Abuyog, Leyte

The old, historic and quaint town of Abuyog is the largest municipality on the eastern coast of Leyte facing Leyte Gulf and the open Pacific Ocean. Located 62 kilometers south of Tacloban City, the 1st class municipality is but an hour’s drive along the Maharlika Highway – a leisurely getaway to the countryside on a lazy afternoon.




The Municipal Center of Abuyog.


The Veterans Monument at the center of the town plaza.





The scene at the Tab-ok center where small boats and motorized bancas ferry passengers to nearby towns and barangays, and where the bus terminal is located.




The St. Francis Xavier Parish Park and Catholic Church.

View my earlier post on the Abuyog River.

~ by gerryruiz on 13 February 2008.

20 Responses to “Abuyog, Leyte”

  1. When I see these photos, I remember my happy childhood (even when we were poor then) and my beautiful hometown, Abuyog, which I miss very much.

  2. beatiful scenery

  3. tito, gumanda ang abuyog sa pictures mo. hehe!

  4. gumaganda na abuyg ngayon ahh… ana pagpatuloy pa kaunlaran ng abuyog…

  5. Happy Fiesta to all ABUYOGNON today !!!
    miss the moron , puto , suman , kaldereta , pancit , letchon and so on ….

  6. miss na nga duro nakon it abuyog!!!
    adi ako ngadi sa cebu nag-eskuyla ug kay harayo man… igo na la intalon ako sa paghandum sa akong mga kaagi sine nga lugar…
    malipayon nga duro ako nga bisan sa kainosente la sine nga lugar… mayda gud gihapon nagpakabana pag-expose sa katawhan kun unsa ni ka nindot….
    kung sin-o man ini nga server ani… parihug ako pagkumusta kan jessmark agravante..signga la si ante Aida Monzor kun kaira kamo. taga barangay anibongon ni siya ug ako taga barangay Tuy-a. kun magkuri kamo, pakipangutana la ni si ante aida sa munisipyo parihug gud la ha? please… mingaw na man gud ako ngaduro kan Jessmark….
    pakiregards la gani ako kan… jennibeth balingcos, anak ni uncle Dandan taga Tuy-a gihapon, ikuyog na la pagsiring kan ante aida… gikan kang Sol Christian Jualo alias Loloy.

  7. i was born in this small town. Though I spent only 3 years of my life here (grade 4 to 6), in my dreams I wish to spend my retirement days here… ehehehe not so sure really.. But 3 years was enough to built fun moments na lagi kong binabalikan… MORON MORON MORON!!! saka lomong kalabaw at balbakwa (if I spell it correctly)… And of course… my super tapang, astig at palabirong lola…

  8. abuyog is indeed a beautiful place and is definitely the home of beautiful people…………

  9. Very nice photos. I remember some of those places. I went there 3 years ago during the town fiesta. I’ll be going there again this weekend. I was checking for a convenient route to go to Abuyog from Cebu and I stumbled on this site. If anyone here happens to know a good route, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much! Have a great day all.

  10. ah, buyog it buyogan, sa abuyog may buyogan. a place that i really miss. the basketball game, the sweet moron, an silot, lirang ug an dagat. no place like home, siring pa ni apoy.

  11. Thank you so much, Mr. Gerry Ruiz for posting these pictures! Miss ko na talaga ang Abuyog… dyan ako naging mature sa lahat ng bagay… dami kong good and bad memories dyan… salamat po!

  12. Hi to all, this is me again Sol Christian Jualo.
    Thank you very much, Mr. Gerry Ruiz, I think posting these pictures of my hometown makes us all miss the place;
    I miss it very much. Many memories of my childhood days make it a very interesting topic to be tackled!

  13. I never noticed how much i missed my hometown – Abuyog, not until I gazed at these pictures and I’m more than proud to be an Abuyognon. Thanks for having this site.

  14. hehehe magana na gud it Abuyog mayda na gani hotel beside hit market place and very interesting na pasyadahan …..magana na geap it park

  15. i’m proud to be an Abuyognon! heheh… i’ve seen the improvement of my town and so pinagmamalaki ko na isa akong tunay na laking-Abuyog…

  16. wow, i miss abuyog already! and also my batchmates in high school…

  17. musta naman mga abuyognon dda?


  18. nice abuyognon! it’s so nice! i miss abuyog!
    and i miss bagoong (ginamos) hehehe. hmmmp! syempre, ang bulad ng lawlaw!!!… maka-adik!!! i really miss the taste. ang lasa diria sa bulad ug ginamos ug lawlaw is not like buyognon!!!

    from: babylyn plazo
    balinsasayao abuyog, leyte

  19. Best pictures of Abuyog I’ve seen so far. Would love to see more photos of Abuyog. Keep up the good work. All the best.

  20. A small and improving town here in Leyte. It’s nice to see these pics ‘cuz when I was in grade school, it wasn’t like what I see now in your photos. A lot of changes so far. I’m happy & proud I spent my 6 years at Abuyog, Leyte. Mabuhay ka, Abuyognon!!!

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