Spectacular sunset view while on a plane

At the old Manila Domestic Terminal while awaiting to board my flight back to Tacloban recently, I was annoyed to hear the public announcement of our 4:30PM flight being delayed by about an hour or so.

Shucks! That meant I won’t be able to do some errands later upon arrival.

In moments like this, one can only do so much as to update others waiting for you about the delay, then you wait and kill time.


Things could get worse. Like your flight being cancelled.

Boarding time came sooner than the announced one-hour delay, and we were up above the clouds in no time.

It was after I dozed off for a couple of minutes when I awoke and took stock of my bearings that I instinctively peeked out of the plane’s window. And lo and behold: I was met with a spectacular visual feast!

Plane delays do have some redeeming moments!

Some times 😉



~ by gerryruiz on 22 April 2012.

2 Responses to “Spectacular sunset view while on a plane”

  1. Amazing Photos!

  2. Nothing beats Philippine sunsets.

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