Cruising down Bangon River of Palo

We have heard of plans to develop Bangon River of Palo, Leyte. There even was talk of making it a tourist destination not unlike the famed Looc River Cruise of Bohol.

To see for ourselves what the potentials are of the river, local tourism officials organized a small group to survey and assess the area.

We finally  had the chance to have a look-see and got a closer look at the Bangon River of Palo, Leyte last January 28, 1010.

From Purisima, we took a motorized-banca and sailed down the zigzagging river, all the way till we reached the river mouth and out to the ocean at Leyte Gulf.

Purisima Bridge

The Bernard Reed Bridge currently undergoing rehabilitation work.

The soon-to-open Baras-Salvacion Bridge would ease traffic at the Palo crossing providing a diversion route for motorists from Tacloban headed for Tanauan and onwards and vice-versa. The bridge is located at Brgy. Baras and links up with Brgy. Salvacion near the Sacred Heart Seminary.

Approaching the river mouth.

And out into the open sea at Leyte Gulf.

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~ by gerryruiz on 11 February 2010.

8 Responses to “Cruising down Bangon River of Palo”

  1. Hey Gerry, I was just in Leyte Dec/Jan with my wife who’s from Julita. As a Canadian from the flat, treeless, prairies, one of the coolest sites to first get my interest were all the rivers between Tacloban and Dulag. I was excited and wanted to find a way to get down to them, maybe take a dip, but my wife warned me of some worm or bug in the water from Japan that infects people only in Leyte. She’s been gone a long time, so maybe it’s not a big problem anymore, and all of her friends played it down like it’s no big deal. But I think it’d be a great idea to at least have a spot where it might be clean or accessible enough for tourists to take a dip or float around on tubes, like in Laos.

  2. I’ve done the Looc Cruise but seeing the rustic natural beauty of our own Bangon River bank through your superb camera lens is something else… so, Go, Go, Go for Leyte Tourism!!!

  3. Not exactly sure what the development plans are, but I hope they study the environmental impact from all angles before they plunge into such projects. After all, we only have one Bangon River and its viability is of utmost importance. Your photographs certainly are awesome BTW.

  4. Hi Uncle Gerry! Your pix are great and with this, Bangon River becomes breathtaking, can’t believe it’s the Bangon I see everyday and just take for granted. I believe these portraits will go a long way, I hope this will awaken every Palon-on and realize how lucky we are to be endowed with natural beauty spots & resources and of course to be conscious of our obligations towards it. The LGU thru Mayor Sevilla has developed a Comprehensive Development Plan for Palo and with high hopes that this will be realized as it does not only think of economic progress but takes into consideration preserving our environment as well among other things! Uswag Palo!!!

  5. I grew up in Palo. I lived 2 blocks away from Bangon River. Since childhood years, I was told to stay away from that river, not only did it smell, but it was unsafe. Now looking at the pictures, I’m interested to know how the river looks and smells like (in real life). I guess I can always take a trip back to Leyte to find out.

    Also, I had that lunch tour of Looc River in Bohol. I thought it was nice even if the color of the river was as brown as mud. My idea of a decent river is that of clear water, but since we’re in the tropical islands, mud is everywhere.
    On that trip, it crossed my mind that maybe the infamous river in my hometown can be something like that. It would be nice if our tourism officials would develop the place. Palo is still visited by tourists on Holy Week. It can be the best time to launch an opening of the Bangon River Cruise.

  6. hi, gerry i have a request – will you please get some photos of how the palon-ons celebrate good friday… thank you so much…

    • I’d love to do that! Actually I spent a lot of Good Fridays at Palo during my childhood days (my mother was from Palo). Bola-bola quickly comes to mind, and yes, the solemn procession.

      Unfortunately, this coming Holy Week the family will be going out of town. Just have to do a rain check on it.

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