Tunga River: Karkar River Rapids Resort

We were privileged to be invited to the unveiling and blessing of the Statue of God of Mercy at the Karkar River Rapids Resort last October 13, 2007.

Karkar River Rapids Resort, a perfect hideaway for those wanting to have some respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, can be reached via a narrow barangay road at Tunga, Leyte, a few kilometers from the national highway. Nestled beside Tunga River, its exact location is at the boundary of Brgy. San Antonio, Tunga and Brgy. Binibihan, Carigara, Leyte.

There’s plenty of rustic scenes here – from the refreshing natural sight of Tunga River with some children playing and jumping off a cliff (as tall as a 2-storey house) and into the cascading water below to women washing laundry along the river banks. Perfect to get back to nature.

The 25-foot statue of the God of Mercy provides a striking focal point amidst the rural ambiance of the resort.

The Karkar River Rapids Resort, while not fully finished yet, is now open to the general public. They have fully-airconditioned cottages for overnight stay, as well as small picnic kiosks situated near the river banks.







View more photos at gallery.

~ by gerryruiz on 23 October 2007.

14 Responses to “Tunga River: Karkar River Rapids Resort”

  1. Wow! Ang galing pala ng lugar…
    …at ang ganda ng mga photos…
    I like most especially the flow of water captured in slow shutter speed…

  2. I think this is the same river where we used to go when I was a kid. This is right behind the house of Papa’s aunt. Very nice photos

  3. kasapak! mahagnaw ngan mapiraw an tunog han salog. Ma -pasyada ako kun may lugar ngadto hini ha Tunga. A serene place for me and my…

  4. This is what I miss about Tunga. I know this place very well because our land is right next to the resort. I have a lot of fond memories of this river when I was growing up.

    I dedicate this place to my brother “Boboy” who loves this place a lot. Peace to you bro… You are the best singer in the family for me…

    • @halftownboy – i think i know you and the brother you are referring to. we used to skip class just so we can swim and have fun here.

  5. kaupay na placing! hahahahaha!

  6. wow. i’m shocked in awe. gOd must have spent a little more time on this place.

  7. Can anybody please inform me about the accomodations and prices. How many rooms are available there? Is there a restaurant there?

    • There are 2 or 3 cottages – aircon & non-aircon – at the site last time we went. Arrangement has to be made with their Tacloban office for your requirements. I suggest you call directly Karkar River Rapids Resort (053) 325-4465 for current room rates & food arrangement.

  8. nice place… di ko ini mangangalimtan na lugar kay dinhi ak nakastigo han am cocc hehehe… pina-ambak ba naman ak. mahusay ini na lugar pangarigu-an. labi na kun may tagay! guin susulong ini nam hit ak mga sangkay para la mangarigo! bisan may salog ha tunga napakanhi pa kami para la mangarigo. mabuhay ka, karkar!

  9. i highly recommend this place to bakasyonistas, it never fails to amaze my friends and visitors… i frequently hang out in this place even before they developed it into a resort. born and raised in tunga… still visits the place everytime i go home.

    PAKADI KAMO NGAN PANGARIGO. mag e-enjoy kamo hin duro!

  10. Yeahhh kahit taga Manila ako, nang nagbakasyon ako sa Tunga, Leyte halos parang ayaw ko nang umalis. Ganda ng tanawin di pa masyadong na-a-abuso ng tao. Sana sa susunod na pagpunta namin dyan ganyan pa rin sya. Thanks for the pictures na pinost mo. I really admire them.

  11. Hello, Gerry! One of Cathy’s friends gave me a link to this page. She’s from Tunga, now residing in Manila. You’ve made a great fan of her…..

    Keep on shooting!!!

  12. Such amazing pictures! It’s always good to hear comments of the town from non-Tunganons. This came as a pleasant surprise. You sure know how to use those lenses sir. Cheers!

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