Sand bath

On hot, summer days one may see birds, specially the Philippine Maya, wallowing around in bare, dusty, sandy patches in the yard.

Naturalists aren’t quite sure why birds take sand baths; some say it helps control pests and lice. It seems a sand or a dust bath helps clean debris out of birds’ feathers and soothes their skin.

A bird fluffs up its feathers and proceeds to loosen up the sand with its wings and feet. Some birds even lie down and roll in the sand. Dust settles on feathers and filters down to the bird’s skin, coating everything. Finally, the bird shakes most of the dust off and then spends times preening and grooming its feathers.

~ by gerryruiz on 7 May 2008.

4 Responses to “Sand bath”

  1. Ka pusturawu han ka dakpi mo han maya nga nag-be-bathe with sand much like elephants! Great pic shots.

  2. Salamat, Bay! About time you get yourself a Canon EOS DSLR! hehe 🙂

  3. Running low on adjectives (i.e., the positive ones) for your artistic works… you’re in your element!
    side comment: maupay pa ang birds – they don’t spend on soap and shampoo! I have lovebirds in the garden. I noticed that they just dip their tails into the birdbath. I won’t even dare to let them take sand baths, they’ll fly off pronto!

  4. Thanks, Ding-ding!

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