Bitukang Manok, Quezon Natural Forest Park

It’s been some time since I last passed through the famous Bitukang Manok segment – a very steep zigzag road section at the Quezon Natural Forest Park. A new, longer, safer diversion road has been constructed where all types of heavy vehicles now pass.

It was great news then when I learned that the old Bitukang Manok segment has been rehabilitated and is now passable albeit only for light vehicles. It was with much anticipation therefore that I looked forward to driving the southroad again – from Manila all the way to Tacloban City via the Maharlika Highway (also known as the Pan-Philippine Highway ) – a distance of like 1,000 kilometers. 🙂

We drove last week, my wife, Ludette and son, Marti and I and, yes, we passed through the steep Bitukang Manok.


~ by gerryruiz on 26 November 2011.

4 Responses to “Bitukang Manok, Quezon Natural Forest Park”

  1. Enjoyed this trip ages ago with Peter T. But I also was able to drive through with my wife in 2008.

    • Yeah, Butz. I really enjoyed driving through it after all this time! 😉 It’s different when you ride the bus; you just breeze through a lot of beautiful scenes, and at night time you cannot see much. And, no, buses cannot pass by Bitukang Manok.

  2. Gerry, you have what it takes to show how beautiful this country is… Keep up the great work.

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