Tacloban’s Mall Aspiration: Update 4.09.08

For Filipinos now based overseas, the need for info updates on developments back home cannot be over emphasized. The yearning for home is a given constant in their daily grind. At least for the overwhelming majority, that is.

I have been getting requests for photo updates and queries on the status of the construction of Robinsons Tacloban and Gaisano Tacloban. Well, one cannot really expect a so sudden transformation about the ongoing projects considering that they both started just over a month or so ago. What seems apparent, though, is the fact that the race is ON! Both projects aim to finish before the end of the year, but many doubt whether one can actually look forward to having their Christmas shopping there by then…

So acceding to the requests, here’s the latest…

At Robinsons Tacloban, Marasbaras, Tacloban City:

Across town in downtown Tacloban, Gaisano’s construction at the former Republic Theater beside BPI at J. Romualdez St. was in full swing:

It was unfortunate I didn’t have a wide angle lens with me when photos were taken.

Photos taken yesterday, April 08, 2008.

~ by gerryruiz on 9 April 2008.

14 Responses to “Tacloban’s Mall Aspiration: Update 4.09.08”

  1. WOW! This is wonderful! Two new malls in one year! I can’t wait to go home.

  2. the race is on between the two!! thanks for the update!

  3. all i can say is wow…grabe ang tacloban, ha. i’m wondering if tacloban is the only city in the country now who’s got two mall constructions at the same time… well, except Metro-Mla… congrats tacloban! i’m proud of you!

  4. i wonder how this will affect the surrounding area’s culture and economics…

  5. Without going into intricacies on how development impacts on a particular area or situation culturally and economically, one simply has to look at the cases of other Philippine cities and towns which have had similar developments.

    Generally speaking, what is commonly observed is a noticeable growth in economic activity in the particular area. Malls spur more businesses and create more jobs. Some small businesses will fold up, some will grow. Competition would benefit consumers as market forces dictate a particular business’ survival. There would be more choices available to consumers at better, “more reasonable” prices. (Remember those who were scared before of Gaisano’s entry into Tacloban?) But with the increased volume of consumers’ money coming in to a particular area, the overall effect is economic growth.

    It has its downsides, of course. Poor planning, development and management can create immediate problems (examples include chaotic vehicular traffic, lack of parking space, increase in petty crimes, etc.)

    As to its cultural consequences, well, that’s a hard one to size up. Besides being broad and abstract, major changes and shifts in culture generally take longer periods of time. Except those directly and immediately affecting consumers and the populace in the vicinity. We might notice an increase, say, in better-dressed denizens in the area 😉

  6. Gerry, there is a new billboard/tarpolin installed at their construction site. I hope you could publish the photo in this website so our excited kababayans would see how the future mall looks….thnx.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Orlom. 🙂 Haven’t passed that way lately. Will try later today if sked allows.

  8. Alright may Robinson na kamiii!!! 🙂 how about han SM ano it baga news??.. maski la kun diin it site para maka start na kita mag imagine imagine bah hehe.. paprehas man la iton it design hit SM..

  9. i was juz there last april 11-27, bilib ako han pag-dungan han construction of the two malls, namely Robinson and Gaisano! i’m impressed, finally mayda na mall an aton cyudad! Gerry, salamat han imo pag butang han imo mga maghusay nga mga pictures ha im website. it’s really appreciated especially para ha amon nga taga Tacloban na adi na ha states. keep up with the good work!

  10. Hay Salamat! Maupay nala nga mayda na mga bag-o nga mga mall ha Tacloban!

    San-o it estimate nga matatapos an Robinsons Mall pati an Gaisano Capital Mall?

  11. Ayos, mag tukod ako internetan dida robinsons

  12. Yana nga ada na ito nga mall, maabot na gihap it SM (unta). Maupay gud basta may kumpetinsya. TY again and more power.

  13. Maupay man iton ehehehe… ^;..;^

  14. hi mr. ruiz. just want to ask if the spaces in Gaisano capital tac are for lease? if so, can i have their contact #? waiting for your response. thanks

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