Mat Weavers of Basey, Samar

The Department of Tourism’s Regional Directors’ 2nd Quarter Meeting was held in Tacloban City and the top honchos of DOT went on a “familiarization” tour around the city and suburbs. I was lucky enough to have tagged along. Among the places we visited was Basey, Samar – about less than an hour’s drive from Tacloban – and, yes, the famed mat weavers.

Here are some of the photos I managed to snap…

~ by gerryruiz on 25 September 2007.

10 Responses to “Mat Weavers of Basey, Samar”

  1. Hi Gerry, how are you? I was surfing and I came across one of your sites, and I was so glad to see the pictures of Basey, like the ladies weaving mats under the cave. Was it the Sohoton cave? I’m just curious. Are you the guy from LHS of the 70’s?

  2. Hi Jorge, yes, this is Gerry of LNHS Batch ’71 (we were the first graduates of the Leyte “National” High School). You can view some pix of my elementary and high school days at

    Nope, it’s not Sohoton Caves; It’s at Brgy. Basiao, a few kms (about 8kms) further down from Basey on the way to Marabut.

  3. I’ve been to Basey way back in 1974 or 75. I was one of the first nurses in the hospital there. I just want to ask if you know Maruja Marabut and the Medina family.

    • hey, my nanay is the first pharmacist in Basey District Hospital…i know mana maruja marabut…u may call @ 276-1071 (BDH )

  4. Hi datie, sorry but I have only a few acquaintances from Basey and I still have to meet the names you mention. Let’s hope a reader here knows them.

  5. Hello Gerry,

    I am originally from Gen. MacArthur, E. Samar and bought a house in Guiuan – my father’s hometown – and now live in Anchorage, Alaska. This past Christmas, my husband and I went to Guiuan. I bought two “banigs” in Tacloban and took back with me the fancier of the two as a present to the elementary school where I work. It is now hanging on the wall in our school library. Our principal wanted me to give a description of it. After doing some research about mat weaving, I came across your blog, “Mat Weavers of Basey, Samar,” and decided to download the beautiful framed pictures. It will soon be displayed by the hanging mat with your name on the bottom. They are very nice pictures.
    Thank you and good luck.

  6. hello, mga kabarangay ko dida ha basiao!

    bisan diri ako a-ada pirmi nagbubukas ako ng internet para makita ko an aton lugar. ngan saludo ako ha iyo ngatanan kay usa gihap ako nga naghihimo hin banig dida ha saob cave. i’m proud to be a basyawanon.

    nagpapasalamat ako sa diyos nga gin tagan kita hin lugar nga maupay nga nakakabulig han pagbuhi han aton mga pamilya. an saob cave unta diri pabay-an naton para manatili ang kagandahan ng ating likas na yaman na wala sa iba.

    god bless too to all of you…

  7. amo gani maupay kaayo iton mga taga leyte! happy ‘ko nga taga leyte ako!

  8. hi…. do u have any contact numbers of any of the weavers there?

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