Zip Southern Leyte – the country’s best – opens at Agas-Agas!

The country’s longest, highest, steepest and most exciting zip line had its debut recently – the Zip Southern Leyte!

And everyone’s itching to experience the ride of a lifetime!

Zip Southern Leyte had its soft opening last April 15, 2011 and guests were able to try out the zip line for the first time – for free!

Now, hear this: with a length of almost 1 kilometer, it’s the longest in the country today. Average ride duration: 30 seconds.

It’s at the highest elevation. One “flies” over Agas-Agas Bridge – now currently the tallest bridge in the Philippines – at a take off pad with a height equivalent to a 30-storey high building.

It’s the steepest. Having the largest angle of decent makes for having speeds upwards of 110kph, depending on body weight. A rider weighing 40kgs reaches a max speed of 100kps; one weighing 65kgs can reach speeds of up to 140kph.

The Zip Southern Leyte is just one of the major attractions at the Agas Agas Adventure Park which will have full operation by July 1, 2011 in time for the province’s 51st founding anniversary. Other extreme sports facilities like bungee jumping, downhill skateboarding, rappelling, ATV (all terrain vehicle) and cable car are in the pipeline.

The Agas-Agas Adventure Park is a 2-hour drive from Tacloban City via the Maharlika Highway at the famous bridge connecting the towns of Mahaplag, Leyte and Sogod, Southern Leyte.

Zip Southern Leyte’s  rates as announced by the DOT 8:
P280 – regular rate per person
P250 – rate per person for a group of 10 or more

Additional photos by martiruiz

Additional video by mikiruiz


~ by gerryruiz on 20 April 2011.

25 Responses to “Zip Southern Leyte – the country’s best – opens at Agas-Agas!”

  1. Hi! Anyone knows how to commute from Tacloban to Sogod then Sogod to Agas-agas Bridge? Thanks. I badly need to know… want to try ziplining on Friday.

    • It’s easy. Just go to the terminal of Van-van’s or Duptours or at the Tacloban New Bus Terminal and get on a van or bus headed for Sogod. You pass by Agas-Agas Bridge BEFORE you get to Sogod. 😉 Enjoy!

  2. Is it the new bridge going to Southern Leyte? When I first passed thru it, I did tell myself that sooner or later a zip line will be installed here and also a bungy jumping station. 😀

  3. A 1.5 km zipline will be opened elsewhere soon, but this one in Agas-Agas is different because a zipliner hovers over a fantastic bridge. I am certain more thrill and adventure packages are in the offing in this Southern Leyte landmark.

  4. what is the age range that’s allowed for this ride?

  5. Sir, your blog is really an amazing collection of photos, travel spots…and many more. I searched the net for the top blogs in the Philippines and found yours under the best photoblog.
    As I go through each post I just can’t seem to stop.:) Thank you for the photos you share with us, plus the information on each post. many places to check out!:)

  6. hi, would u know po how much is fare from tac-agas agas?

  7. can we ride during weekdays? 😀

  8. Hi Sir! Is Agas-agas Adventure park already fully operational? I’m planning to include this in my itinerary on my Tacloban trip this coming November and I can’t find any current article about this. TIA!

    • To my knowledge, it’s only Zip So. Leyte that’s currently operational. The arcade where the zip line’s starting point is located is still under construction. Bungy jump facilities none yet.

  9. is the zip line available during weekdays?

  10. Any news on when the Bungee Jump and the other recreational activities will be open to public?


  11. Hi my teamates and I are going to Agas-agas on Sept 29 2011. We were wondering if the bungee jump would be open by then?

  12. what time open po ang zipline? thank you

  13. Hi Sir Gerry,

    Would you know how to contact them directly?


    • Sorry, we have no contact info of Zip So. Leyte. In all previous trips we just proceeded there. One can always google the Provincial Government of Southern Leyte and search for their contact info.

  14. wants to experience agas agas zipline..

  15. I love to read novels and that’s the reason why I learned about Agas-agas in Leyte. Agas-agas was one of the places mentioned in the pocketbook that I have just read. I thought the place was non existing but when I did a research, I found out that Agas-agas and zipline really exist.

    hmmm… can we travel from Cebu directly to Leyte? I haven’t experienced traveling outside Cebu kaya no idea talaga…

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