6:55 AM Saturday, Nov 7 in Tacloban City

Sent off the wifey at the airport this morning and on my way back, I decided to go pass by Brgy San Jose at the area by the bay.

Snapped a few too at the Sagkahan boulevard.

My photos’ exif info say the first shot was taken at 6:55AM Saturday, November 7.

6:55 AM Sat in Tacloban…
12:55 AM Sat in Cairo
1:55AM Sat in Moscow
2:55 AM Sat in Dubai
5:55 AM Sat in Bangkok
6:55 AM Sat in Hong Kong
7:55 AM Sat in Tokyo
9:55 AM Sat in Sydney

2:55 PM Fri in Tijuana, Mexico
2:55 PM Fri in Los Angeles
4:55 PM Fri in Chicago
5:55 PM Fri in Toronto & Montreal
5:55 PM Fri in New York
10:55 PM Fri London
11:55 PM Fri in Paris
12:55 PM Fri in Honolulu

Lovely day ahead!









~ by gerryruiz on 7 November 2009.

4 Responses to “6:55 AM Saturday, Nov 7 in Tacloban City”

  1. Man, I can’t wait to visit Tacloban next year! I hope to pass by Calle Zaragosa to say hello. I recall you took some nice pics of the recent DWU high school reunion. I saw some old friends from DWU high school and elementary school plus old classmates of my sister’s. Myself, my brother, and all my sisters all went to DWU for several years. Brings back memories….

  2. fantastic pix, it is very relaxing. i’m going back home on my retirement w/ my husband. going back home next year on oct for my 20th wedding anniv, finally we’ll get married in church. hope to see you…

  3. Lovely day indeed. Exposure is perfect. Did you use CPL or graduated filter for these shots?

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