Street Photography: Downtown Tacloban

After our beach sunrise shoot (and a hearty breakfast at McDo), CCLS-Litratista members had a photowalk at Downtown Area, Tacloban City last Monday, September 21, 2009.

Since it was a non-working holiday, the scene was not that busy that morning.

Here’s what I got…








90921PhotowalkW-4311 90921PhotowalkW-430390921PhotowalkW-4408


90921PhotowalkW-4391 90921PhotowalkW-4378


90921PhotowalkW-4362 90921PhotowalkW-4339


View more:

Full gallery:


~ by gerryruiz on 23 September 2009.

8 Responses to “Street Photography: Downtown Tacloban”

  1. ganda ng tacloban!

  2. I get feelings of nostalgia when I look at Gerry’s pictures of Tacloban. The last time I was there was way back in 2001, and I know that so much has changed. I could use a vacation-and Tacloban is the right place….

  3. Even though much has changed, there is also a lot that hasn’t. Except for the different looking cars, the fifth picture (of Rizal Avenue) could have been taken back in 1979 and even earlier-when I was a student at DWU. Look at that final shot of what appears downtown Tacloban with what used to be Tismo Trading on the left, and the prominent “Cosmos” sign (movie theater), which used to be called “Bonanza” back in the olden days. Those tricycles look the same as when I was a kid growing up. Sorry to say that the old “Kyrex” movie house has been closed for a long time (don’t know what replaced it).

  4. i miss tacloban huhuhuh; love the pics

  5. love this pictures.. i miss home..

  6. miss home

  7. hello gerry, you’re the best. please post photos of sto. nino church, inside/outside… i’d appreciate it much.

    God Bless..


  8. I just had a photowalk yesterday at Tacloban but this one is pretty awesome compared to my shots.:(

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