Ms Tacloban ’09: A Preview

With the fiesta fever of Tacloban City fast creeping upon everybody, we have to take care of some of the usual, mundane chores…

Like dealing with beauty contests…

Saturday, June 13 we were fortunate (again) to have been chosen as one of the judges in the pre-pageant judging for Ms Photogenic for the upcoming Search for Miss Tacloban ’09.  Venue was at Rafael’s Farm where the Best in Swimwear award was likewise selected.

Here they are, Ladies and Gentlemen, the 12 candidates for this year’s Search for Ms. Tacloban…

90613MsTacW-2126 90613MsTacW-2183

Candidate No. 1: Angelica Joy P. Verunque; Candidate No. 2: Noemi Claire V. Lee

90613MsTacW-2181 90613MsTacW-2131

Candidate No. 3: Rachelle Erica C. Piñeda; Candidate No. 4: Maybelle P. Holanda

90613MsTacW-2136 90613MsTacW-2138

Candidate No. 5: Ruselle B. Reyes; Candidate No. 6: Kristel Shayne H. Villanueva

90613MsTacW-2143 90613MsTacW-2194

Candidate No. 7: Rose Jane A. Tiunayan; Candidate No. 8: Shira A. Israel

90613MsTacW-2152 90613MsTacW-2199

Candidate No. 9: Santaniña N. Dagami; Candidate No. 10: Niña Sherra A. Tagalog

90613MsTacW-2158 90613MsTacW-2165

Candidate No. 11: Beverly P. Abarracoso; Candidate No. 12: Kathrena L. Demillo


90613MsTacW-2192 90613MsTacW-2202

(left to right) Rose Jane Tiunayan, Angelica Joy Verunque and Niña Sherra Tagalog

90613MsTacW-2247 90613MsTacW-2206

Kristel Shayne Villanueva, Kathrena Demillo and Beverly Abarracoso


More photos>>>

~ by gerryruiz on 16 June 2009.

30 Responses to “Ms Tacloban ’09: A Preview”

  1. Wow! They’re all absolutely stunning! Never realized Tacloban City has been hiding these beauties, until now. A vote for everyone of them if I may. Thanks, Mr. Ruiz, for sharing your lovely photos as usual.

  2. Such a shame about their makeup artists. They shouldn’t be made up to look like drag queens. -_-

    They’re pretty but makeup needs to be more subtle or maybe not as full on.

    Anyway good luck to the girls.

  3. no 8 is beautiful

  4. hope the competition will be fair..=) people with connections should be out of the competition para fair.

  5. Mano Gerry, ipakilala daw kami hiton nga mga beauties. Kidding aside, I am damn proud of our local Tacloban beautiful ladies. Catherine – can we just admire the pictures? Certainly they don’t look like drag to me. Good luck and likewise may the best brain and beauty wins.

  6. The girls are beautiful… Victoria de Coco is right and I also hope the judging will be fair. I read somewhere that one of the candidates is a daughter of one of the city councilors and a close ally of the city mayor… On the other hand the girl is a beauty (supo hit nanay – the family is a friend) and I read in the news that she is also talented… BUT… I do not know candidate no. 10 – Ms. N.S. Tagalog. Her beauty is not masumo… I like her smile and fresh looking beauty. GO NINA!!! 😀

  7. In fairness the candidates are beautiful. Hope the best candidate wins.

  8. I didn’t say they all looked like drag queens but you have to admit some of them were made up that way. o_O

    6, 7 & 9 are my pick

  9. We are from Cambridge, UK and we have seen the Ms Tacloban candidates… iba talaga ang beauty ng Pinoy compared sa mga puti dito. Good luck to all of you. Pls. padalhan mo kami ng mga pictures during the finals.

  10. goodluck ROSJANE! hehe i believe in ur power. go gurl! missyah…im always here to support u. sana makauli ako ngada but im so busy. huhuhu but il pray for ya.

  11. go noemi & santanina!:D

  12. Basta ako No. 10 la guihapon… Go No. 10!! GO NIÑA!!… siguradong Pinay kay tagalog gud… LOL.. balitaw Ka Gerry, Happy Fiesta to all Taclobanons and all Leyteños… Mabuhay ka KA GERRY and CALLE ZARAGOSA!!! Here’s hoping against hope nga magpadayon an street dancing han KASADYAAN-PINTADOS… HALA, SAYAW KAMO!!!

  13. Mas PINAY ngan local localan pa an No. 9. Taga Dagami Gud.

  14. Go, No. 8, Shiera Israel – you can do it. She was last year’s Reyna Elena of Tacloban

  15. Wow! they are all beautiful! But let me say something about the 2 candidates No. 4 and No. 10, Maybelle P. Holanda and Nina Sherra Tagalog. They both represented the Region VIII in the National Pageant which was held in Davao City during the time of Sherra Tagalog and in Baguio City only last year with Maybelle Holanda.. Keep up the good work! Hope both of you win!

  16. miss tacloban 2009 was sooo unfair…
    pretty obvious ang luto-an…

  17. si pineda yung nanalo, lutong-luto talga. pati special awards hinakot, di naman kagandahan at kaseksihan. gosh, binayaran talaga. ms. coke zero? siya yung nanalo eh di naman pang-coke zero yung body niya, ewww… sa top 5, siya lang yung panget. maganda sila noemi, santa, yung no. 8 at si rosjane… siya? eww… she doesn’t deserve it, may pa shock-shock pa siyang nalalaman, may banda pang dala… grrrrrrrrr!

  18. Miss Tacloban 2009 Results:

    Miss Tacloban 2009- Rachelle Erica Pineda
    1st Runner Up- Rosejane Tiunayan
    2nd Runner Up- Shira Israel
    3rd Runner Up- Noemi Claire Lee
    4th Runner Up- Santanina Dagami

    Special Awards

    Miss Photogenic- Rosejane Tiunayan
    Miss Congeniality- Noemi Claire Lee
    Miss Talent 2nd Runner Up- Noemi Claire Lee
    Miss Talent 1st Runner Up- Santanina Dagami
    Miss Talent- Rachelle Erica Pineda
    Best in Swimwear- Santanina Dagami
    Best In Gown- Rachelle Erica Pineda

  19. hmmm… tapos na ang coronation… Ms. Pineda won the title… and i think she deserves it… she’s got the looks, the brains, the charm, lahat na ata nasa kanya… hope she’ll do her responsibility as Ms. Tacloban properly. i’ve heard she is a city councilor and the current SK Pres. of Tacloban… hala… she got the money pa ngean so i guess she didn’t run in that competition bcoz of money, well that’s good enough, right?!… God Bless na lang sa kumukontra kay Rachelle…

  20. She doesn’t deserve it. Nakita kamo han reactions han mga tawo? Nakikita man – tanan nadiri.. except han mga binaydan hahaha napiritan man!

  21. congratulations to ms. pineda, a worthy representative of the city. i have heard rumors about the competition. people have told me that the annual competition has been tainted and is now based on political power and family influence. it disgusts me that even in the light of this competition, a competition which is supposed to be based on the holistic growth, beauty, self-esteem and self-worth of a person, is now swathed by devious acts.

    let us not blemish nor destroy our city’s name for it is also us who will suffer.

  22. may i suggest that maybe next time it would be better to get judges who are credible and probably those who are not mere pets of political figures or whoever. again, congratulations to ms. pineda.

  23. CHOWDER: I don’t think she deserves the title. If you are going to base it on the criteria, Pineda wasn’t even confident of her answer during the first round of the interview, and to think that communication skills accounts for 30% of the judging system. The final Q&A according to the contest rules accounts for 50% of their total scores because their scores in the preliminary round were carried over. I know something happened behind. I have very, very reliable sources who told me about the manipulation of the results. To tell you, she was not the judges’ pick! that’s for sure.

  24. I was Ms. Tacloban 2008. All I can say is… an organizers han yana na pageant were not that good. Kay bisan ako, waray nira andam bisan ano for me… baga’t na-diri pa hira na pumaso ako, baga’t na-diri hira na nakadto ako… kulang nala di ako papasuhon… Gusto ko la iyakan ha ira – I am Ms. Tacloban 2008, sana guin respeto ako nira…

    Ngan nakita ko kun pano hira mag-trabaho – di hira na-angay maging organizers hin pageant…

  25. But isn’t that always the case though? Corruption runs deep in the Philippines, well actually – EVERYWHERE.

    Congrats to everyone, I guess.

  26. A beauty pageant must be based on what is natural. Altering the physical appearance defeats the purpose of a pageant, moreover, a beauty pageant. I do not find it rational that one must undergo an extreme makeover just to fulfill a dream. If you’re not meant for it, then look for something else. If you can’t win a card game with the hand you have, then play the game to your strength, bluff your way through, for all I care.

    Does this mean that money commands an audience in our city? Does money buy beauty in the City of Tacloban?

    A thought for you to ponder on…

  27. well, i guess i was right.. RACHEL CHUA PIÑEDA is the daughter of Councilwoman Eden Chua Piñeda… a very close ally and supporter of Mayor Alfred and Kringkring Romualdez… I did hear from somebody nga may upod pa nga banda.. LOL LOL.. but she did have talent.. I heard she played sax (Hayden & Katrina theme song) for the talent portion… I do not know if she deserved to win.. but she is beautiful… and talented and she made “supo” han iya mother and uncles.. must be intelligent, too. When I was still in Tacloban, I knew the Chua family and one of her uncles was a very close friend of mine… they were not into politics yet… BUT STILL……….. WAAAAAH!!! WAAAAAH!!! NIÑA SHERRA TAGALOG DID NOT WIN A PRIZE…. WAAAAH!!!! LOL LOL Di bale Iday, next time nala…

  28. well, rachelle is really talented; i know her and her mother and uncles… they are very nice people… she deserves it… she’s got the looks and she’s got the brains… sorry guys, those who don’t like it – and i think there was no manipulation of the results – ask the judges what is really the truth.

  29. LUTONG MAKAW TALAGA! She doesn’t deserve to win… it was Rosejane who deserved to win the crown…

  30. Yet another futile beauty pageant. I know that post-pageant griping is inevitable. Can’t help it when events like these involve politicians. Another ho-hum moment…:)>

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