Giant water slides and canopy walk to the max!

There’s this aqua-adventure nature park in Davao del Norte where one gets to enjoy all kinds of water sports activities plus a “walk” high up in the trees!

It’s called the Maxima Aqua Fun and Canopy Walk Tours located in Samal Island – officially called the Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS, for short – just across Davao City.

Maxima Aqua Fun is where you’ll find the “Abyss” and the “Super Drop” – two giant water slides, among the longest in the country today – and Canopy Walk Tours.

Here’s the Abyss and the Super Drop giant water slides… you climb up, sit at the starting edge as instructed, say your prayers and go! 7-8 seconds later you are jettisoned out into the sea! (lifeguards are there awaiting hehe)


~ by gerryruiz on 6 May 2011.

3 Responses to “Giant water slides and canopy walk to the max!”

  1. I’ve also experienced this one.. wanted to go back to this place and try it again… I could still remember how I felt when I slid down at this giant water slide…

  2. anyways, did you try the scuba diving there? for beginners? that was the best!

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