Harvest time

Rice, a cereal grain, is the most important staple food in most countries of Southeast Asia, most specially in the Philippines.

What many do not know is it’s one important staple food not only in the region but for a large part of the world’s human population.

Centuries of trade and exportation have made it commonplace in many cultures worldwide. It is the grain with the second highest worldwide production, after maize or corn which is also cultivated for livestock feed.

Here’s rice or palay harvest time somewhere between Jaro and Sta. Fe, Leyte.

~ by gerryruiz on 9 December 2009.

6 Responses to “Harvest time”

  1. Between Jaro and Sta. Fe? The name of that town Sta. Fe rings a bell…During a visit to Iceland back in 1998, I attended Sunday mass at a church and was surprised to see that at least one-fourth of the congregants were Filipino! Afterwards, cake and coffee was served and I happen to meet a lady that I seem to recall came from that town! It was so good talking with someone who is also Waray-waray! The previous day, I went shopping at a local supermarket and met a lady from Cebu! I saw her at mass and she introduced me to the Filipino group!

  2. You’ve brought out the beauty concealed in the lowly ricefield. Good job, Gerry!

  3. Nice photos indeed. Jaro, well my hometown, hehehe… kanumdom lugod ak han kan ak lolo umahan.. ngan sakay sakay han karabao…

  4. I like the caption of the “Bench”… maupay gud it nga tambayan kahuman hit pananum… padisan pa kon baga mahangin…

  5. this beautiful landscape reminds me when i was a child and i used to help during harvest season. i thought it was lots of fun even though it’s backbreaking work. i love this culture and i’d still love to do rice planting and harvesting – lots of fun!!!

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