope the project for the DZR Airport will start soon and the “HUC” status for Tacloban can “make life better”.
    Anyway, great pictures!!!

  17. nice photos mang gerry. kaya lang, not a good design an iya tent structure. we thought that they will revise the structural frame of the tent structure. to be honest, it is not good to look at and it is not structurally and aesthetically sound. they should have made a better design since it is one of the landmarks of the city . pero sana mag ma-dig-on na unta ito yana (from a designer’s point of view).

  18. miss home especially christmas time….

  19. I love the last photo. Tacloban is so colorful 🙂

  20. this becomes one of our segments on the production that we are making for our school requirement at Leyte Normal University. I’m a student of AB Communication and it’s good to have a scope in this attractive place of Tacloban.

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