Sohoton Caves, Basey, Samar

Experiencing Sohoton Caves is like a having a flashback to a very distant past…

Sohoton Caves, or more appropriately, the Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park is situated at Rawis, Brgy. Guirang in Basey, Samar.

Fascinating geological features abound in the 840-hectare park such as caves, limestone boulders, rockholes, weathered formation rocks and underground rivers.

The National Park is reached by boat that can be chartered in Tacloban or, more cheaply, in Basey, Samar.

Basey is about 45 minutes by car from Tacloban passing through the famed San Juanico Bridge. Tours start at the Basey pier, where a pump boat, tour guide, and light men are rented. It is another 45-minute ride by pump boat up a winding river passing through small villages, nipa palms on the banks and a motley parade of river crafts.

Upon approaching the park, one will notice outright a change in the scenery as river banks with magnificent limestone walls and overhangs come into view.

One feels being transported instantly to another place and time… back to prehistoric eras.

UPDATE: For an updated post on Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park, click:

~ by gerryruiz on 26 July 2008.

47 Responses to “Sohoton Caves, Basey, Samar”

  1. wow, beautiful scenery! i’ve always been curious what sohoton caves look like. now i know because of your unselfish efforts. tnx for sharing these pix, gerry. keep it up!!!

  2. during our college days.. we used to make “tambay” at the office of DWU Leyte-Samar Museum.. We used to scare other students by telling them about the Sohoton Burial Jars with the bones(??) inside.. Since DWU has closed.. I wonder .. where the museum collection went or even what happened to the Museum.. There were some archeological artifacts from the Sohoton Caves in that Museum.. I hope the collection was not looted when the school shutdown…

  3. I’m planning to visit the place this August but still having second thoughts since I read some dengue outbreak in Eastern Visayas. Actually I’m with 2 European friends. They are scared of the dengue.

  4. Hi Tina! Dengue is spread by a certain mosquito species which thrives on stagnant, trapped water, generally in populated communities, not in remote areas and certainly not in rivers & brooks.

  5. Thanks to your efforts, Gerry, my unfinished trip to this cave is finally complete. I was one of the Natural Science students at DWU and we had a field trip to Sohoton ages ago! Unfortunately, we experienced a major mishap and our trip was cut short.

    This is at a league with Luray Caverns!

  6. Gerry, thanks for the post!!!

  7. sohoton caves is actually one of the places in samar that i want to explore. unfortunately, i haven’t been there yet. fat chance since i only go home once in a while (usually 2-3 three days), just enough to spend time with my family.

    reading this post, i really think i shouldn’t miss sohoton caves next time…

  8. My husband and I, together with my parents’ in law are going to Tacloban end of this month but we will only be staying there for two full days. Pls. tell me what you think are the sites, both historical and natural, that should not be missed? thanks in advance for your reply

  9. Hi, Ace. Have asked Ludette to suggest sites to you. She’ll contact you by PM.

  10. We visited the cave 16 August, and they provided us lifejackets for the river cruise, torches and helmets during the tour. I suggest one visits the cave during the dry season. The river seemed to rise too high that it almost reached the entrance of the cave. We were 14 and a bit noisy but the guide was kind enough.

  11. my husband is from Samar, every time we have a vacation we could not make it to visit sohoton caves coz we take along our sons. Is it safe if we go with the kids? I am really excited seeing it personally and taking my own shots of the wonderful scenery…

  12. Hi Kim! I would say kids 7-yrs and above are ok to tag along. 😉

  13. oh thanks…sad to say my eldest is just 6.i still look up visiting Sohoton caves someday..thanks again for the info..

  14. Well, so long as your child is not the super-energetic & hyper type, obediently follows safety instructions, can keep still and not run around uncontrollably, I would say ok na yan. You just have to be extra careful. The trip involves riding a motorized banca, trekking for about 200 meters through a man-made trail which includes a narrow boardwalk (wood flooring with steel frame) built on the side face of the rocky mountain (water below, see photos above) and of course the trail inside the cave. There are trained guides tasked to accompany all visitors.

  15. k thanks…my husband and i will think bout it..or maybe just plan it when my kids are at the right age..perhaps, that would be most enjoyable to them..anyways,we will keep coming back to Samar in vacation time and will always long to visit that scenery…

  16. Definitely a beautiful place. Yeah, I’m proud to say am from this town, my beloved Basey.

  17. nice page…woo!!! no doubt i”m going to invite my classmates to come to Basey and enjoy the beauty of the place…

  18. Hello! we are planning with my brothers to tour the Sohoton Cave this 30th of April, do you know somebody to guide us to the cave.? Kindly give some contact person with their contact number? I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

    • Hi, Dulce. Please contact May Tumambing at (053) 523-7966 or (053) 321-7966. She can provide you with the much-needed assistance for your proposed tour.

  19. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Sohoton. I appreciate people like you doing good contibutions to our hometown. I’m from Basey but very far at present due to my job. I wish i could do more for my hometown. Thanks again

  20. Hi Gerry, after I posted my first comment, a great idea came to my mind – how about bringing my family to see my hometown and Sohoton now that they have finished their studies? They were so excited that we are now booked on May 15th Cebu Pacific flight for Tacloban. I’m sure they will enjoy this vacation compared to when they were still kids. Had it not for your wonderful pictures of Sohoton, my sons would not probably join the trip. Once again, thank you for your great works.

  21. hi gerry, we are planning to go to that nice cave and river there in samar…can u help us go and have a tour there? can we go boating to that cave?

    • Hi Geraldine, thanks for the note. Yes we can help you do that. And you can take the pumpboat ride either from Tacloban to Sohoton although we recommend you take the pumpboat at Basey. Pls email ludette-at-callezaragosa-dot-com or call her office, Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours at (053)321-7966 or (053)523-7966 for futher assistance. They would be more than glad to help you out. 🙂

  22. Hi Mr Gerry, thank you for the beautiful pics of Sohoton cave. I am from Basey but haven’t visited the place yet.Ang ganda pala.

  23. .. UAHAA ang ganda ..!

  24. good afternoon, sir, i am ruby ultra of UPtacloban and i am currently undertaking a research on Basey’s tourism. i would like to ask permission if i can use your photos. they are perfectly beautiful po kasi and indeed they portray the real beauty that people must see. i would really appreciate it so much if you can grant my little request…

    To Baseynons: Salamat ha iyo tanan! GOD bless your town and more power!

  25. Wow, amazing! Di ko akalain na may malapit pa lang caves sa lugar namin – ang Sohoton Caves. I’m from Leyte…

  26. ..yeAh.. amAzing talaga it didt0.. kay kInadt0 naman ak… b0ngga kA dhAi..

  27. A friend suggested to us we visit sohoton caves, so my boyfriend and I together with the whole family are planning to go there and hopefully soon. I just want to ask how much do we need to pay for the tour guide, the boat or any entrance fee? Thank you for posting some nice pics of the caves; it fascinates us already.

    • Package rates start at PhP2,000+ for 2. Please contact Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours (053) 321-7966/523-7966 or email leytegulf-at-callezaragosa-dot-com for further info.

  28. Hi Sir!

    love your photos! i’m very much interested to do the sohoton eco-adventure! how much is the package tour? who is the contact person? thanks.

  29. Hi M.Gerry, I am from Tacloban and I’ve been to Sohoton cave a few years ago. It’s a beautiful place and my friend who came with me thought it’s even better than the Underground River. I think it’s because the people have managed to preserve it I guess… I really cannot say whether it’s true or not but Sohoton is amazing.
    May I ask if December/January would be a good time to visit the place? I have cousins coming home for a short break and have managed to promote Sohoton Cave so they are going there during that time.

    • Hi Aileen,

      So long as there’s no typhoon, Sohoton can be visited anytime of the year (no rain inside the caves). It’s the rain that dampens the banca trip to Sohoton. And Dec/Jan can be rainy 😦

  30. Ma’am / Sir,

    Greetings from MR TRAVEL MAKATI!

    We are a travel agency based in Manila and can we ask for contracted rates?

    Hoping for your reply.

  31. Hi sir! meron po ba na re-rent dun na boat going to cave? and how much po un? tnx!

  32. I totally agree with you. I am really glad that I had the chance to go to this place on August 6, 2008. While my pictures show the green water of the cave, your pictures shown the “chocolatey” water. I guess it just raianed when you took these pictures. The pictures I took are in my FaceBook account. How I wished I have a more “powerful” camera at that time so that the pictures I took are as beautiful as the ones you have here.

  33. nice one…. please preserve…

  34. i hope I can visit this place one of these days, if time permits me….

  35. The BSED Students taking up Natural Science subject at Eastern Visayas State University are planning to have an Ecological Science Tour in Sohoton Caves this coming March 2012. I just want to ask how much do we need to pay for the tour guide, the pump boat and entrance fee?

  36. we will be at tacloban this june 2012 with my wife and daughter, and we really wanted to see sohoton national park. is it safe to go there during that month of rainy season and how much budget do we need for pump boat ride and for a tour guide. thanks

  37. how much is it again i mean including the guide, pumpboat?

  38. Hello Sir Gerry! You really have wonderful shots taken, it gave me interest to visit Sohoton Caves. I’de like to meet you soon and learn your craft in Photography. Amazing!

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