A happy Merry Christmas to all!

I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful things coming your way in 2010!

To those far away from home and your loved ones, be joyful as well as you dream of the love and warmth of home and friends.

Let me share with you some photos taken Dec. 23 – two days before Christmas – of Tacloban’s downtown scene, with the holiday rush and all.

Happy holidays, everyone!

View more photos: http://gerryruiz.callezaragosa.com/p767195133

Slideshow: http://gerryruiz.callezaragosa.com/p767195133/slideshow

Photos taken during photowalk of CCLS’ 3rd Basic Photography Seminar-Workshop, Dec 23, 2009 in Tacloban City

~ by gerryruiz on 25 December 2009.

4 Responses to “A happy Merry Christmas to all!”

  1. downtown tacloban is still the same way back in the 1980s when i was a student in dwu. there are probably more people roaming now in the city and the big rats are still residing nearby felisa’s cafe. i had seen more big rats in tacloban city than in manila and not even experienced them in cebu after spending some couple of nights. what tacloban needs today is a rat catcher. with its dirty and gray surroundings tacloban city is still far from being called a modern city. the photos are great and romantic, thanks!

  2. Merry Christmas Gerry! Your photos vividly conveyed the frenzied mood of the season. 🙂

  3. Late it maybe.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL.. Wishing you happiness this holiday season and throughout the New Year…
    Thank you for the beautiful images you brought us, which remind us of the beauty of our “inang bayan”. BTW, my daughter, Patrina Kaye, joined your last Foto Workshop. I enocuraged her to use her Canon AE1P film camera so that she will know how to use the manual controls of the camera… She brought along her Fuji 7MP PS camera.. since she knew the camera, even if not DSLR had full manual controls and high optical zoom(12X).. Waray pa ako pakapadara hin DSLR ha iya.. At least she attended a workshop, ako I learned photography on my own and by shooting hundreds of rolls of films..

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