Good morning, Tacloban!

I am a night person.

Been that way since way back college, and during our band’s days when playing the last set, say, at Holiday Inn was from 12:30AM-1:30AM and after having the usual nightcap meant getting to bed at 3AM at the earliest. Driving from Roxas Blvd to Cubao, QC and home in Makati. Every night for months; nay, years!

So when the wifey says she was taking the early morning flight from Manila and could I please meet her at the airport? No probs. It was a no brainer, not that it helped the fact that I also had to meet my sister who was arriving with her son from Cebu the same day at 6:30 in the morning.

So even if I have to sleep at past 1AM, I had to be up by 6AM. Geez! But, hey, if one has to be up by such an unholy hour, why not just wake up earlier and catch the sunrise for a change? Ok. Deal.

So at past 1:30AM, I reset my alarm from 6AM to 5 AM to be able to catch the sunrise.

I got in just in time!

Shots taken starting at 5:34AM, today October 04, 2009 at the Rotary Center, Astrodome compound, Cancabato Bay, Sagkahan District.

Good morning, Tacloban!!!










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~ by gerryruiz on 4 October 2009.

7 Responses to “Good morning, Tacloban!”

  1. beautiful shots sir! magnificent!

  2. nice one, pang poster….

  3. Wow! I am from Tacloban and I’m currently working in Cebu. Pictures like these make me miss home. Now I am thinking of taking a quick vacation… 🙂 Pretty, pretty pics!

  4. that’s a worthy early wake up call

  5. aaaahhhhh… what beautiful shots!!! it makes me wanna go home!!

  6. wow magnificent pix pang poster

  7. I love each exposure of those pix…

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