Upsilon Testimonial Fellowship

It was a special night for the fraternity.

March 24, 2010 at Makati Park & Garden.

A special night dedicated to those among the roster with a rare status – having been Upsilonians for six decades or more – a fine breed of gatekeepers and stewards of the fraternity who continue to be towering beacons of the ideals of its brotherhood.

Among those honored were Ernesto “Ernie” Castañeda ’35, Francisco “Paquing” Santos ’38, Augusto “Tito” Cosio ’43, Ernesto “Ernie” Rivera ’45, Estelito “Titong” Mendoza ’47, Ricardo “Tito” Pronove, Jr. ’48, Ponciano “Pon” Mathay ’48, Eduardo “Danding” Taylor ’48, Rene Cruz ’49, Ramon “Mon” Pedrosa ’49, Ricardo “Dick” Zamora ’49, Roman Santos, Jr. ’49, Teodoro “Teddy” Pena ’50 and Jun Alikpala ’50. Conspicuously absent was Joker Arroyo ‘48.

Established in 1918, the Upsilon Sigma Phi is the oldest fraternity in Asia. It is based in the University of the Philippines and has only two chapters –  U.P. Diliman and U.P. Los Baños.

Among its most prominent members over the years include Ninoy Aquino ‘50, Ferdinand Marcos ‘37, Armando Malay ‘34, Mel Glor ‘67, Alfredo Malicay ‘64, Nicanor Yñiguez ‘37, Salvador Lopez ‘33, Gerry Roxas ‘46, Dick Gordon ‘68, Kidlat Tahimik ‘59, Boy Camara ‘70, Benh Cervantes ‘58, Pitoy Moreno ‘48, Alfredo Pascual ‘67 and many more.

With award winning indie film producer-director Mike Sandejas ’91

gerryruiz ’73, Johnny Villanueva ’73 & Butch Aguila ’73


~ by gerryruiz on 14 April 2010.

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