Novus Orsa at Paco Park

Paco Park was once Manila’s municipal cemetery during the Spanish colonial period. It is located along General Luna St. and at the east end of Padre Faura Street in Paco district, City of Manila.

It was where Dr. José P. Rizal was interred after his execution at Bagumbayan.

It’s also the final resting place of the three Filipino martyr priests, Jose Burgos, Mario Gomez and Jacinto Zamora, who were executed by the Spanish in 1872.

The park was converted into a national park in 1966. Paco Park’s grandeur was slowly restored after the war and since then has remained as a public park and promenade for many young couples who could spend quiet moments along the park’s benches and private alcoves.

It is also a popular venue nowadays for weddings, debuts, birthday parties and small-sized intimate musical concerts.

I have been to Paco Park on several occasions.

I never had the chance, though, to take good photographs of the place.

Specially with a model.

Until last week.

It was really a great opportunity we had when one of our favorite models told us she was available for a shoot at one of the old landmarks of Manila – a cemetery at that.

Thanks to Jinggay Lantajo de la Cruz (Model/Stylist/HMUA) for the instant photoshoot!

View the Novus Orsa Gallery >>>

~ by gerryruiz on 25 September 2011.

One Response to “Novus Orsa at Paco Park”

  1. Paco Park is sooo beautiful! (So is the model)

    I love the close-up against the greenery — I love the model’s downward glance (I never knew closed lids could be so expressive), the detail of her blouse, the pearl bracelet … well, everything!

    My second favorite photo is the one immediately following — everything’s sort of gray, not really black and white, and the model’s skirt drapes her body, so we see the outline of her legs.

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