Of derelicts, shipwrecks & those under repair

Even ships that pass in the night end up somewhere in due time.

As the song goes… all things must pass… boats and ships included.

Photos taken in Marabut & Calbayog City, Samar; Ubay, Bohol; & Mactan Channel, Cebu City.

View high-resolution photo slideshow: http://gerryruiz.callezaragosa.com/p203077613/slideshow


~ by gerryruiz on 6 May 2010.

5 Responses to “Of derelicts, shipwrecks & those under repair”

  1. your shots are amazing …

  2. I looove your blog!

  3. Thank you guys! Keeps me going!… and going… and going…!

    • Great pics. Now the next time you visit the So. Leyte area maybe you can solve a mystery for me. I am an American married to a Filipina from Hinunangan. My wife uses a measure of area that I can’t find anywhere on the web. Perhaps you can find out what a ‘gantang’ equals in either metric or English units. I could only come up with a measure of volume not area. Please help if you can and good luck.

      • George, ganta is a a measure of volume or capacity:

      • In the Philippines, late 19th – 20th centuries, a unit of capacity, = 8 chupas = 3 liters (3.17 U.S. liquid quarts or 2.72 U.S. dry quarts).
      • The above magnitude is after metrification. The ganta is a type of gantang, a measure found throughout the East Indies. (source: http://www.sizes.com/units/ganta.htm)

        Perhaps your wife was referring to the volume of rice production for a certain area.

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