Iloilo rolling tour – Day 01: Arrival

My trip to Iloilo last weekend was actually not my first time to visit the city.

I had been there twice before – the first time was in the early 90’s and the second time was like 3 years ago. Both trips, however, were merely the passing-through kind.

The first time was a company visit to the Iloilo branch for a brief staff meeting and I was off to the pier for the short ferry trip across to Bacolod.

The second time we were traveling with a Lakbay Aral group from Leyte on its way to Boracay. Upon our ship’s arrival from Cebu City, we just had breakfast at one of the local restos (I cannot recall its name.) Then off we went for the 4-hour trip to Caticlan.

Last weekend’s trip, Nov. 26-29, to Iloilo for the Visayas Blogging Summit was, therefore, more of the real getting-to-know-more kind of a trip. Three nights and four days! Weee!


~ by gerryruiz on 3 December 2010.

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