Dusk at Cancabato Bay

Had the opportunity to take in the dusk scene at Cancabato Bay with the Astrodome in the background.

It’s a very relaxing and peaceful scene…








~ by gerryruiz on 16 September 2009.

12 Responses to “Dusk at Cancabato Bay”

  1. Man, watching these pics makes me feel very nostalgic about Tacloban.
    I so want to go back and visit – hopefully next year….

  2. I would guess…that at the very far distance is Mt Danglay in Samar in which at the very end of the front slope of the mountain is San Antonio, Basey, Samar where we have a property there. Beautiful view. Thank you.

  3. Just curious, Gerry… were these taken from around the area of Celestial’s residence? I heard that the houses along the sea were removed and the whole area is now a “boulevard” of some kind… I need to check the google map shots of the area. Bañezville or Siozon’s/Tri-Star area?

    Tama hi Marlou F. – Mt. Danglay iton aadto ha may unhan… salamat…

  4. just checked google earth.. i guess the images were taken at the Rotary Center??? thanks again for the beautiful reminders han mga napamingaw ha amon nga aadi ha harayo…

    • Right, that’s the view from the Rotary Center, located at the far end of the Astrodome “compound” along Sagkahan District, Tacloban City. 🙂

  5. all i can say is “beautiful”!!!

  6. Lovely photos, i just hope that tacloban will keep on improving.

  7. ganda ng lights. . .bravo!

  8. This looks like the view from Cafe Lucia! great view! nice pics!

  9. Love your pics… but sitting here in Korea, those snowflakes floating down the webpage are making me COLD. lol…

    • The falling snowflakes is a wordpress thing. While there’s no snow in the Philippines, I let it be as I think it adds to a christmassy ambience 😉

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