Quiapo: The Heart of Old Manila

Generally speaking, I do not buy any camera stuff at malls. The prices there are pretty up to here.

It’s an open secret where one can get the best deals on cameras, lenses and accessories – in Quiapo, the heart of Old Manila. Hidalgo St., to be more specific.

I was there last week to get some gear.

While some things change, many remain the same. Plaza Miranda looks much better though. Quiapo Church, Quiapo Ilalim… familiar scenes holding lots of stories… reminders of the past.

Here’s what Quiapo looks like today.

~ by gerryruiz on 19 January 2010.

12 Responses to “Quiapo: The Heart of Old Manila”

  1. Wonderful photos – the colors are captivating.

  2. Seems to be a very colorful country as your nice photos show.

  3. I would love to see ‘hopia’ in Echague.

  4. Curious… Is Ma Mon Luk restaurant still open? When we lived in Sampaloc (1960’s), finished my Elem and 2 years HS at UM, during paydays, Tatay would bring home a dozen or two Ma Mon Luk siopaos… Later whenever I was in Manila, I made it a point to treat myself to a Siopao and Mami meal at Ma Mon luk. R. H. Hildalgo St. used to be where you can buy anything electronics from phono needles, vacuum tubes to whole 2-way radio rigs. I recently read that it has become a haven for photographers. It is now a place to buy reasonably priced foto equipments and accessories. An area was even turned to a place where freelance photographers can gather while waiting for a gig or photoshoot. The Quiapo area used to be the haunting ground for our barkada/schoolmates… especially after school…

    • Ed, Ma Mon Luk was indeed a real treat those days! The Siopao-Chicken Mami combo was THE bestseller (specially for students)! I’d usually have it at its branch at Quezon Ave. near corner Banawe St. I haven’t seen Ma Mon Luk for some time; I think it’s already closed.

      Butch, I really wanted to take more photos at Quiapo but you know how it is – Quiapo is still Quiapo and notwithstanding the presence of a few traffic enforcers and some policemen, one doesn’t go around the area brandishing a big DSLR taking photos (unless you have a couple of “bodyguards” with you). Besides, we were in such a hurry to catch a scene in Roxas Blvd I just made a mental note to return some other time.

  5. Ma Mon Luk, now I know where Edgar got his size. Musta ka, Ed? Feel free to drop me a line or two at butchcelestial@gmail.com. TY, Gerry.

  6. Thanks Butz… Actually, I was cute during my elementary and HS… it was when I got here dide ha US that I became very acute with all the bad health consequences … I actually googled Ma Mon Luk… and found that there are still 2 branches open… the Quezon Blvd-Quiapo and the Quezon Ave-QC branches. The Wikipedia entry was very informative. Salamat Ka Gerry and will drop you a note soon. Remember Jess Seludo?? Dide ito hira ha NJ but are now in Las Vegas. Jess S. is a BSN – (Bana Sa Nurse) 😀

    • Of course I remember Jess. Ada ngay-an hya Las Vegas, I have a sister dida. Can you send me his email, if you have it.

  7. Ma Mon Luk in Quiapo is still open

  8. nice photos. inspired me to write about quiapo:

  9. Very nice pictures! I just wanted to ask if you would need a permit to shoot a prenuptial in Quiapo? and if yes, where can we get it? thanks!

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