Fishing in the big city

People migrate to the big city in search for a better job, a better life, a better future not only for one’s self but for the family and folks left behind in the province.

Many who do so are fully aware that the road to self-actualization is far from a walk in the park.

Still people take to the big city in droves, some out of sheer desperation. Or could it be out of some kind of blind faith?

Unable to find a job, one is pushed to survival mode, especially those armed only with the most basic skills with nothing much to show in their personal resumé.

The fisherman below, oblivious to the big fire eating up homes in the far background, tends to his fish net in his territorial fishing ground (never mind if it’s inside the confines of a ritzy milieu), hoping to catch something fresh for dinner.

Who knows what dreams remain kindling in his mind, as another day comes to an end in the metropolis?

~ by gerryruiz on 20 January 2010.

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