Sunrise Walk-for-a-Cause at San Juanico Bridge

Break of dawn on top of the San Juanico Bridge.

Just another daybreak at the famous bridge? Well, not quite it.

Witnessing daybreak from atop the San Juanico Bridge is really something else. The panoramic view the vantage point provides as the initial ray of sunlight breaks through the mountains on the horizon gives a broader sense of scale to one’s earthly existence.

Sunrise of November 29, 2009 atop the San Juanico Bridge. All is quiet and peaceful in the world.

This gets shattered suddenly by the screaming sirens of mobile police escorts. It was signaling the start of the walkathon.

For it was also the 6th Annual San Juanico Bridge Walk, dubbed as “Sumpay Sangkay 2009” – a walkathon across the  2.16-kilometer graceful bridge from the Samar side to Leyte side.

Some 300 participants, mostly students from UP in the Visayas Tacloban College, Eastern Visayas State University and the Leyte Normal University crossed the bridge as the gentle sunlight lent a golden tinge around the tranquil and picturesque scene.

Spearheaded by the Runggiyan Social Development Foundation and the UP Runggiyan, the annual walk-for-a-cause was held in commemoration of the international 18-day Campaign Against Violence Against Women.

Its sponsors included various government agencies such as the DPWH Regional Office 8, the Provincial Government of Leyte, the City Government of Tacloban and the Regional Inter-Agency Committee Against Trafficking of Persons of Region 8 (RIACAT 8). Other government agencies which participated in the walk were the Commission on Human Rights, DSWD and the Department of Health.

A prayer was said in memory of the women victims of the recent Maguindanao massacre.  Doves bearing the walkers’ inspirational messages of peace and justice for women victims of violence were released to freedom.

I had had my chance at capturing the swift sunrise and the changing of the light. Also snapped a few of the walk-for-a-cause.

I then felt the urge for a hearty breakfast.

~ by gerryruiz on 5 December 2009.

10 Responses to “Sunrise Walk-for-a-Cause at San Juanico Bridge”

  1. I love the long exposure shots for their painting-like feel and superb composition. Proof of your artistry and technical mastery of photography. Cheers!

  2. Gee, Gerry, I just had to look at this pics again…If I were rich, I probably would be buying a plane ticket right now to the Philippines…and nowadays, I really don’t enjoy flying…lol
    God willing, I hope that all that beautiful scenery will still be preserved one way or another and not give way to too much suburban sprawl….When I go on my Philippine vacation hopefully next year, I have you to thank since I plan to visit Tinuyan Falls as well….
    Looking forward to also training with the local Karate club in Tacloban….

    • Haha It’s hard not to empathize with you. Rustic scenes would always remind us of home.

      Getting to Tinuyan Falls can be a bit tricky. As I was traveling then with a group which chartered a bus from Davao City, I cannot share much info on the best route getting there. Your best bet would be to contact local Dept. of Tourism officials by email (either of Bislig City, Surigao del Sur or that of Davao City) for travel directions.

  3. The beauty of this photo blog is that you’ve allowed us to see places and things from perspectives that many of us may not be aware of!
    I normally don’t consider photography as an art form, by this definition of creating or recreating an object, but in the ability to convey beauty, perspective, and emotion, I believe that photography possess artistic qualities, and in that manner, I regard you as an artist, my friend!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Manny. If you think you have the interest and the eye for it, then a DSLR camera Xmas gift for yourself can’t be a bad idea! 😉

  4. Ahhhhh, Gerry….that is very tempting indeed! I used to big on 35 mm. SLR film photography, but lately, I’ve decided to downsize, and it’s made a lot of difference in terms of weight and bulk…heheheheh.
    I remember lugging a heavy load consisting of a camcorder, Canon SLR, and zoom lenses on my last European vacation….That was back in 2000.

    For my recent trip to Toronto last May, I brought just my small all-in-one digital camera/video unit, which I bought for less than 400 dollars. The brand might surprise you….It’s a Casio, and it is adequate for what I currently use it for and has features I have never seen with other brands…

    I must admit though that I see myself buying a DSLR sometime in the future….

  5. postcard view…beautiful!! thanks a lot gerry!

  6. As a teenager, I used to gaze at Mt. Danglay and think to myself that I’ll climb it, some day….More than thirty years later, it has not happened, but somehow, I still look forward to the day….. I do recall though, some years ago, arriving on a flight to Tacloban and passed right above it, so I finally had a chance to see the top of the mountain from the air….

    It was then that I realized, climbing it might be more of a challenge than I had originally thought…..

  7. it really feels good for us to look back and see how nice it is the town where we grew up in and remember all the good things about it. my family and i really appreciate gerry for this pretty picture.

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