A long weekend in Cebu City

The family spent the recent long weekend with a visit to Cebu City.

It wasn’t much but we all enjoyed the much-needed break. And time to meet up with relatives.

Here’s what I got…

The much welcome, traffic-free, toll-free express drive south to the bustling municipality of Minglanilla, 15 kms away, via the newly-completed tunnel section of the Cebu South Coastal Road.

What used to take like a one-hour drive from the city to Minglanilla we managed to make in only 15 minutes! Whew!

The tunnel passes underneath historic Plaza Independencia near the city’s harbor section and leads unto the scenic Cebu South Coastal Road which stretches all the way to Talisay City.

Above, Brgy. Pasil, Cebu City viewed while driving along the coastal road

The South Road Properties along the coastal road is the area where Shoe Mart plans to build its next giant mall to rival the Mall of Asia!

Below, shots taken at Park Lane, the hotel where the family stayed – a stone’s throw away from the Ayala Terraces commercial center…



~ by gerryruiz on 2 September 2011.

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  1. really like your work

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