Agas-Agas Bridge: Speed paragliding

Just as we were about to call it a day at Agas-Agas Bridge, Buko suddenly came to where we were posted and announced he was going to jump. It was like 5:15PM and light was fading fast so without much ado and fanfare, he opened his chute assisted by Jason and friends, and, well… jumped!

It was funny, at the same time frustrating, for me because seconds after he leaped, he vanished from my field of view and plummeted 75 meters down the cliff! All I managed to grab was the top of his chute!!! I couldn’t take a photo of him soaring! 😦

And since he was on a “speed paraglide,” he hit the ground in a matter of seconds!

Sorry, no Take 2.

Here are the photos (no, am not happy with them at all)…











Photos taken at Agas-Agas Bridge – the tallest bridge in the Philippines – in Sogod, Southern Leyte on Aug 8, 2009, a day before its formal inauguration.

~ by gerryruiz on 29 August 2009.

4 Responses to “Agas-Agas Bridge: Speed paragliding”

  1. You will get another chance, Gerry and it will be more dramatic.


  2. Thanks, Butz! 🙂

  3. didn’t give you enough chance to catch him, and the scenery would have caused problems anyways

  4. hi guys… i’d love to go back to Leyte. i miss my province… kc ang tagal ko ng hindi nakabalik sa Leyte… one day, i’ll be back there… thanks for the pics!

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