Luneta Hotel


The Philippine Daily Inquirer today reports that the 89-year-old Luneta Hotel, touted as “the only structure reminiscent of French Renaissance architecture with Filipino stylized beaux arts in the country,” is undergoing structural rehabilitation and would be restored to its prewar glory.

A national historical landmark built in 1918, the Luneta Hotel at T. M. Kalaw St. fronting the Luneta Park is one of the few remaining structures that survived WWII. It was declared a historical landmark by the National Historical Institute and is protected by PD 1505.

The new owners, bound by law not to alter nor destroy the original edifice, say they are doing restoration work, not demolition. Full restoration and rehabilitation is expected to be finished in three years’ time.

Photo above is a back view of the landmark, its old architectural design catching my attention as I looked outside of the window from a hotel nearby. My misfortune I never had the chance to get around the few blocks and take a frontal shot. Photo taken in 2005.

Read the Inquirer’s full story:

~ by gerryruiz on 13 December 2007.

4 Responses to “Luneta Hotel”

  1. I’m glad you’re bringing this to our attention. I never even knew there was such a hotel. It’s certainly a beaut. We should be doing more of this stuff all over the country.

  2. It’s nice to see this architectural gem of Manila still standing. This structure was my undergraduate thesis study when I was still in college. The Mansard roof balances the structure. Maybe it’s time to have it “dynamically” restored , re-use it and at the same time bring back its old glory.

  3. That’s really beautiful even when it’s dilapidated. Next time I visit the Philippines, hope I can stay there.

  4. You are right Gerry. This architectural gem is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Thanks to the new owner who has the guts and gusto, of course, money to do the almost impossible job. The building is in its structurally dangerous dilapidated stage where as i told/advised the owner “It is less expensive to demolish the old bldg and build a new one of the same magnitude rather than to rehabilitate this existing dilapidated one”. Incidentally, I am the structural design engineer of this project.

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