All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day 2009

Here’s the scene at the Tacloban Public Cemetery on All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day – November 1 & 2 respectively.

From all accounts the public cemetery had been declared full and closed to new burials, and yet, each year we find new tombs sprouting all over, even on what has been considered for years as public passage ways. As such, visiting the dearly departed nowadays is not for the elderly ones, as the old pathways have been turned into obstacle courses – one has to climb over new tombs just to get through to the family graveyard.

This public cemetery’s time has come to an end. It’s full to the brim, literally overflowing. It deserves a proper finis and burial, the proper maintenance and the respect due of a sacred burial ground.

Not the kind one sees today.

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~ by gerryruiz on 3 November 2009.

6 Responses to “All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day 2009”

  1. Despite or because of the urban decay at the public cemetery – you captured beauty and that says much of you as an artist.

  2. Just wondering who’s minding the store. Been years and years, nothing in the drawing board to facelift the holy ground of the dead. Just thinking. As always, you take your craft to the next level everytime that shutter winks. Keep on with the force, don’t stop, ani Kuya Michael J. Heheh…

  3. A long time ago while a student in Manila a tabloid paper showed a large picture of an elderly woman urinating at the grounds around the Luneta with the caption ” American woman watering Philippine soil. In these days most of the tourist were Americans but it just as easily have been European. For a tabloid it was nothing but to me I thought it was disgusting to go down that level publishing such picture. Then I saw your pictures of a man urinating on the wall even with a sign against it. An pinoy damo pa gihapon an waray batasan. They don’t respect the others that are around. That picture is just as disgusting as the tabloid and for your photoblog to go down that level is beyond me. Just my opinion. Bato bato sa langit, etc etc.

    • JAR, that is precisely what is being communicated in that picture – the utter lack of attention by proper authorities to provide for basic services such as the maintenance of the decaying public cemetery (including the provision of a clean rest room probably), the complete disregard by some people as to urinate in public, and, the tolerance of most to such a practice as to turn a blind eye to it and easily label such reporting as tabloid journalism. Yes, sometimes one has to shock and expose what needs to be corrected and addressed. 😦

  4. I hope you are successful in that direction but you would be better off talking to the right people there in Tacloban. At this point with the politicians having no desire to even build a new cemetery where the current one is full, why bother to even improve the current one now? I know this because when I visited my sister, who was buried there before, I had to walk over anything to get to her and it is a good thing she was transferred to Palo. I still don’t agree with the picture but good luck with your endeavor.

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