Early morning guest at Kalanggaman Island

What a pleasant surprise!

Shortly before we started preparing for breakfast very early in the morning on the second day of our Holy Week sojourn at Kalanggaman Island, we had an unexpected guest who dropped in.

It was the islet’s resident Black-crowned Night-heron, locally known as “lapay” 🙂

It was actually not our first meeting.

I first met the Lapay during one of my earlier trips to Kalanggaman. I was told by the islet caretakers that there was originally one pair of the birds bred in captivity and released in the islet by Palompon’s local government personnel. The other bird vanished and only this one stayed around.

Here are photos I took of her during that first encounter May of last year…

Additional photos taken by Ludette V. Ruiz

~ by gerryruiz on 22 April 2012.

10 Responses to “Early morning guest at Kalanggaman Island”

  1. wow me totoong Langgam ^_^ Sir I’d like to ask a question.. san po ba may regular trips to Kalanggaman aside from Palompon, Leyte? or is it safer and nearer if we come from Pilar, Camotes Islands?

    Last March 29, 2012 we were supposed to go to Kalanggaman after our trip to Malapascua from Tapilon, Daanbantayan, Cebu.

    Unfortunately due to extreme alons / ‘ba-wod’ we decided not to proceed to the island after departing Malapascua around 2pm.

    I was so amazed by your pictures that even me a non-pro photographer wanted to go against all odds just to reach the island. 😉

    • Hi, Fharra. There are no “regular” trips to Kalanggaman, only chartered motorized bancas accredited by the Palompon LGU and the other pump boats I’ve seen were those chartered by guests coming from Malapascua.

  2. Fascinating. Is it a bird sanctuary, sir? Can we find migratory birds there, too?

    • Kalanggaman is not a bird sanctuary. Although its name is derived from the Visayan word “langgam” which means “bird”, it was named thus because the islet’s extended sandbars on both ends make it look like a bird in flight when viewed from above, not due to the abundance of birds in it. I am not sure about the presence of migratory birds. There are not really that many bird species in this tiny islet which measures just about a hectare in area – I think I just saw about 5 species, given my limited birding knowledge hehe.

  3. Thank you sir! I thought it was like Olango Island. It’s nice that your photos bring us to beautiful places and help us see beautiful things.

  4. how much is the entrance in kalanggaman sir? will be going there in 2 weeks! 🙂

    • Entrance fee is PhP150/pax
      Overnight stay: PhP250/pax
      Motorized banca charter: PhP3,500 round trip (flat rate, for max of 20 passengers; only accredited motorized bancas are allowed to ply the route)

  5. i’m goin’…

  6. i would like to ask.. is there a cottage or tent that can be rented??

    • There are only picnic kiosks (w/c some would call a “cottage”) w/ tables & chairs that can be rented. There are no tents for rent – you have to bring your own.

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