Tac Fiesta ’08: Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival Gallery

As promised, here is the full gallery of my select photos (109 pix) taken of the Leyte Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals 2008 held June 27, 2008 at Tacloban City. Here’s the link:


Sample photos are shown here…

~ by gerryruiz on 11 July 2008.

26 Responses to “Tac Fiesta ’08: Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival Gallery”

  1. who says older guys can’t catch up? these are definitely taken by a 25-year-old energy-driven adrenaline-pumpin dude hahaha…. keep shooting!

  2. galing galing talaga nya! grabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. really nice photos!!! you’re great, man! tnx for sharing these pixs again and again, gerry. i owe you a lot.


  5. Gerry, it’s a coffee-table book floating in the cyberworld! Congratulations for these awesome shots. They make us momentarily forget the controversial fire, fury and frenzy that went with the fiesta of 2008.

  6. partner, congratulations on the fantastic photographs of the recent festivals in tacloban… you’re at par with the national geographic photo journalists! proud of you, my friend, keep on shooting!

  7. Awesome pictures! Good job. I didn’t know that you have these photo blogs until I got an email from my uncle in Cebu. By the way my name is Dr.Vic Galapon III & I live near Calle Zaragosa. My home is in Real St. but I am now based here in Texas, U.S.A . THANK YOU for sharing all these pictures. I miss Tacloban & maybe will have a vacation next year.

  8. salamat salamat salamat hin madamo… han imo dire paghalot hine nga imo “kinodak” nga mga litrato… maupay nga pahinumdom ha amon nga aadi ha hirayo ug langyaw nga mga lugar… han kamaghusay han aton mga kultura..upod na an mga mananayaw… mabuhay ka, gerry!!!

  9. these are great catches! i love the first two photographs!!

  10. gerry,
    just beautiful, simply beautiful. your photos indeed speak more than just a thousand words.

  11. Once again those pictures speak a thousand words. Great talent, and artistry, thanks for sharing.

  12. Hey, damo nga salamat ha iyo ngatanan, mga sangkay!!! It’s great to know my efforts to put a smile to your faces or brighten up your day – maski gutiay la – by sharing these pictures with you all is really paying off! Thanks for the kind comments! My pleasure! 🙂

  13. Hello there! I was there during this event, I have to say that Buyogan was by far the best among all the other participants, you really have to see it to believe it – the execution, the wonderful formation and all was really amazing… It was an accident for us to be able to have watched this event since nobody really knew exactly what time the parade was. Everybody was telling us different schedules – from my relatives, the front desk where we stayed, the local people – it was awfully confusing! So in the morning of that day we’ve given up and just decided to get some groceries at Gaisano and sure enough at about 10:00AM we heard noises of drums so we guessed maybe that was it. The actual parade started about noon. I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to let the public know the exact time? I don’t think it’s too much to ask. But anyway we survived and somewhat enjoyed it despite of the smelly canal close by.

  14. Picture-perfect! It’s like I’m looking at postcards. They’re even better than most around. By the way, do you do portraits?

  15. Gerry, you should come up with a coffee-table photo-book of Tacloban City. I’m sure it will sell like hot pandesal!

  16. Gerry, I’ve been an avid fan of your website. I’ve been visiting every now and then excited to see your latest photos on some important events. I’m very happy to see and feel the fiesta spirit. Thanks for sharing these pictures; it’s been a long time since I’ve witnessed the parade. Now I can view the nice and lovely pictures. Please continue what you do to keep us posted. Thank you very much.

  17. Makarit ka balit, pais Gerry. Congrats and more power to your passion. Just love every shot you make. They’re truly outstanding art.

    Kind regards from KSA
    Mengz A. Estolano

  18. Thank you, guys, for the very encouraging words… 🙂 They are very much appreciated! Keeps me going, no doubt! 😉

  19. i love those photos…
    and i love the person who took it! i mean thanks to him Leyte’s culture and its beauty is being widely known..attracting tourist and a source for those who miss and is anxious to know what’s happening to their homeland…i really appreciate it, much than what i sound i you seem to hear me..hehehe.. thank you sooooo much and Godbless!..
    hope one day i’ll be the one taking photos and publishing it worldwide telling and attracting people how beautiful a small island can be, still unexplored….if the year 2012 won’t be of a threat to the world! peace! 😉 🙂

  20. Gerry, I admire the pictures that you took. They are splendidly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Excellent pics. Keep up the good work.

  22. Great pics. We need more of this high quality photos esp. for waraynons abroad who are feeling homesick for Tacloban.

  23. wow! pretty awesome pics. i love it. i’m looking forward to be there this 2009 pintados festival. almost five years I didn’t see it. hope kalu-uyan ak ni santo nino. I miss tacloban.

  24. How can we go there to Leyte? I mean what bus company can we inquire trips from Mla cuz we might just wait here in Gumaca, Quezon. Pasensya na po we don’t even have an idea how to travel by land. Thank you so much for your help.

    • One can now travel the whole stretch of the Maharlika Highway from Luzon to Mindanao. All buses going to Mindanao and to Bohol have to pass by Leyte. The major bus lines such as Philtranco, Silverstar, CUL and other big bus companies ply routes to Leyte destinations (Tacloban & Ormoc), Maasin of So. Leyte and Naval of Biliran. Buses headed for Davao City, Ubay in Bohol, Surigao & other Mindanao destinations all pass by Leyte. You can always ask further information from bus personnel at your bus terminal.

      Buses cross over to Samar from Luzon (Matnog, Sorsogon) by ferry boat, then on to Leyte via the San Juanico Bridge. These buses and other vehicles cross to Mindanao via ferry from Liloan, Southern Leyte to Lipata, Surigao del Norte. If you take a bus for Davao and fall asleep and wake up in Liloan, So. Leyte – then lumampas ka na ng Leyte. 😉

  25. i like your photos

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