Tac Fiesta ’08: Sangyaw Festival Gallery

Here’s the full gallery of photos (94 of them) taken during the Tacloban Sangyaw Festival ’08 held on June 29, 2008 at Tacloban City.

Click on: http://callezaragosa.com/Sangyaw08-LRGallery/index.html

Here are sample photos…

  • View my earlier post on the Tacloban Sangyaw Festival ’08, including the festival winners:


~ by gerryruiz on 16 July 2008.

11 Responses to “Tac Fiesta ’08: Sangyaw Festival Gallery”

  1. Gerry,
    Excellent quality photos. I enjoy viewing every one of them.

  2. thanks for sharing the pics, sir gerry. i like the kid’s pic. reminds me of my fave movie schindler’s list. there was a scene in which same effect was used.

    haayyy…sayang waray ak makauli han patron dida.

  3. I made a similar comment to one of Ludette’s pictures…Just what do you call this technique? You’ve mastered it! Salute to the man behind the lens.

  4. colorful & enchanting, keep clickin’

  5. Gerry, You have what it takes to make my day beautiful…keep on clicking that camera and keep sending those wonderful photos…Thanks, Harvey

  6. Pareng Gerry,

    Once again, I take a bow! Excellent, artistic and colorful pictures only a pro can capture. You’ve got the eyes and mind to do it.
    Looking forward to a tourism book published containing all your photos! Freeze, Shoot ’em!

  7. The photography is great; the passion of the photographer is obviously greater.

    The interplay of patterns, symmetry, and depth of field help in capturing the rainbow of revelry in framed moments. Thankfully, the skies cooperated and added a dimension to the portraits.

    The costumes are definitely vibrant and colorful but some make me wonder if their overall designs are grounded on history. Not your problem, of course, Gerry. I don’t have to begrudge you on that because I don’t think you have even the slightest intention to join the ranks of costume designers hehehe.

    Thank you for showcasing the Tacloban festivals. And I thank you, too, that the presentation is free. . . kay mahilig ako hin libre hahahaha!

  8. Kudos Gerry you added another feather in your cap. I wanted to see you in your Cafe, but due to hectic schedule from 27 June to 2 July waray kita magkita. I had my visitors from Saudi Arabia and I was engrossed in making their visit so memorable. And indeed it was! I left 2 July for Manila, then on 3 July I proceeded to Subic for Edmark 5th LTBC. On 8 July I flew to Malaysia for 5 days tour with all Edmark’s heroes (leaders – 128 all of us). If you were with us your camera will never stop taking beautiful objects in Malaysia. As I am not a photorati like you I used my Nokia 73 to capture every moment of my visit. I am now back to Riyadh reminiscing my fantastic experiences.

    Thank you for the photos. They bring memories to the fore.

    Warm regards,


  9. Thank you, guys, for the very encouraging words… 🙂 They are very much appreciated! Keeps me going, no doubt! 😉

  10. WOW!!!!I love your artistry…beautiful pics…i would love to have a disc of your pictures about Tacloban, the festivals, anything about Leyte-Samar-Biliran so I can share them with the children here in Va.Beach. Great Work–keep going…

  11. Kaupay nala imo Pictures, nakakamingaw hit Tacloban! tinuod nga maupay dida! There’s no place like home gud!

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