A treat for local art photographers

Serious photography enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike, are keenly aware of the importance of knowing and having mentors or models to follow in the burgeoning world of digital imaging. Aside from knowing – or at the very least being aware of – the latest technology on hand, one has the intrinsic need to have some kind of a beacon to follow or a fundamental sense of knowing what’s happening, what the possibilities are out there and where one is headed to in the complex, evolving landscape being presented before him.

Art being subjective by nature, the possibilities are infinite, subject only to the availability of tools and the limitations of the mind’s creativity. And failure of not having a sense of what’s going on around you can lead you off to unnecessary directions – even dead-ends. At the very least, one gets to find his or her own comfort zone in the process.

With today’s fast-paced development in the field of digital imaging technology, numerous tools are sprouting here and there, all offering unimaginable possibilities unheard of prior to the advent of the DSLR (or digital single-lens reflex camera) photography.

The acknowledged leader in the field of digital image processing and creativity is Adobe, with its array of softwares and “suites” at one’s disposal. Foremost among Adobe’s computer programs is one called, Adobe Photoshop, one very powerful tool which is now part and parcel of today’s modern tools in the art of photography.

It was therefore a real treat, for local photo enthusiasts – both amateurs and professionals – when Dave Fowler, a Master Photographer and Master Craftsman in the U.S., came into town on short notice and offered to share his knowledge and mastery on the use of Photoshop.

The Camera Club of Leyte & Samar then swiftly organized and held a small group interaction dubbed, “An Intimate Afternoon with Dave Fowler” last Sunday, January 24, 2010 at calle Z cafe.

Some 24-odd participants were treated to a whole afternoon of learning new tricks and techniques using Photoshop in a free-flow, informal discussion with the photography master. It was not for the faint of heart nor for the technologically-challenged but nevertheless an inspiring one hehe 😉

The CCLS and the participants are one in expressing its gratitude to Mr. Dave Fowler for his unselfish sharing of his expertise and mastery. Thank you, Sir!

View gallery & slideshow: http://gerryruiz.callezaragosa.com/p118972793.

Read more about Dave Fowler on this post at The WarayBlog.

~ by gerryruiz on 27 January 2010.

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