One fine morning at the GenSan Fish Port Complex

When one hears about General Santos City nowadays, two things come to mind: Manny Pacquiao and tuna fish.

Well I had the chance to visit the Tuna Capital of the Philippines recently and by all means had to visit the city’s Fish Port Complex, said to be the most modern in the country built in 2006 at a cost of some US$28M.

Accompanying a delegation of Barangay Captains from Dagami, Leyte on a Lakbay Aral tour arranged by Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours, we were at the gates of the port complex a little before 6 in the morning.

The fish port is located at Brgy. Tambler, General Santos City and is officially called the General Santos City Fish Port Complex managed by the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA).

Comforming to strict and stringent health and sanitation rules of international standards, the complex is indeed modern and huge and is presently the home of several tuna canning and other fish post-processing companies. One cannot just enter the complex without any prior arrangement. And one cannot get near the heart of operations, say, the unloading and fish classification area wearing slippers (all workers are required to wear white boots, although I saw one or two getting away with it).

Here’s the scene at Market One where we found giant tuna being unloaded, weighed, classified and purchased by fish company buyers…























~ by gerryruiz on 11 September 2009.

6 Responses to “One fine morning at the GenSan Fish Port Complex”

  1. Did you get a chance to say hi to Manny Pacquaio? or was he out of town? I have never seen tuna fish that big before. I know when I was in Davao city, I passed by a tuna fish store but there was no fish there so I had no idea they are that big or anywhere in Leyte for that matter. Nice photos. Were the Dagamin-ons interested in buying or selling fish? It won’t even fit in the Dagami river as shallow as it is except in flood stage.

  2. Karasa ito na isda. I just miss buying fish at Talipapa (shed)

  3. Wow! How often do these guys catch fish this massive? Is this a daily occurrence? Interesting photos and shots, thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, can u give me some info on how to visit fishport-gensan? How to get there from the city proper? how much is the entrance fee? is there any restaurant inside the port? how long did u stay there? i’m planning kasi to bring my friends sa gensan..short visit, kaya i need to collect some worthy info about getting there..
    one more thing, i will really appreciate if u can recommend me some restaurants where i can bring my friends… we like seafood or grilled food items. thanks!!!

    jhing of kuwait

    • Hi jhing,

      I was a local tourist just like everyone else so I’m afraid I cannot answer all your questions. I was with a group which motored from Davao City using a hired van. Travel time from Davao to GenSan City is like 3-4 hours. We stayed inside the port for only about an hour & a half. You need to make arrangements with the port authorities to be able to enter the Fish Port. We didn’t eat inside the port altho I’m sure there is a restaurant somewhere inside the complex. We ate at a restaurant outside; GenSan is a big-enough city so it has several restaurants & cafe’s. Asking for info assistance from the local PUJ or motorcab drivers or the police to get around the city still works fine 😉 . If unsure, you can seek assistance from the local tourism office at City Hall. Google/Yahoo search can help you a lot too, am pretty sure. 😉

  5. hello jhing!

    I suggest if you have any query about gensan you have to visit this site “” it is a forum. i’m sure the gensan forumers are willing to help you…

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