CWC or the CamSur Watersports Complex

You probably have heard about CWC…


If not, then let me share this post with you.

CWC stands for CamSur Watersports Complex – a fast-rising tourist destination in the heart of Bicol. Okay, CamSur is Camarines Sur ;)

Our first time to visit the watersports complex was in August 2007. Three years back. It was but a brief half-day tour for lunch, and a tour-demo of its wakeboarding facilities.

Impressive, no doubt.

Then last week of August this year, we found ourselves back at the complex – this time, staying there for 4D/3N. ;)

But we were out during the day (to Naga, Legazpi, Iriga, etc – another story) and only came back at the end of each day! :( Hence the photos were taken at low light :(


Camsur Watersports Complex, dubbed as “The Best Cable Park in the World,” is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing.

Local authorities are quick to claim it is now “the number 1 most-visited tourist destination in the Philippines!”

CWC offers a 6-point cable ski system which pulls riders at variable speeds around a huge man-made lagoon filled with the latest ramp “obstacles” of the sport.

They say it’s a take-off from an Australian inventor who sold the idea and had it materialized in the Philippines.

And they say it’s the biggest in Southeast Asia!

While CWC has various watersports facilities around the complex, it is the wakeboarding area or cable ski park which is the main attraction – for beginners to professional wakeboarders and skiers who visit it from all over the world.

The best riders (wakeboarders and wakeskaters) from all over go to CWC to ride, compete and party!

The cable park is well-lighted at night allowing riders to enjoy their favorite water sports until 9PM. Bars and cafes are open till 12MN. ;)

The main hub is the Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar. Around it are other smaller sand bars, spas, specialty shops, pro-shops and viewing grandstands.

CWC regularly plays host to major sports activities. Their latest major event was the IronMan 70.3 Philippines held August 23, 2010 (gosh, we missed this one!)


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