Joey Reyna’s (non) secret hideaway

Joey Reyna – yes, the famed photographer of Tacloban City – last week showed us his weekend hideaway at their farm located in Brgy. Tigbao, one of the northern barangays of Tacloban City.

It’s near the approach to San Juanico Bridge on the left side of the highway with a big white signage that screams. “Fresh Buko!” A motorist wouldn’t notice it but perched high up in the hills at the back is a simple yet homey cottage offering a fantastic view of the San Juanico Strait and its famous bridge.

The occasion was the baptismal reception for Jillian Lexy – the latest addition to the budding family of Joey & Lilibeth Reyna. Naturally, members of the Camera Club of Leyte & Samar were there to welcome Jillian Lexy to the Christian world.

Like I said, the place provides one a fresh, fantastic view of San Juanico Bridge!











View the full gallery and slideshow >>>

~ by gerryruiz on 13 November 2009.

5 Responses to “Joey Reyna’s (non) secret hideaway”

  1. I wish this all happened while we were undergoing training for Tour Guides at the Boy Scout building. San Juanico bridge was such a sensation then, and is much more so now, thanks to your dedication to depicting Region VIII’s beauty and bounty. And to the stick-to-it-iveness of Tacloban natives to see this beautiful city through its transformation to a real business, culture and athletic hub that it is. From a distance, the view is even better and gives us all expats renewed excitement at the thought that we can keep going back and forth to an old, new destination – HOME!

    -Nongski for barangay Orange County

  2. I thought I saw a glimpse of my former college professor and parliamentary procedure expert Atty. Tony Reyna. (He didn’t mind being called (sounds like) “Anthony Quinn” during our college heydays.) Regards, attorney!

  3. Gee, I wish I could wake up and see that kind of view from my window…
    I can’t complain about where I live right now, but it certainly is not as serene and nice as viewing the San Juanico bridge, the strait, and that lush vegetation. I hope one day I can afford to buy a place like that farm….

  4. Nice view of the bridge. Your friend is so lucky to have gotten a place with a fantastic view of San Juanico Strait and the famous bridge… 🙂

  5. When things are so stressful like they were all day, I’ll take a couple of minutes and just look at these pics and wish I were actually gazing at the bridge, mountains, and palm trees from that balcony….
    There is no substitute for the real thing…kahit na….

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